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Addicted to Curry 87

Being Myself and Extra Special Beef Curry

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Aug 9, 2011 05:19 | Go to Addicted to Curry

-> RTS Page for Addicted to Curry 87

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Woman(thought): I fell in love---
Woman(thought): The person is a client, a businessman.
Woman(thought): A man in his mid-20s...who has a very nice smile...
Woman(thought): My chest tightens with a mysterious feeling...
SFX: *Grip*
Woman(thought): It was the first time I have experienced it in my life---
Woman(thought): I should try hard...to become pretty...!
Woman(thought): I want him to turn around...I want him to look at me...!
Woman(thought): And then...
Woman(thought): I got it---

Page 2
Chapter 87: Being Myself and Extra Special Beef Curry
This body of mine---!!

Page 3
Gen: And then,
My daughter-in-law bought high grade Japanese beef that was thiiiis thick! (side) Those used for steak!
Gen: That was really, really good! (side) It was the first time in my life that I had it!
Gen: And I thought of something!
If the beef was put into curry, it must turn it some very good curry!
President: Ooh! That does sound really good!
Guy: If it's beef curry, then European-styled would be the best right?
President: It wouldn't do to say such stupid things, vice-president!
They have beef curries in India and Malaysia! (side) You can't necessarily make that statement!
President: Right!? Isn't that right, master!?
VP: I would really like to see you make some, master!
Makito: Who's your master! (side) Wait a second,
Makito: I can't give something so greasy to an old man like Gen-san! (side) He'll die!
Gen: Wait a minute! Who's an old man!? (side) That's so rude!
Amano: Hey, Yui-chan!
Amano: Has Shino-chan come by lately?
Yui: Shinozaki-san? Now that you mention it, she hasn't... You haven't seen her either, Amano-san?
Amano: I can't get in touch with her-
Yui: What is Shinozaki-san doing now?
Amano: She's an OL. TL: Office Lady
Yui: I see.
SFX: *Ring*

Page 4
Yui: Ah, welcome-
Yui(thought): Wow...so pretty...
Makito: Hello, beautiful young lady.
I welcome you to Ganesha curry house...!
Yui: Again...
Amano: He sure tries hard- even though his face is so plain.
Motomi: Haha! What are you trying to pretend to be, Kou---
Makito: Huh?
Motomi: Ah...no, it's nothing...!
Amano: I'll use your bathroom.
Makito: ?
Please take a seat over here.
Makito: Can I ask one question before you make your order?
Motomi(thought): *Thump*
Motomi: Wha...what is it...?

Page 5
Makito: What is your name?
Yui(thought): He always asks this right away with beautiful women... (side) That idiot.
Motomi: ...
Motomi(thought): Shinozaki...
Motomi: Motomi!
Makito: I see- so it's Motomi-chan! That's a cute name!
Ah, I'm Kouenji Makito! Nice to meet you!
Motomi: Ah...thank you...
Makito: So what would you like today?
Motomi: Healthy curry... (side) Um...
Makito: I got it! (side) It will be here shortly!
Motomi: ...
Motomi(thought): They didn't notice...
Motomi(thought): Not Kouenji...
Motomi(thought): Not Yui...
Motomi(thought): And not even Amano...
Motomi(thought): I can do this...

Page 6
Motomi(thought): I...
Motomi(thought): Have been reborn---!!
Motomi(thought): Go for it...!
Motomi(thought): Do your best, Motomi...!!
Motomi: Um...
Man: Wow---
So you like hand-to-hand combat, Motomi-chan---

Page 7
Motomi: KI1 and PRIDE are pretty amazing right now...
Man: Ah,
So you like pro-wrestling?
Man: I don't know much about it,
But what part of pro-wrestling is interesting for you?
Motomi: It's gotta be when you best your opponent's skill!
Man: Ah, really...?
Motomi: Roaring at the win,
While raising both of the arms up high!!
Motomi: I won!! I'm strong!! When I think things like that, it's definitely the best---
Man: ...
Motomi(thought): Ah!!
Motomi: Ah, I mean...I'm sure that what they are thinking...
Man: Ah! You mean the wrestlers! (side) Haha!
Man: But I'm really surprised!
At how a beautiful woman like you works at Maromi, yet I have never noticed you before.
Man: I just can't believe it---
Man: Oh!

Page 8
Man(thought): Woah!!
Man: ...
Man(thought): Is she giving me a signal...?
Motomi(thought): Ah...
Motomi(thought): Oh no...
Motomi(thought): Without thinking, my old habit...
Motomi: I-I'm sorry! Excuse me a bit...
Man: Ah, ok.
Motomi: Phew...
Motomi(thought): Ah- This is so tiring.

Page 9
Motomi(thought): No good... No matter how hard I try, my old habits from when I was fat come back...
I really have to watch myself...!
Motomi(thought): Try harder, Motomi!!
Man: Shut up, idiot!
Yeah! That's right!
Motomi(thought): Ah, he's calling someone...
Man: No, you see,
Man: She's also getting into the mood---!
Man: Anyway, it feels like I'll score some action tonight?
Man: That's right, the accountant at Maromi Co---
Man: Oh yeah- there was!

Page 10
Man: That disgusting fat bitch called Shinozaki or whatever, right?
Man: She was always looking at me secretly from the shadows!
Man: Gyahahahaha, don't be stupid!
If it was her, I wouldn't put it in even if she opens up while completely naked!!
She should take a look at herself in the mirror!
Man: Gyahahahahahaha!
Man: She'll come back soon, so I'm going to hang up now. (side) See ya.
Motomi(thought): In the end---
Motomi(thought): Men only care about the outer appearance of women...
Man: Oh, nee-chan, you're hot~ Wanna drink with me?
Motomi(thought): I should have known...
Motomi(thought): Since the very beginning...

Page 11
Motomi(thought): In any case, I wanted to disappear from this place---
Motomi: ...
Motomi(thought): Somehow...I'm tired...
Of everything...
Motomi: ...
SFX: *Ring*
Makito: Ah, I'm sorry, we're already closed for---

Page 12
Makito: Ah, Motomi-chan...
Motomi: I see...you're already closed... (side) Nevermind then...
Makito: No it's fine if it's for you, Motomi-chan!
Makito: Although I only have something I've been experimenting on.
Makito: Why don't you give it a try!
Motomi(thought): If it's for you, Motomi-chan...
Motomi(thought): Now that I think about it...this guy only cares about the appearance as well...
Makito(thought): Wha...what's with that glare...? (side) Did I do something?
Makito: Well, it's good timing!
Try this new item on the menu free of charge!
Motomi: Huh? Free, you say...
Makito: It's fine, it's fine!
Makito: Here!

Page 13
Makito: It's a curry made with high grade Japanese beef fillet that costs 2000 yen per 100g!
Motomi: 2000 yen per 100g!!?
Makito: A regular customer wanted me to try making it...so I did.
Makito: Don't worry about it, and just try it.
Motomi: ...
SFX: *Bite*
Motomi: !
Motomi: Ah...
Motomi: Th...
Motomi: This is good!!!

Page 14
Motomi: The juicy flavor of the beef comes out with just one single bite,
And the spicy curry nicely accentuates the taste!!
Motomi: The flavors aren't overly strong at all, and it's really good!!!
Text: Uwooooooooh, so good~~~~
Makito: ...
Makito: I'm glad...
Motomi: This is so good...!
Motomi: ...
Motomi(thought): It's good...but...
Motomi: You said that this is a new item on the menu...
But if you really add it, how much would it be...?
Makito: Hmm, that would be...
Makito: Well,
Makito: About 4000 yen!
Motomi: Fo...

Page 15
Motomi: Four thousand yen!!?
Makito: Yeah! Even so, I'm pushing it!
Motomi: Isn't there some kind of mistake?
Motomi: It's true that it's really good...
Motomi: But it's like the quality of curry can be from other things too...
Motomi: And although you have made expensive curries...
Motomi: It's as if this curry doesn't feel like it was made by you...
Motomi(thought): Huh...?
Motomi: There's no need...to try so hard...
To make some...really expensive curry...
Motomi(thought): Could it be...
Motomi(thought): This...
Motomi: The skills you have displayed so far with the curries...
Motomi: There are plenty of of people...who already know...so...
Makito: ...
Makito: Yeah...

Page 16
Makito: I think so too...!
Motomi: ---
Motomi: Such a dumbass...

Page 17
Man: !
Man: Mo...Motomi-chan...
Woman: Who is this woman---?
Man: Ah, no...
Motomi: I'm grateful...
Motomi: Although it was impossible...
I think the experience of trying so hard for something was not a waste...
Man: Huh?
Man: Uwah...!
Motomi: That's why...from now on---

Page 18
Man: ...!
Motomi: I will live life in my own way!!
Motomi(thought): Dang--- I did lose a lot of power after all--- (side) Ow ow ow...
Woman: Oh no! Shuu-chan!?
Woman: Shuu-chan!?
Text: Several weeks later---
Amano: Ah- Shino-chan!! (side) What happened!?
Motomi: Yo!
Makito(thought): Motomi-chan hasn't come ever since that time-

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