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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Batting Female Doctor Saori 10

The Information-gathering Team Finds Out!

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Aug 9, 2011 03:04 | Go to Batting Female Doctor Saori

-> RTS Page for Batting Female Doctor Saori 10

Reserved for Imangascans. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Naoto: A nurse who communicates with aliens!
Naoto: He was caught once but came back right away,
The black panther!
Naoto: She will hit you with a metal bad, the female doctor!!
Naoto: ...I'm the only normal one here.
Naoto: Which means the patients all get scared and run away.
People: Wah---!
People: Gyah---!

Page 2
Naoto: We're not pediatricians, but we still look after kids.
For the children who experience the horror of this place and are scarred for life, we take no responsibility.
SFX: *Knock knock*
Naoto: Coming!

Page 3
Mai: I'm Hanazawa Mai from Fujimi Elementary School, 4th grade, class 2!
Hosoi: I'm Hosoi.
Yamada: I'm Yamada!
All: We gather materials for a wall newspaper, and we have a section called "Career Exploration"...
Sorry for suddenly bothering you like this.
Naoto: ...

Page 4
Mai: Can we gather some information about your job!?
Record 10: The Information-gathering Team Finds Out!
SFX: *Snap*

Page 5

Page 6
Mai: Please help us out!!
SFX: *Snap*
Naoto: Uh,
Naoto(thought): This is bad.
I would really like to let them, but...
Saori: Who is it?
Kuro: Grrrr.
Kuro(side): Something smells good.
Terumi: This is Earth, the 3rd planet in the solar system. Please respond!
Naoto: Uwaaaaaaaah!!

Page 7
Naoto: Wai...wait outside for a moment!!
I have to tidy up the room first!!
Naoto: Phew---!
SFX: *Click*
Saori: What's wrong, Naoto-kun?
Kuro(side): Bastard, hiding something from nee-san?
Naoto: Well...
Saori: Elementary school students here to gather information?
Naoto: We are supposed to readily help them.
Naoto: However!!

Page 8
Naoto: Metal bat and black panther are not allowed!!
Saori: !!
SFX: *Twitch*
Kuro: !!

Page 9
Terumi: You're replacing planet Celcia's toilet paper with glasses...!?
Naoto: ...
Terumi-chan is not allowed to communicate with aliens...
Terumi: What---!? No...!!
Kuro(side): ...You're forbidding our very existence?
Saori: I can't use my metal bat?
Naoto: We can't hit those children with the bat.
Naoto: Perhaps we should seal the bat right now...
Saori: ...

Page 10
Saori: Fine...If you insist, Naoto-kun.
Kuro(side): Nee-san!?
Terumi: Saori-sensei!?
Naoto: So you understand where I'm coming from!!
Naoto: Then Kuro, you should pretend to be a stuffed animal!!
Kuro(side): I'll remember this.
Naoto: Terumi-chan, make sure to not do any telecommunications!
Terumi: Ok...
Naoto: Then I'll let them in!
SFX: *Click*
Mai: Thank you for allowing us to gather materials for "Career Exploration"!!
Mai: Then let us start right away...

Page 11
SFX: Scratch, scratch, scratch...
Mai: Why is the panther...!?
Naoto: It's stuffed, stuffed!!
Mai: I'm sure it moved just now.
SFX: *Snap*
Naoto: It must have been the wind!!
Hosoi: Nurse-san, why are you fidgeting so much?
Terumi: The toilet glasses on planet Celcia are...
Naoto: She's just continuing the Sci-fi movie she watched just now---!!
Yamada: The black panther is so realistic~~!!
SFX: *Snap*
SFX: *Snap*
Mai: It's so soft for something stuffed.
Naoto: Uwaah---!
Hosoi: A movie...? Was it on TV?
Terumi: No, directly in my head...
Naoto: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaah! Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!
Saori: That's enough about stuffed panther and movies.
Naoto: !

Page 12
Saori: Since you came all the way here, I'll give you physical examinations, free of charge.
Mai: Physical examinations!?
Naoto: Ah!
That's a good idea!
Naoto: Phew!
Yamada: Yaaay! That sounds fun!!
Mai: She'll do stuff like measuring my height, right?
Saori: Terumi-chan, come help.
Terumi: Y-yes!
Naoto(thought): Nice one, Saori-sensei!
Since she's not treating anyone, she doesn't need the bat...
Naoto(thought): And these kids will get a good experience too.

Page 13

Page 14
Naoto(thought): Wha...what is it?
Mai: Thank you so much for everything today!
Yamada: Bye bye!
Mai: See you---!
Saori: You're always welcome to visit here.

Page 15
Terumi: They were all so cute---!!
Saori: Yeah.
Terumi: Alright, as for how to use those glasses...
Naoto: ...
Naoto: Saori-sensei...
Please use the metal bat after all.
Saori: !
Kuro: *Turn*
Kuro(side): Huh!?
Kuro: Rwaaar!
Kuro(side): How dare you say whatever you want!
Naoto: Gyaah------! Ow ow ow ow!
Saori: ...Why is that?
Naoto: Th-the Mai-chan who came,
Has a problem with her stomach.

Page 16
Naoto: But because you couldn't use the metal bat, you let her go without saying anything...!!
Saori: ...
Saori: That's right.
Saori: That girl had signs of acute appendicitis.
Saori: She will probably be hit with extreme pain within a few hours.
Terumi: !!
Naoto: I'm truly sorry!!
Naoto: I should have let them come here without hiding anything!! ...About Kuro and Terumi-chan too!!

Page 17
Terumi: Na...Naoto-senpai...
Kuro(side): Tch, it's too late now.
Saori: I don't remember ever saying that I won't treat her.
Naoto: Huh?
Saori: What's important is that I don't hit her directly.
Terumi: ?
Kuro: !?

Page 18
Saori: Isn't that right?
Naoto: !?

Page 19
Mai: That was really fun, wasn't it!?
Yamada: Yeah!
Mai: ?

Page 20

Page 21
All: !!
Mai: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
Hosoi: Kyaaaaaaah!!
Yamada: Hiiiii!!
SFX: *Snap*

Page 22
Mai: Gyaa-Buh!!
Saori: I see some effects.
Hosoi: Kyaaaaaah!
Yamada: Mai!
Mai: ...

Page 23
Mai: A powerful stuffed black panther.
Mai: A cute nurse-san who was fidgeting and continuing a movie that she was watching.
Mai: A beautiful and really nice female doctor,
Who has long legs and wears glasses.
Mai: ---But that's where the good part ended.
Mai: There was also a male nurse, but he was really scary...

Page 24
Mai: ------Just think, he turned into a flying zombie, and attacked me!!
Boy: What---!? Seriously---!?
Boy: That's so scary---!!
Girl: Noooooooo!!
Mai: ------And that concludes "Terror!! Zombie Nurse" instead of "Career Exploration"...!!
Boy: I'm scared---!!
Girl: Moooooooom!!
Terumi: Woah...
That's too scary, Naoto-senpai.
Kuro: Grrrr...
Kuro(side): You're making the patients run away.
Naoto(thought): I want to run away myself.

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