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Nononono 117


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Aug 13, 2011 03:52 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 117

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

So much text this time D:

Page 1
Speaker: Jersey number 8,
Speaker: Negita Yoshichika, Akita prefecture, Tsukiyama team.
Asami: Phew...
Asami: So he made it in time...
Guy: !?
Guy: ...
Guy: Wha...!?

Page 2
Guy: What's with that face guard?
Chapter 117: Ceremony
Negita: "There is no way you can win against me---"
Emperor: Then let's see what you can do.

Page 3
Emperor(thought): With your jump!!
Asami: He's not even looking.
Sagasaki: Yeah.
Asami: It's...

Page 4+5
Unbelievable that Negita would lose to anyone here...

Page 6
The three of us...
Were born on a small island off the Oga Peninsula.
The population was merely under 200.
It's really far away from the mainland.
In fact, it's rather close to the Russian border.
There are no regular ships to the mainland, so one has to go by fishing boats.
That's why it's a closed-off island, with no one returning after leaving there.

Page 7
The people there believed that they are protected by god.
As if to prove it, people have built a grand shrine that seemed a bit out of place in the middle of the island.
The most distinguished person on the island is the priest, and everyone else are believers.
It is said that the believers moved there hundreds of years ago, after being prosecuted in the mainland.
Negita's home is the most luxurious mansion on the whole island.

Page 8
Me and Sagasaki lived at his house in order to look after him,
Mainly as servants.
Now that I think about it, it was strange to have people around the same age serving him.
But because we never knew the world outside, and were told that it is the custom of the island, so we didn't think much of it.
Negita's family was very well-off.
There was nothing that they didn't have. They even had servants with such a small population.
We had no idea what Negita's father did for a living.
His parents were always having fun on the mainland, so they rarely returned.
I then wondered why they could live in such a grand mansion.
As for the reason,
I realized later on.

Page 9
Because we were Negita's servants, we were supposed to use -sama with him.
But he didn't like it, so we called each other by names, and we played together a lot.
Negita has always been violent and kept to himself,
But for some reason, everyone was nice to him.
On an island with absolutely nothing to do, the children all dived to pass the time.
There are many cliffs on the island, all the way from ninth to first.
Which cliff to jump off of depended on how strong the children are.
Negita jumped off the third cliff, even when adults are scared of it.
Even when I tried my best, I could only do fourth.
Sagasaki couldn't really swim, so he couldn't even jump from the lowest ninth cliff.
He was even scared of looking at the first cliff from the side, much less looking down from the tip.

Page 10
But we didn't know back then.
How there was a place that's even higher than that, simply called the "cliff"...
And when he was 16, which is when the coming of age is celebrated on the island,
The priest told us about the secret.
That Negita was born for the sole purpose of acting as a sacrifice,
In a big festival that happens every 15 years.
Of course we,
As well as Negita, didn't know about it.

Page 11
Every 15 years, the child whose birthday that is closest to February 1st becomes the sacrifice...
And the children whose birthdays that are second and third closest become reserves, and serve the child.
The family providing the child would be able to bring prosperity to the entire island for 15 years.
That's why the house Negita lived in was meant only for the family of the sacrifice.
For that reason, the cheap at heart all compete to have their children born on the first of February.
Negita was born on the 2nd, and me and Sagasaki were born on the fifth.
Both our parents must have wanted us to become the sacrifice.
Otherwise they wouldn't have given birth to us so close to the date.
As for why everyone was being nice to the violent Negita,
It must have been because they thought he would die soon anyway.
No one---
Tried to stop the custom---
I felt sick,
Of both my parents, and that island.

Page 12
As for the means of the sacrifice, he was to jump off the "cliff".

Page 13
Because Negita was to become the scapegoat,
He was able to live in comfort up until then.
Every firmly believed in receiving protection from god by the means of human sacrifice...
It was because of that very belief that they were prosecuted and had to escape to that island.
If Negita runs away, then we would take his place.
There are no ships around the time of the festival, so there were no places to run away to.
However, jumping off the cliff does not necessarily mean automatic death.
There has been a case of the sacrifice surviving the fall in the past.
If he could go back unharmed, then all three of us would be free.
Negita made up his mind then.
However, only a sacrifice from 225 years ago has ever survived the fall.
But he did not give up.
If even one person made it back, then there's no reason he wouldn't as well.

Page 14
Negita first talked with the village elders,
To ask about the sacrifices in detail.
In reality, people usually die when they hit the side of the cliff, even before they reach water.
No matter how far they leap, the strong ocean breeze would push them back.
Negita practiced jumping for two weeks leading up to the festival.
Intially from the second cliff, which was no big deal for him.
There was also wind coming from the sea there,
And he barely landed in the water.
That was when...
He realized something.
He heard about the clothes used by the sacrifices.
Apparently they wore a hakama that was handed down through each sacrifice during the festivals.
Negita then wore something like a hakama,
While practicing.

Page 15
After practicing countless times on the second cliff,
Negita learned to use his limbs to his advantage, and to increase the amount of clothing for more wind resistance.
He also learned to handle every possible kind of head wind to propel forward.
Now that I think about it, it worked the same way that ski jumping did.
The more head wind, they farther you go.
Having a very athletic body, leaping off the edge...
Taking in the wind with your whole body,
And riding the head wind.
In fact, the strong sea winds is not the enemy,
But a necessary factor for survival.

Page 16
And finally, Negita jumped off the "cliff", even though it wasn't the festival yet.
He skillfully utilized the hakama and his limbs---
Rode the head wind---

Page 17
And succeeded in his jump.
Even after the ceremony, we can live and leave this island.
We cried of happiness.
And then---
On the day of the festival,
Negita was literally in the depth of despair.

Page 18
Wearing the hakama was only for on the way to the cliff---
The actual jump was done naked, with the hands and feet tied together.
We should have known.
There would be no way to hand down a hakama if people wore them as they jumped.
Only being able to ride the wind,
With his limbs tied,
Negita was on the verge,
Of becoming a sacrifice.

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