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Nononono 122


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Dec 23, 2011 01:55 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 122

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Emperor: Geez...
Emperor: Taking someone's spot again.
Kishitani: ...
Thank god...
Kishitani: It worked out...
Yoda: Okushin High...
Yoda: Rose to 4th place...

Page 2
Yoda: So now Nonomiya and the others could move on to the second round!!
Chapter 122: Nyah-!

Page 3
Maoka: Phew...
Sasamiya: Why are you acting relieved...?
Sagisaka: Geez...
Sagisaka: So lucky.
Mikage: Isn't it great!?
That you get to move on!?
Yuuta: Y...yeah.
Yuuta(thought): But...being able to do so at the expense of someone's sorrow...
Yuuta(thought): I wonder if I should be happy about it...
Yuuta: Ah...!

Page 4
Yuuta: Um...
Yuuta: I heard that you are forfeiting because of an injury...
Tsubasa: Oh, it's no big deal...
Tsubasa: Just a little sprain...
Yuuta: I'm sorry that we are taking your place...
Shimosato: Hm?
Shimosato: You...aren't you Yura's son?
Yuuta: !?
Mikage(thought): Yura?
Shimosato: I see...
So you are the one who moved up...
Tsubasa: It's pretty tough.
Tsubasa: For me, you, and Amatsu.
Yuuta: Huh?

Page 5
Tsubasa: Go get the gold medal!
Yuuta: !!
Tsubasa: I don't know how I should ask this of you...
Tsubasa(thought): Because...
Tsubasa(thought): It's impossible for me no matter what I do...
Tsubasa: But you have to win.
Yuuta(thought): He is also someone...
Yuuta(thought): Who was affected by that Olympics.
Mikage: Yuuta...

Page 6
Yuuta: Please leave it to me!!
Yuuta: Kishitani!! Emperor!!
Kishitani: Nonomiya!!
Kishitani: This is great!!
Kishitani: We can still win this!!
Yuuta: Yeah!!

Page 7
Emperor: You have already experienced the feeling of going back in defeat.
Emperor: Are you willing to go through that twice in one day?
Emperor: We have to win...
Emperor: No matter what!
Both: Yes!!
Mikage: ...Oh...
Mikage: The snow has stopped...
Mikage: And now it's sunny...

Page 8

Page 9
Mikage: It's sunny but the winds are strong...
Mikage: The perfect conditions for turning things around.
Sagasaki: Nonomiya-kun.

Page 10
Sagasaki: Good for you.
Sagasaki: That you weren't eliminated.
Yuuta: Sagasaki-san!!
Sagasaki: Because...I won't lose to you.
Yuuta: Huh!?
Sagasaki: Both as a jumper...
Sagasaki: And a girl.
Yuuta(thought): It's not like...
Yuuta: ...
Yuuta(thought): We're competing as girls...
Sagasaki: ...

Page 11
Sagasaki: This is so frustrating!!
Yuuta: Kyaah!!
Sagasaki: You have too much of something I don't have!!
Yuuta: Stop!!
Emperor: Don't act like homos! It's disturbing.
Someone: Compared with the top school, Yukino High...
Someone: We are short 42 meters...
Kishitani: This is going to be really tough...
Kishitani: In order to win, we have to somehow fill in 42 meters between the 3 of us...
Emepror: Don't sweat it. I have a plan.
Both: What!?
Emperor: First...

Page 12
Emperor: I will fill in 30 meters by going first.
Yuuta(thought): Whaat!?
Kishitani(thought): What the heck!?
Emperor: And Nonomiya will close in 20 meters in the second group.
That will put us 8 meters in the lead.
Yuuta: ...
Emperor: Kishitani, the anchor, will protect that lead even if he has to die for it.
That way, we will have the win.
Kishitani(thought): ...
Kishitani(thought): That's not a plan...
Kishitani(thought): He's just being delusional!!
Kishitani(thought): Although he made it clear that I can't be counted on...
Terashi: As always, you're only good with your mouth.
Emperor: Aah?

Page 13
Terashi: Not even once have you jumped farther than me...
Terashi: And yet you chirp better than anyone.
Emperor: ...
Kishitani(thought): ...
Kishitani(thought): Huh?
Kishitani(thought): What has gotten into Emperor...?
Kishitani(thought): Normally he would have started punching anyone saying something like that...
Yuuta: Terashi-san, didn't you know?
Yuuta: Emperor has been jumping with short boards since middle school, so he couldn't show his full ability.

Page 14
Yuuta: Under the same conditions,
Yuuta: Emperor is stronger than you.
Terashi: You.
Terashi: Will you put this on?
Yuuta: Huh!?
Yuuta: Are you trying to insult me!?

Page 15
Yuuta: Nyaa~n
Yuuta: Stop messing around-!!
Kishitani(thought): For a second there, you were really into it...
Terashi: Wonderful!! One more time please!!
Yuuta: No!! You pervert!!
Yuuta: I'm a guy!!
Terashi: A cat has nothing to do with gender!!
Yuuta: I'm a human!!
Sagasaki: ...

Page 16
Sagasaki: Nya~~n!!
All: ...
All: ...
All: ...
Sagasaki(thought): why!?
Terashi: I'm completely disappointed.
Terashi: That you would run away from the spot of anchor.
Emperor: What?
Terashi: Let me just say this to you: using shorter boards is nothing but an excuse.
Under the same conditions, you didn't beat me in the first round, did you.
Yuuta: ...
Terashi: In the end, you realized that you can't jump farther than I...
So you ran away to the first group, which are filled with weaklings.
Terashi: Right?

Page 17
Terashi: Anal Shop-senpai.
Kishitani: !!
Yuuta: That's the only thing you should never say...!!

Page 18
Kishitani: ...
Yuuta: ...
Yuuta(thought): Huh?
Yuuta(thought): Emperor...
Yuuta(thought): Is enduring it without saying anything...
Yuuta(thought): Why!?
Yuuta(thought): What's the relationship between these two!?

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