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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Blood Alone 34.1

Fight For Your Mind Part 1

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Sep 8, 2011 06:20 | Go to Blood Alone

-> RTS Page for Blood Alone 34.1

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

M stands for Misaki, K stands for Kuroe

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3
Sayaka: Hah...!
Sayaka: Hah...!
Man: ...It's useless.
Sayaka: !!

Page 4
You can't run from this room.

Page 5
Sayaka: !!
Man: Didn't I just tell you? It's useless...
Man: I didn't want to have to do this,
Sayaka: Hah.
Man: You should just accept your bad luck and give up...
Sayaka: Hah.

Page 6
SFX: *Vibrate*
Sender: Sainome
K(thought): Sainome...?

Page 7
Sender: Sainome
I need to see you now.
I will be waiting at West Coast's third park.
K(thought): ...
K(thought): What could it be...?

Page 8
K(thought): ...
K(thought): She's still not here yet?
K: Sainome...?
Man: Are you Kurose Kuroe!?

Page 9
K: ?
K(thought): A man...?
K: Where is Sainome?
Man: ...
Man: Do you know her!?
K: ...What are you saying?
Man: Throw me your ID!!

Page 10
K: ...
Man: Don't try anything funny!!
Man: !?

Page 11
Man: Wha...!?
K: Who are you?
Man: ...

Page 12
K: So you're with the police...
K: I thought that was the case.
Man: ...Why is that?
K: If you wanted a fight,
You wouldn't have asked for ID.
K: ...In addition, there's the fact that you're driving the car yourself.
Other people would have pointed a gun at me and made me drive.
Man: ...So you really are a detective?
K: Didn't I show you my ID just now?

Page 13
Man: You did, but---
K: Aren't you the suspicious one?
You only showed me your ID, but nothing to prove that you're with the police.
K: My eyes can see through any kind of deceit.
Man: ...
Are you really Sainome-san's---
K: If you still suspect me, then look me up. It should be easy enough for an officer.
K: And I have collaborated in investigations before, so there should be at least some data on me.
Man: ...

Page 14
K: ...That aside, what happened to Sainome?
K: Why are you doing this?
Man: ...
Man: This is not her will...
K: Right now, Sainome-san is---

Page 15
K: ...
Man: Her condition is stable right now, but she wouldn't wake up.

Page 16
Man: During our investigation---
But wait...even if I tell you this...
K: She was seeing the memory of the deceased?
Man: !!
Man: ...You know about that!?
K: Didn't I tell you that we've known each other for a long time?
K: ...What happened?
Man: ...

Page 17
TN: The paper says "Get help from Kurose Kuroe"
Man: ...This is the memo that Sainome-san left while she was going through the memory.
Man: It has your name and address written on it.
K: ...And that's how you contacted me?
Man: Yeah.
K: Still, what an invitation that you set up.
Man: I was trying to be cautious.
K: Oh well. I would have done the same.

Page 18
Man: ...Okita-kun, any progress?
Okita: Shinjou-san---
Okita: I'm sorry...I regret to say that nothing has---
Man: Hm...
Man: Who is that?

Page 19
Okita: He appeared in Sainome-san's memo.
Man: I see...It would be nice if you can lead us to some clues...
Man: ---Well then, carry on with your investigation.
Okita: Yes sir.
K: ...
K: He's your boss?
Okita: He is our acting section chief.
K: He's so young.

Page 20
Okita: It's in name only...
Okita: Unlike a section chief, he's just a boss.
Okita: ...You probably wouldn't understand even if I tell you, but we are---
K: Metropolitan Police Department Public Welfare Section 6, Supernatural Phenomenon Squad---right?
Okita: How...?!
K: And why Sainome from NRIPS?
TN: NRIPS = National Research Institute of Police Science
Okita: Ah...
Okita: W-we look to Sainome-san for help...
And she sometimes does scouting---

Page 21
K: I see...It's kind of the same in Sainome's department. Fierce competition is inevitable I guess.
K: So whose memory was she looking at?
Okita: About that---
K: There's no need to hide anything from me at this point, no?
K: Or I could make guesses at everything instead if you want.
Okita: ...

Page 22
Okita: ...A major suspect to a robbery murder.
K: A major suspect?
Okita: He was killed during the time the warrant was was being issued.
K: ...So she was going through the memory of the killed murderer.

Page 23
Okita: ...This makes the 7th one.
K: 7th what?
Okita: A major suspect committing suicide.
K: Hm...
Okita: Including this one, none of them seem to be the type to kill themselves.

Page 24
Okita: In addition, all of the circumstances are questionable.
Okita: Like having scars that do not point to suicide---The deaths all rouse suspicion.
K: I see...
K: And that's when the specialists come in.
K: ...And who knows about the investigation?
Okita: Everything has been kept to ourselves, so information is only available to the police.
Okita: Needless to say, the media knows nothing.
K: ...Is that so.

Page 25
K: That's enough. We don't need this one anymore.
Okita: ...?
What do you mean?
K: This is just a corpse.
He is not the reason that Sainome won't wake up.

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