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Nononono 116

It's Still Too Soon

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jul 28, 2011 18:31 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 116

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 116: It's Still Too Soon
Speaker: Jersey number 10,
Speaker: Itou Kenichi, Iwate Prefecture, Tonou Professional Team.
Guy: The signal...
Guy: Isn't turning green.
Guy: Ah...!

Page 2
Guy: It became red again...
Yoda: So the signal changed by itself.
Muramatsu: Huh?
What do you mean?
Yoda: A yellow signal will automatically change back to red after 45 seconds.
Yoda: When that happens, the jumper has to get off the gate and wait.
Yoda: Compared with before, there's nothing wrong with the snow or wind...
Yoda: So what exactly is the jury thinking?

Page 3
Guy: Hello, Nanba-san?
What is going on?
Guy: Nanba-san, can you hear me!?
Guy: That's strange. He won't respond.
Man: I see.
Man: Damn it, what's going on...?
Man: Nanba-san!! What...
Both: !?

Page 4
Guy: ...
Guy: He's not here...
Man: Where did he go in the middle of the competition...?
Man: Anyway, I'll be the jury for now.
Find someone down there to replace me.
Guy: Got it.
Man: Hm?
Man: This window is dirty...
Man: I wonder why it's so yellow?

Page 5
Speaker: The competition will temporarily be put on hold.
Speaker: We apologize for the inconvenience, but please wait a short while.
Guy: What's going on?
Guy: ...
Guy: Who knows...
Asami: Sigh...

Page 6
Asami: Is he the one that you said you'd kill a while ago?
Negita: It's obvious that he was judging unfairly.
Asami: Even if so, can you stop hitting people without thinking?
Asami: I have to help cover you up too, you know.
Asami: Like how I wiped the blood off the window,
Or carrying the body all the way over here.
Negita: I already thought of the consequences.
It's not like I really killed him, and he hasn't seen my face.

Page 7
Asami: ...Sigh...
Asami: I'll take care of the rest, so hurry up and go back to the gate.
Asami: If it starts again and you aren't there, we'll be disqualified.
Speaker: Thank you all for waiting---
Speaker: The competition will start again shortly.
Guy: It seems like they changed the jury.
Guy: Wow~
Yoda: So they switched off that weird jury...
Yoda: Well, I guess that's only natural.
Yoda(thought): But...
Yoda(thought): The timing of it is really bad...
Mikage: Hey, can they relax a bit now after that pervert's big jump?
Ken: No...
Ken: The situation is not completely hopeless now, but they're still in trouble...

Page 8
Ken: In this meet, the 3 people per team each jump twice.
And the rankings are determined by the total.
Ken: But only the top 4 schools get to do the second jump.
Ken: When the people going second have all finished, Okushin placed at 5th.
In order to move on to the second round, they have to move up one ranking.
Ken: Compared with the Touno team at 4th place, they have a 16 meters difference.
Ken: Because Emperor's jump was 116 meters just now...
Ken: If Itou does better than 100 meters, then it's hopeless...
Man(thought): Itou, you've worked hard.
Man(thought): Every single day for the past 10 years...
Man(thought): Show us the results!!

Page 9
Guy: There he goes!!
Aya(thought): Ken-chan...
Kishitani: Please!!
Kishitani: Don't get over 100 meters...

Page 10+11
Both: Huh!?
Aya: Ken-chan!!
Muramatsu: What's happening?
Yoda: ...You see, in ski jumping...

Page 12
Yoda: 80% of it is determined by whether or not you can properly do the satz.
Muramatsu: Huh? What is this "satz"?
Yoda: It means the takeoff.
Yoda: When you're going 90km/hr, you get about 0.01 seconds for the takeoff.
Yoda: Whether or not you can correctly gauge that single moment,
Determines 80% of your result.
Yoda: Itou is a hard worker.
Yoda: He gave his everything to skiing for the past 10 years.
Yoda: However, no matter how many years of hard work you put into it, if you fail to grasp the 0.01 seconds, your efforts would have all been in vain.
Yoda: That is the nature of ski jumping.

Page 13
Muramatsu: Wait, so that means he...
Yoda: Yeah...
Text: In this competition, Itou...

Page 14
Text: Has found the best timing for his satz.
Speaker: 115 meters!!
Itou: Hah!
Itou: Hah!

Page 15
Ken: ...
Ken: They beat us...
Kishitani: By 15 meters...
Yoda: ...
Yoda: Well, that can't be helped.
Yoda: Since that weird jury is gone, everything goes back to normal, and that's bad for Okushin.
Even Shiriya's big jump loses it significance.
Text: The situation has become really grim for Okushin---
Yuuta: ...

Page 16
Guy: Good job, Itou!!
Guy: That was really amazing!!
Aya(thought): Ah...!
Guy: Just a bit more and it would have been the Bakken record!!
Gut: We really have a chance at winning now!!
Aya(thought): I could also use this opportunity to hug him!
Ken: It's still too soon.
Aya(thought): Huh!?
Ken: The first round went well, but we are still behind some.

Page 17
Ken: Our goal is to win.
Ken: It's too early to celebrate now.
Guy: I guess you're right.
Guy: That's true...
Guy: Getting all happy at 4th place.
Aya(thought): I'm too late...!!
Aya(thought): The moment is gone!!
Ken: What are you doing?
Aya: Huh...!?
It's nothing!!
Ken: Sorry, but can you bring me my innerwear from my bag?
Aya: Ok, sure.

Page 18
Youd did well.

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