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Gokukoku no Brynhildr 2


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Feb 3, 2012 05:13 | Go to Gokukoku no Brynhildr

-> RTS Page for Gokukoku no Brynhildr 2

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Neko: I ran away from the research lab.
Neko: That's why I didn't want anyone finding out I'm a magician.
Chapter 2: Magician
Neko: If they catch me,
Neko: I'll be killed.
Neko: So please,
Neko: Don't tell anyone about the fact that I can use magic.
Text: A mysterious transfer student who looks just like a childhood friend. She's a "magician"...!!

Page 2
Girl: Nihonbashi's fish paste is made from the meat of sharks that feed on humans who drown.
Girl: Black porgy's fish soup is very tasty but they attach themselves to the stern of large ships and feed on the feces of humans.
Girl: The fragrance of greens in the spring is very nice, but the leaves are permeated with urine from two days before.
Box: Kuroha...

Page 3
Box: She doesn't have the moles...
Box: So she's not Kuroneko...
Box: But I wonder if she really is a different person.
Box: The similarities are too great to ignore...
Box: While those supernatural phenomenons really intrigue me...
Box: I can't just ask about how she'll be killed if they find her.
Box: Oh well, we're in the same class.
I'll just find out about things little by little.
Teacher: Next...

Page 4
Teacher: Let's have the transfer student, Kuroha-san, read for us.
Neko: !?
Neko: ...
Box: Even if she can't do basic math...
Box: There's no way that she can't read...
Neko: ...
Neko: And hera,
Ryouta: Huh!?

Page 5
Ryouta(thought): And hera!?
TN: The kanji for "now" looks exactly like the katakana "he" and "ra" stacked together.
Neko: Naenaro Henimuhero...
TN: Same kanji mistake with "left and right" looking like "naenaro" and "assembly" looking like "henamuhero" in katakana.
Ryouta: Sensei!
Teacher: What's wrong, Murakami-kun?
Ryouta: Kuroha-san is not feeling well...
So may I please take her to the nurse's office?
Teacher: What?
Ryouta: Excuse me.
Teacher: Ah, wait...
Guy: ...
What just happened?
Guy: The Murakami that hates girls so much...

Page 6
Ryouta: Just what is going on!?
Ryouta: Not only can't you do times tables, but kanji as well?
Neko: I can read kanji.
Ryouta: You couldn't even read ones from first-grade level!!
Ryouta: Aren't you 16!?
You don't even have the knowledge of a 6-year old!
Ryouta: How much do you have to slack off to turn out like this!?
Are you really that lazy!?
Neko: ...
Neko: I've never studied even once before.
Ryouta: Huh?

Page 7
I was a guinea pig for experiments on magicians the whole time.
Before I ran away, I spent 10 years in the research lab.
They didn't let me study even once.
I wanted to go to school.
I longed for it the whole time.
Sorry if I caused trouble for you.
You can leave me alone now.

Page 8
Neko: Oh yeah.
Neko: What's "tetsuzanko"?
Ryouta: Huh?
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: I think there's an attack by that name in fighting games...
Neko: Does it kill or something if the foot get caught?
Ryouta: Huh?
Uh, maybe I guess...depending on the timing...
But I don't know that much about it.
Neko: ...
Neko: Is that so...
Ryouta(thought): ...
Ryouta(thought): What was that about!?

Page 9
Teacher: We're getting under the water today!
Teacher: Classes in the pool are not for playing around!
Guy: Hey, look...
Guy: Yeah...
Guy: The transfer student has a really nice body...
Guy: The girls in this school are only interested in studying...
Guy: So to think that such a high school beauty exists in this world...

Page 10
Girl: Calm down, Kuroha-san!!
Your feet can reach the bottom!!
Ryouta: ...
So she's no good at swimming...
Girl: Kuroha-san, are you ok?
Guy: What a nice angle...
Guy: But sadly we're so far away!!
And why do the guys and girls have to be separated so much during swimming classes?
Guy: It's because they treat guys like sex criminals!!
Maybe I should just pretend to carelessly get into the girl's side and then touch some boobs...
Ryouta(thought): That would just be like a sex criminal.

Page 11
Ryouta(thought): But...
Ryouta(thought): I didn't think she would own a swimsuit.
Girl: I'm so glad,
That the size fits you so well.
Neko: Th...
Girl: No problem.
Since I can't swim today anyway.
Teacher: Now then...
Teacher: Let's start!
Teacher: 8...
Teacher: 9...
Girl: Nn~~~~
Girl: Kyaaah!!
Guys: !?

Page 12
Girl: Saeki-san!!
Girl: Sensei!!
Girl: Saeki-san has her leg stuck in the drain...!!
She can't breathe!!
Teacher: Huh!?
Teacher: Yanagi-sensei!!
Please stop the circulation pump!!
Yanagi: Got it!
Yanagi: I stopped the pump!!
Teacher: It's no good!!

Page 13
Teacher: Her leg is still stuck...!!
Teacher: And we can't pull it out!!
Teacher: Saeki-san!!
Girl: Kyaaah!!
Girl: Saeki-san!!
Ryouta: Drain the water!!
Ryouta(thought): No good...
Ryouta(thought): The water won't be drained in time...!!
Teacher: Saeki-san!!
Girl: Nooooo!!

Page 14
Guys: !?
Ryouta: The water...is bursting out!!

Page 15
Yanagi: Do CPR!!
Teacher: On it!!

Page 16
Saeki: Gah!!!
Saeki: *Cough*
Teacher: Saeki-san!!
Teacher: She's breathing again!!
Guy: Wow!!
Guy: I thought she was a goner...
Ryouta: ...

Page 17
Guy: I'm glad...
Guy: Yeah...
It was a close call...
Guy: But...what was that?
Guy: Why did the pool suddenly break like that?
Ryouta: It was probably deterioration.
Ryouta: This pool was built along with the school, so it's old.
They repaired it several times...
Ryouta: But I guess it's about time.
Guy: But it decided to break right when someone was drowning...
Ryouta: Yeah, what a miracle.
Almost as if a god is watching.
Ryouta: But in reality...
All the students gathered around the drainage system at the same time.
Ryouta: As a result, the pool had to endure a shift in weight,
Which is probably why it broke.
Ryouta: What saved her is not a god, but all of us.
Guy: ...
Guy: Well, if Murakami says that...
Guy: Then it must be true...

Page 18
Ryouta: Kuroha...
Wait up!!
Ryouta: You...
Knew about it, huh.
SFX: Hah!
SFX: Hah!
Ryouta: The accident today.
Ryouta: But haisuiko and tetsuzanko...
It's too far of a stretch no matter how you think about it!!
TN: "Haisuiko" means drainage.
Neko: ...

Page 19
Neko: I knew.
Neko: That from this school...
Two students would die between yesterday and today.
Ryouta: Yesterday?
Ryouta: Ah,
Neko: That's why I had a friend good with computers make it so that I can transfer to this school.
Neko: It would be easier for me to save people if I'm a student here.
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: That can't be done with just being good with computers.
Ryouta: Is that person also a "magician"?
Neko: Please.

Page 20
Don't get into my business anymore.
It's bothersome,
How you confuse me for your childhood friend.
I'm done with my business in this school.
So I won't ever come back here again.
You are already a complete stranger to me.

Page 21
Ryouta: Sigh...
Box: Why is she rejecting me that much?
Box: Is she really someone else...?
Box: If Kuroneko is alive, it would lessen my sin...
Box: And if I'm bothering someone who happens to look like her because of that,
Then that would definitely be really selfish of me.

Page 22
Box: I shouldn't direct my one-sided feelings toward her.
Box: Like she said, I'm a complete stranger.
Ryouta(thought): We won't ever see each other again...
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: Haaaah~~~
Ryouta: I need to stop.
Ryouta: It's pitiful to make excuses and reason with myself.
That would only serve to deceive my feelings.
Ryouta: The point is...
Ryouta: I want to see here again...

Page 23
Teacher: Kuroha is absent today it seems like.
Teacher: That's not good.
Teacher: Well then, Murakami.
Do you mind delivering these documents to Kuroha after school today?
Ryouta: Huh?
Teacher: The transfer notification has to be handed in by tomorrow.
And since she just moved, she doesn't even have a phone number.
Teacher: So I can't contact her.
Teacher: According to the address, she lives close to the observatory.
It would really help if you can deliver these to her on your way to club activities...
Ryouta: ...

Page 24
Who would've thought...
That I get a chance to see her so soon...
But since she said she won't go to school anymore...
Is there even any meaning to giving these to her...?
Was there a home so close to the observatory...?

Page 25
Ryouta(thought): Armored vehicles at a place like this...
Ryouta(thought): Just what happened?
Ryouta: !?
Ryouta(thought): It can't be...
Ryouta(thought): That she's caught...

Page 26
Girl: Uguh...
Girl: Uuh...
Text: What awaits these girls...!?

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