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Radio Heads 1

Technology Pervert

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jan 16, 2012 13:04 | Go to Radio Heads

-> RTS Page for Radio Heads 1

Reserved for Lazy Ass Scans. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Japan, a nation of technology.
In order to retain that image in the world...
And in order to give birth to new technology,
There are youths who are obsessed with "making things".

Page 2+3
Chapter 1: Technology Pervert
Big text: We make things. Try them out. Break them. The technology to shape our dreams.
Longass text: "Technical colleges", the national schools that trains engineers. Young ones throw away everything at age 15 and choose a life of "creation". Employment rate, 100%. The driving forces behind Japan's technologies are gathered there.

Page 4
Someone: H-hey, stop it!!
Someone: The hell, why not!?
Someone: I...I'm tell you, you can't...
Someone: Hey!! Stop getting in the way now...

Page 5
Girl: Don't hog it all for yourself! Let me...
Guy: I told you that we're in the middle of testing...
Guy: So they're fighting after all...
Guy: Well, nothing we can do...
Guy: The club president is so stubborn too.

Page 6
Guy: But thanks to that we know the vulnerabilities of the sensors...
Robot: Cannot detect ball
Robot: Cannot detect ball
Guy: Until the Robot Con, with this...
Guy: And doing something about the teamwork---
SFX: *Beep!!*
Robot: Ball detected!!

Page 7
Robot: Will attempt to capture it
Captain: Oi oi...
Those are chopping boards no matter how you look.
Text: It must be broken...
Girl: What did you say, bastard!?
Guy: Ah.
Guy: Robot Club again?

Page 8
Kido: Trying to pick a fight!?
Togawa: H...hey, stop it, Kido!!
Box: That's right...
Box: I'm the president of the Ozu Technical School Robot Club...
Box: Togawa Sumiji, 20 years old.

Page 9
And this...
Is Ozu Technical School Robot Club.

Page 10
With Robot Con, famous "technical colleges", aka industrial technical schools,
Train engineers in a five-year education program,
Consisting of 5th years who are over 20 like me...
Little first-years who just got out of middle school...
Ones who are above second year, and ones who are repeating.
In technical colleges, there are many different kinds of people...
Working in different fields and facilities---

Page 11
Togawa: That's enough, you assholes!!!
Togawa: You fail as students here if you break the robot!!
Kido: Shut up, dumbass!!
Togawa: I won't allow your violence even if it's a robot!!
Robot: ...
Kido: It's definitely mocking the humans!!
Togawa: No, you're the one in the wrong here, Kido!!

Page 12
Togawa: Just a first-year, and you try to even touch the robot!!
Kido: Just?
Togawa: It's a million years too early for you!!
Guy: But engineering isn't about sitting in lectures...
Guy: So it's better if we get hands-on...
Togawa: Oi oi, Robota is not a toy for little kids!!
Togawa: Because it uses the sophisticated wireless technologies in smartphones...
Togawa: We sure are something!
Kido: Keh!

Page 13
Kido: But he's actually being the kid you know?
Kido: Being a huge pervert that likes middle-aged women and all <3
Togawa: Haha...Abe, you can't believe...
Kido: Well, I guess that narrow-mindedness of his shows in his sexual preferences.
Abe: Buuuuuu!! (What a sick mind!!)
Kido: Take a look...
Kido: A pervert who even makes something like this...
SFX: *Grip*
Togawa: H...hey, that's...
SFX: *Twitch*
Woman: Is everyone here---?
SFX: *Twitch*

Page 14
Y...yes, everyone is here!!
Everyone in the Robot Club is present---!!

Page 15
Kido: W-w-w-what's going on today, to have you come early again...?
Kitagawa: Hm--- About that...
Kitagawa: I have decided on a schedule until the Robot Con---
Kido: Ooooh~~~~~~~~<3
Kitagawa: Well, it's still far ahead in the future, but...
Kido: Wow~ So many blocks~
Kido: So...

Page 16
Kido: Somehow,
Kido: We managed to keep it hidden this time as well...
Kido: But I don't know whether I should call it a waste of talent...
Togawa: ...
Kido: Or just really bad taste...
Kido: No matter how much you claim it is out of love,

Page 17
You're making a robot replica of sensei!?

Page 18
Guy: Oh! The motor movements are controlled with a compressor.
Kido: I wonder if he masturbates with this thing?
Togawa: Stop that---!!
Togawa: Hey now, don't get the wrong idea!!
Togawa: This is just all play, alright!?
Togawa: I'm telling you, it's just playing!!
Togawa: Ah!! Could it be jealousy!?
Togawa: Kido, are you jealous of my skills!?
Togawa: Geez, and this is why you're just a kid...
Kido: What the hell did you just say?

Page 19
You're a pervert no matter what for making something like this!!
Text: That's true...
The club president is a huge pervert!!

Page 20
Guy: Well, I guess...
Guy: With technical schools, or the so-called ivory towers...
Guy: Being stuck in this kind of place for 5 years...
Since 15 years of age might make someone funny in the head...
Guy: But you're especially perverted!!

Page 21
Togawa: Na...nah...Tagami, you're also quite...
Tagami: Hey now, gimme a break, Togawa!!
Tagami: Call me "Erma Jasmine" during club activities.
Togawa: Have you gone insane---!?
Togawa: But what the hell are you people doing!?
Togawa: None of you are doing any programming!!
Togawa: To be called a pervert by those...
Tagami: Hey!

Page 22
All: Don't you dare insult programming!!
Tagami: The efforts to encode into a computer rather than your brain...
Tagami: Can never be understood by the likes of people from Robot Club!!
SFX: *Beep*
Guy: And if you're planning to make a robot, at least figure out sensei's movement patterns, and then study neural networks of human CPG
SFX: *Beep*
Togawa: Uh...well I...
Guy: No...

Page 23
Guy: Love for robots needs to be something organic...
Guy: Things that can't be expressed by programs,
Like warmth and weight...and also the feel of touch...
Togawa: ...
Hanada: I can't have you forget about us Chemistry Club!!!
Hanada: But! I tell you, these swimming goggles are for protecting my eyes from chemicals...
Text: Don't misunderstand!
Togawa: What I really want to comment on is your school swimsuit!!

Page 24
Hanada: They say that the best defense is a good offense...
Togawa: I'm telling you, your offense is too strong!!
Hanada: How about it? If you use our silicon for the outer layer...
Togawa: Hey! Don't touch me, you degenerate!!
Hanada: Hey now, don't say that, and feel free to use...
Kitagawa: And because of that---
Togawa: Th-that's why, don't lump me together with you perverts---

Page 25
What the hell am I making!!?

Page 26
Togawa(thought): And even with Tagami's auto voice creation program...
Robot: Oi, Togawa!
Robot: Oi, Togawa!
Togawa(thought): Shit...I was just tempted by all of them...
Togawa(thought): Just because they are a bit more skilled---
Robot: Oi, Togawa!
*The devilish hand that demands for the feel of silicon!!
Robot: Oi, Togawa!
Kitagawa: Oi, Togawa...

Page 27
Kitagawa: It's just you today?
Togawa: Th-th-th-that's right!!
Togawa: A...actually...
Kido: ...
Togawa: I wanted to do some individual research today...
Togawa: And I wanted to keep it a secret from those guys, so~~

Page 28
Kido: Bleh
Togawa: But sensei, why are you here at this time...
Kitagawa: Oh yeah~ Look at this!
Kitagawa: The TV station wants to interview us!
Togawa: Huh? Huh? By TV, you mean...
Kitagawa: Well, it'll be introduction for the robot and the club members...
Kido: ...
Kitagawa: Since it'll be a video introducing the schools participating in Robot Con!!
Togawa: B...but, there are other people suitable for doing it...
Kitagawa: No no, that won't do!
Kitagawa: The others are still novices...
Kido(thought): Novice~~?

Page 29
And I think that the best...
I think that you are the best.

Page 30
Togawa: N...no way I'm the best...
KItagawa: No need to be so modest...
Kido: Listen up, Abe...
With my idea and your handicraft precision, we are just as...
Togawa: ...
Tagami: Threw it away you say?

Page 31
Tagami: You threw away sensei's robot you saaaaaaay!?
Tagami: Wh...what are you...
Tagami: All the effort we put into that thing...
Togawa: Shut up, you degenerate!!
Tagami: B...but I'm sure sensei would be happy with us doing so much...
Togawa: As if that would happen!!
Tagami: B...bastard, just what do you think a lady's heart is...
Text: As Erma Jasmine...
Togawa: As if someone like you have any right to say that!!

Page 32
Togawa: A...anyway, leave me alone!!
Text: Got it!?
Guy: President, it's starting---!
Guy: What were you talking about?
Togawa: N-no...it's nothing...
Togawa: They were just asking what happened to the robot sensei...
Togawa: But rather than talking about that!
Togawa: What happened to our first-years?

Page 33
Togawa: Where did Kido and the others go?
Someone: Well then...
Someone: Start!!

Page 34
Togawa: Um~ There are 6 of us in Ozu Technical School Robot Club...
Togawa: Which makes us much smaller in scale compared with other schools.
Togawa: H-however...
Under the guidance of our advisor, Kitagawa-sensei,
Togawa: And with our solidarity, this year...
Togawa: W-w-w-we will definitely make it to the finals---
Guy: So where are Kido-san and Abe-kun...
Guy: They should be somewhere on campus...

Page 35
Guy: They must be loafing around somewhere...
Togawa: Uh- and now I will introduce our club activities...
Togawa: Wait, huh?
SFX: *Whiirrl*
SFX: *Clunk*
Togawa: Uh...
SFX: *Clunk*

Page 36
Togawa: That's not sensei---!!
Togawa: And what about sensei!?
Where's the real thing!?
Kitagawa(thought): I'm late...
Togawa: W...who is behind this...
Togawa: Just who!?

Page 37
Kido: Heh heh!! Threw it away, what a load of crap!!
Kido: Especially since you hid it with such great care!!
Kido: Sorry, but I took liberties in some modifications!!
Man: Wow, even the teachers are robots in technical schools...
Togawa: That's not it...
Kido: We won't be novices forever!!
Kido: That thing was created with my idea, Abe's hardware, Tagami's software, and Haruhi's cover...
Kido: A machine that is the result of combination of all of technologies here...
Kido: Kitagawa No.2, dammit---!!

Page 38
Togawa: R...run away!! Everyone run away!!
Togawa: Do whatever you can to get away...
Tagami: No, it's no use!!
Tagami: It's absolutely impossible to run away from Kitagawa No.2!!
Tagami: I'm...
Tagami: I'm afraid of my own skills!!
Tagami: Progamming No.2 with automatic enemy-searching function...
SFX: *Whizz*
Tagami: And facial recognition with all of the school security cameras...

Page 39
Tagami: It will register even if I make a weird face...
SFX: *Do-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga*
Togawa: Tagami, why-----!!
Kido(thought): What a retard...
Guy: Y...you see that, president!?
Guy: If this keeps up, everyone will be taken out!!
Guy: The only thing...
Guy: The only thing we can do is to break it---
Togawa: I...I can't do that!!
Togawa: Anything but to break it!!

Page 40
Because I love robots...
And I like Kitagawa-sensei!!!

Page 41
Togawa: I made it because I like sensei!!
Guy: P...president!!
Togawa: I won't let you break the fruits of my feelings!!
Togawa: Just watch!! Through the school's LAN,
Togawa: I will hack into the machine!!
Kido: H...huh!? What's this!?

Page 42
And change the target of the security camera's enemy-searching function...
Finally, using the smartphone as a remote---
How is it...
There's no way I'd lose to mere first-years...
With the compilation of this school's technologies...

Page 43
Because I'm the best technology pervert!!

Page 44
Togawa: But...
Togawa: Maybe I showed off a bit too...
SFX: *Do-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga*
Guy: Ah.
No.2: Face recognized.
Guy: Hm~~ Definitely a complete idiot!
Guy: Being an idiot and a pervert is the worst.
Guy: Yeah, Togawa is the best in the bad sense.
Guy: Yeah, pervert, pervert.
Kitagawa: And...

Page 45
Togawa: ...
Screen: I'm the best technology pervert!!
Kitagawa: All this was aired on TV!
Kido: And sensei's not angry at all.
Guy: How many times is she going to play that!
Kitagawa: Hahahahahaha!!
Guy: Hm, it's a mystery...
Kitagawa: Oh! This is killing me!
Togawa: Hey now, sensei!

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At last thank you ~ :)
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