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Nononono 121

Let's Go Back With Smiles

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Dec 6, 2011 15:13 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 121

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Ken: Now Okushin High is for sure out of the competition---
Chapter 121: Let's Go Back With Smiles

Page 2
Kishitani: ...
Kishitani: It's my fault...
Kishitani: It's because I failed in my jump.
Yuuta: It's not anyone's fault.
Yuuta: Everyone...
Yuuta: Gave their best.
Yuuta: Both you and I did our best...
And Emperor showed us an amazing jump.
Emperor: ...
Yuuta: But...
Yuuta: We couldn't win.
Yuuta: We did everything that we could...
Yuuta: And that's why,

Page 3
Yuuta: Let's all go back with smiles.
Kishitani(thought): That's completely different from what's she's saying...
Speaker: That concludes the first round of the competition.
Speaker: The second round will begin one hour later.
Yuuta(thought): There's no helping it...
Yuuta(thought): I could only jump 88 meters...

Page 4
Yuuta(thought): Nothing I can do... Nothing I can do... Nothing I can do...
Mikage(thought): Yuuta...
Mikage(thought): I won't try to console you.
Mikage(thought): Since what you need is some time alone.
Mikage(thought): Although...
Mikage(thought): What I really want to do is to smile and hug you...
Muramatsu: Nonomiya-kun seems seriously depressed.
Muramatsu: The Olympics in 2 years may be impossible now,
But he's only 16 right?
Muramatsu: He can still aim for the next Olympics, and the one after that.

Page 5
Yoda: That's impossible.
Muramatsu: Why!?
Yoda(thought): Nonomiya...
Yoda(thought): Has obviously became more feminine in this past 6 months.
Yoda(thought): And keeping it up for 2 more years is already pushing it... So pretending to be a man in 6 years is impossible.
Yoda(thought): With no prior accomplishments, winning at this inter high was her last hope...
Yuuta: Kishitani,
Yuuta: I'm going back first.
Kishitani: Alright...
Kishitani(thought): Despite what Nonomiya said,
Kishitani(thought): No matter how I think about it,
Kishitani(thought): We lost because I could only jump 67 meters...

Page 6
That's right...
It's not like I can't do ski jumping anymore.
It's just that...
I can't go to the Olympics...
Father, I'm giving you this gold medal!!
In the end...
I couldn't make this gold medal into the real thing...

Page 7
Yuuta: Go get the medal in my stead.
Nono: Uwaaaaaan!!
Nono: Uwaaaaan!
Nono: Uwaaaaan!

Page 8
Nono: Uwaaaaaan!!
Nono: Uwaaaaaan!!
Nono: Uwaaaaaan!!
Box: Just like that...
Box: Inter high ended for Nono and her teammates.

Page 9
Box: Or so it was supposed to be.
Guy: Hm, so let's do that.
Guy: Yeah.
Muramatsu: The audience seems really excited.
Yoda: Yeah.
Yoda: Since their home school, Sumon High, has taken top spot.
Of course they would be happy.

Page 10
Shimosato(thought): This is fine.
Shimosato(thought): No matter the means---
Shimosato(thought): As long as we win, everything will work out.
Shimosato(thought): No doubt...
Shimosato: Everyone,
You all did well.
Guy: Coach...
Shimosato: Beating Yukino High and getting to the top...
That's quite a feat.
Guy: Coach,
There is something we would like to tell you.
Shimosato: Hm?

Page 11
Tsubasa: We are forfeiting the competition.
Shimosato: Huh!?
Shimosato: Wha...what're you saying!?
Tsubasa: Father...
Tsubasa: You have never cheated when you were still active, right?
Shimosato: ...
Tsubasa: We thought that everything would be well as long as we win.
But now we understood from this inter high.
Tsubasa: Winning by cheating,
Tsubasa: Doesn't really make us happy.

Page 12
Tsubasa: There were some people here...
Tsubasa: Who jumped even farther than us with skills alone...
Tsubasa: So if even we win, we won't be happy like that.
No doubt we will be feeling guilty like Makino-san does.
Guy: I...wanted to make mom happy by winning here...
Guy: But even if she's happy, I won't feel the same because I cheated.
Guy: I guess it's pretty obvious.
Although I should have noticed it sooner...
Guy: But I didn't know.
Guy: That winning could be more painful than losing...
Guy: I already am content with being interviewed by the reporters...
Guy: So I'm fine with stopping here...
Shimosato: ...!!
Tsubasa: Besides...
Tsubasa: The biggest reason for the forfeit,

Page 13
Tsubasa: I sprained my foot in my jump just now.
Shimosato: !?
Tsubasa: So I can't go in the second round anymore.
Shimosato: ...
Tsubasa: I thought I could jump farther...
But my body doesn't lie.
Tsubasa: Unlike Shirya-san or Terashi,
My feet couldn't endure a distance of over 110 meters.
Tsubasa: Father, I'm sorry...
Shimosato(thought): In the end---

Page 14
Shimosato(thought): Besides the records,
Shimosato(thought): Nothing will remain of the victory obtained through cheating...
Shimosato(thought): Maybe I knew it the whole time.
Shimosato(thought): That cheating will stand to nothing when faced with real skill.
Shimosato(thought): And I just couldn't accept the fact...
Shimosato(thought): That I couldn't win the gold medal myself...
Guy: Oh well, but it was fun.
I've never jumped before with so many people cheering.
Guy: Yeah.
Guy: Coach has given us a really good experience.
Shimosato: ...
Shimosato: All of you,

Page 15
Shimosato: I've made you go through some painful things.
Speaker: There is an announcement for everyone present.
Speaker: Due to an injury...
Sumon High School will be forfeiting round 2.
Mikage: ...
Muramatsu: What will happen now?
Yoda: The school placing 5th will be bumped up to 4th.
Yoda: Which means...

Page 16
Yoda: Okushin High will move on to the second round.
Mikage: Yuuta!!

Page 17

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