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Nononono 123

As a Human Being

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jan 17, 2012 15:23 | Go to Nononono

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Emperor: Well, just you wait.
Emperor: I'll show you something interesting.
Chapter 123: As a Human Being

Page 2
Yoda: The order for the second round is out.
Yoda: In the first group...
Yoda: First up is Okushin's Shiriya.
Yoda: Then it's Toono Professional Team's Ootsuka.
Tsukiyama Commercial Team's Asami.
Yoda: Lastly, it will be Yukino High's Sasamiya.
Yoda: In this group of people...
Yoda: Shiriya and Sasamiya stick out above the rest.

Page 3
Muramatsu: There's still some time...
Muramatsu: Before the second round, right?
Yoda: Yeah.
Yoda: Do you want to go up to the jump platform?
Muramatsu: Huh?
Yoda: To get a good look of the actual platform.
Muramatsu: No way, it's really high up.
Yoda: It's ok. We'll only go up to the step-off point.
Muramatsu: This is no joking matter.
Muramatus: Even from here, it's quite high up.
Yoda: Where are you looking?
The test jumper is going now.

Page 4
Muramatsu: !?
Muramatsu: Damn that's fast!!
Yoda: On normal hill, people go by at more than 80 kilometers per hour.
Yoda: It's like looking at cars going by at the side of the highway.
Guy: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Muramatsu: What's going on?
He's screaming as he falls.
Yoda: He stepped off a bit too early, so it was a failed jump.
Muramatsu: Huh? How do you know that?
You shouldn't be able to tell with that kind of speed.

Page 5
Man: He pushed off early just now.
Man: Yeah, he always does it early.
Muramatsu(thought): ...What the heck...
Those two are definitely saying random things...
Yoda: The next one is coming.
Guy: Shiiiiiiiit!!
Yoda: This time the guy's late.
Muramatsu: Saying random stuff again...
Man: He pushed off late this time.
Man: Yeah, he's always late.
Muramatsu: ...

Page 6
Muramatsu: Can you really see it?
Yoda: Of course.
I used to be a jumper too in the past.
Yoda: The best time frame for the step-off is within 0.01 to 0.02 seconds.
Although we've talked about this many times already...
Yoda: Looking from close up, you realize how impossible that is, right?
Muramatsu: ...
Yoda: High school students constantly make mistakes you just saw.
Yoda: And once in a while they would get really lucky and get it right.
Yoda: However, first-class athletes from all over the world would always time it perfectly,
Yoda: When going down large hill at a speed of close to 100 kilometers per hour.
Yoda: And what is hard to believe...
Yoda: Is the fact that a few high school students here have already reached that level.
Yoda(thought): Well...it was definitely impossible for me...

Page 7
Speaker: The second round of the competition will begin momentarily.
Yoda: Oh.
Speaker: There will be a change in gate height.
Speaker: From position number 20...
Speaker: Down to position number 15.
Guy: Whaaaaa!?
Guy: Five levels!?
Yoda: They're lowering it...
Five whole levels?
Muramatsu: Is five levels a lot?
Yoda: Usually it would be just one or two.
Yoda: It's a big deal with even three...
Yoda: The important thing is that by doing so, the jury recognizes the fact the previous setup was problematic.
So to change five whole levels is unheard of.

Page 8
Yoda: This is only possible...
Yoda: Also because of the change in jury.
Yoda: In the first place, it's strange to jump 120 meters on a hill with HS of 105 meters.
Guy: ...
Yoda: But the new gate position is quite tough for anyone other than the best...
Yoda: Then again...
They probably did it because the first one up is Shiriya.
Terashi: ...Just look at that.
Terashi: With that much of a difference, there's no way he stands a chance.
Terashi: How dare he change groups like that...
Terashi: Just because he doesn't want to lose to me...
Yuuta: That's not it.

Page 9
Yuuta: You should know it perfectly well.
Yuuta: The difference in conditions for the first round was too great.
Yuuta: Even you could not have jumped 121 meters if the jury didn't change.
Terashi: ...
Terashi: It's just a weakling's excuse.
Terashi: All it matters is that we left the same gate.
Yuuta: Just...what happened between you and Emperor?
Yuuta: I have never seen Emperor...being so timid...
Terashi: ...
Terashi: It's quite simple.

Page 10
Speaker: Jersey number 9,
Speaker: Shiriya Kiyoshi, Nagano prefecture, Okushin High School.
Gobou(thought): Shiriya...
Gobou(thought): Has been using short ski boards ever since middle school.
Gobou(thought): Today is the first time he uses ones of proper length in a national meet.
Gobou(thought): The conditions for round one were terrible but this time it's not bad.
Gobou(thought): Shiriya, show them what you can do!!
Emperor: Hah...!
Emperor: Hah...!

Page 11
Box: Five years ago.
Box: Shiriya and Terashi first met at a middle school competition.
Box: By that time,
Box: Shiriya has already grown out of his dead childhood friend's boards...
Box: And his performance was affected by that.
Emperor: Tch...
Emperor: Second place again...
Terashi: Such dirty boards.
Emperor: Ah?

Page 12
Terashi: The results of jumps are not determined by what you use.
But when it's a close margin, the equipment makes a huge difference.
Emperor: ...
Terashi: I scorn those people...
Terashi: Who don't care about what they use.
Emperor: ...Are you regarded or what?
It's because I care that I use the same boards, dumbass!!
Terashi: ...In that case, keep on using those,
And lose all you want.
Terashi: Anal Shop-senpai.

Page 13
Man: Hey!!
Woman: Kyaaah!!
Man: What are you doing!?
Emperor: That bastard...
Terashi: Hahahahahaha!!
Emperor: !?
Terashi: To the people around you, it just looks like you're getting revenge for placing second!!
Terashi: The stronger of the jumpers is the righteous one!!
Terashi: When have you ever seen a Komusubi interrupting a Yokozuna!?
TN: Yokozuna is the highest ranking in sumo, while Komusubi is fourth highest.

Page 14
Terashi: If you have something to say to me, do it after you beat me!!
Terashi: Otherwise all your words will sound like barks of a loser!!
Terashi: And that's what happened.
Yuuta: ...
Terashi: Ever since then, I have never even once lost to Shiriya.
Terashi: I won't forgive him for what he did.
Terashi: And it's not just him.
I'm stronger than everyone present here.
Terashi: You should all be worshiping me.
Everyone: ...Huh?
Terashi: ...
You all have a problem?
Terashi: If you have something to say, then go jump farther than me.
Terashi: Those of you who were already eliminated in round one...
Shouldn't even be standing on the same ground as me.
Everyone: ...

Page 15
Terashi: However, there will be a day, when you all...
Terashi: Should be able to brag about how you ski jumped at this location with me to your children.
Terashi: Be sure to force yourselves to forget...about how I scorned you all.
Yuuta: ...
Yuuta: You're the worst.
Terashi: ...Save your complaints until after you beat me.
Yuuta: Not as a ski jumper.
Yuuta: But as a human being.
Terashi: ...
Terashi: I'm first-class.
Terashi: Then what about that Shiriya who ran away?
He changed groups knowing that using a different gate won't make a proper match.
Yoda: It's not true that it won't be a proper match.

Page 16
Yoda: There's nothing to show if he loses...
Yoda: But there is a way for him to beat you.
Terashi: ...
Terashi: Huh?
Yoda: Nonomiya, did you forget?
Yoda: What Hans Schneider did with you?
Yuuta: Huh?
Yuuta: Ah...!
Yuuta(thought): Don't tell me that Emperor...
Emperor: Hah...!
Emperor: Hah...!

Page 17
Emperor: Hah...!
Emperor(thought): I...
Emperor(thought): Will definitely do it...
Emperor: Hah...!
Emperor: Hah...!
Emperor(thought): I...
Emperor(thought): Have to do it...
Emperor(thought): Jump...
Emperor: Hah...!
Emperor: Hah...!
Emperor(thought): Jump...
Emperor(thought): Win...
Emperor: Hah...!
Emperor(thought): Win...
Emperor(thought): Win...
Emperor: Hah...!
Emperor(thought): Jump...
Emperor: Hah...!
Emperor(thought): Jump...
Emperor: Hah...!
Emperor(thought): Jump...

Page 18
Don't be rash!!

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