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Nononono 126

Don't Worry

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Feb 9, 2012 09:40 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 126

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Speaker: We will now recommence the competition.
Speaker: Jersey number 11, Sasamiya Oozora, Hokkaido Yukino High School.
Chapter 126: Don't Worry
Sasamiya: Tch...
Sasamiya: Just look.
Sasamiya: As I thought, the wind is lost...

Page 2
Kishitani: Hey, Nonomiya.
Yuuta: Hm?
Kishitani: There's something I've been meaning to ask you.
Yuuta: What is it?
Kishitani: Is your father...
Kishitani: The jumper Yura?
Yuuta: Yeah.
Kishitani: ...I see.
Kishitani: ...
Kishitani: Now I understand everything.
Kishitani: And one more thing.
Are you...
Yuuta: Hm?

Page 3
Kishitani: No, it's nothing.
Yuuta: ?
Sagasaki(thought): What are those two...
Sagasaki(thought): Talking about over there...
Sagasaki(thought): I wonder...if there's something between them?
Sagasaki(thought): She sure has bad taste in men...
Kishitani: Nonomiya, your second jump is starting soon.
We gotta get going.
Yuuta: Yeah.
Sagasaki(thought): Ah...! Oh no!!
Kishitani(thought): ...
Kishitani(thought): Nonomiya's father...
Kishitani(thought): Was jumper Yura after all.
Kishitani(thought): They lost the gold medal when it was so close...
Kishitani(thought): I was still a kid back then and didn't know much,
Kishitani(thought): But I heard that he was bashed to an unimaginable degree.

Page 4
Kishitani(thought): So that's why Nonomiya wanted to take back her father's gold medal.
Kishitani(thought): Going as far as hiding her gender...
Kishitani(thought): Hino found out about her secret...threatened and attacked her...
Kishitani(thought): But she's probably not worried about it...
Kishitani(thought): If I asked about it...
Kishitani(thought): It'll only bring up unnecessary memories...
Kishitani(thought): I want her to jump without being tied down by any burdens...
Kishitani: Oof...
Kishitani: Oww!
Kishitani(thought): No good.
Kishitani(thought): Even standing up is becoming difficult...

Page 5
Kishitani: Holy crap!!
What is this!?
Kishitani: That's a lot of blood!!
Kishitani(thought): Like this...
Kishitani(thought): Wouldn't doing jumps be impossible!?
Kishitani(thought): Who'd thought...
Kishitani(thought): That wearing a completely red jumpsuit really became useful...
Kishitani: I want to forfeit already...
Kishitani: But it's not like I can say that...
Asami: Hey Negita.
Did you increase the number of corpses?
Kishitani: ...Corpse?

Page 6
Kishitani: Huh...?
Kishitani: Uwaah-----!!
Kishitani: Wha...what's this!?
Asami: So he's still alive.
Negita: I don't know this one.
Asami: You...
Aren't you from Okushin?
Kishitani: Rather than that...
Kishitani: Did you two do this!?
Asami: You should worry about yourself first.
Asami: You seem to have a deep wound.
Asami: It's best to forfeit.
Kishitani: N...no need to worry about me!!
Asami: In that case,
Asami: It's best for all of us to stay out of each other's businesses.

Page 7
Asami: If they find out about your injury, your school would have to forfeit.
Kishitani: ...
Asami: But let me warn you...
Asami: If you do jump, you'll DIE.
Kishitani: ...
Asami: If you want to die, that's your choice, but it would be troublesome if they have to stop the competition.
Asami: The etiquette for committing suicide is to not cause trouble for everyone.
Kishitani(thought): I already know!!
Kishitani(thought): That I can't jump...

Page 8

Page 9
It's a good jump.

Page 10
Sasamiya(thought): Damn it...!
Sasamiya(thought): Wind, come!!
Mikage: Ah...he landed.
Ken: Yeah.
A sudden gust of tailwind made him drop.
Ken(thought): I wonder if it looks like we're a couple...
Emperor: So the wind was on our side.

Page 11
Speaker: 105.5 meters!!
Sasamiya: Hah...
Yoda: He did well to reach HS with that wind.
Sasamiya: Shit, if I had some better wind...
Maoka: Well done.
Maoka: You increased the difference with second place.
Maoka(thought): However...
Maoka(thought): Okushin caught up 16 meters.

Page 12
Speaker: The jumps for the second group will begin right away.
Speaker: The starting gate position will be changed from from 15 to 13.
Guy: Huh!? For real...?
Guy: 2 levels down again?
Yoda: Well, everyone jumped past the K point,
Yoda: So that can't be helped.
Yoda: But to think that the gate went down 7 levels since round one,
Yoda: Between terrible weather and weird judging...
What a competition this has been.
Yuuta: Ah, Kishitani.
Yuuta: You're back already.
Kishitani: Yeah.
Yuuta: Hey, um...
You don't need to worry.
Kishitani: Huh!?

Page 13
Yuuta: I'm the type that always forget about bad things right away.
Yuuta: No matter how painful something is, I'll forget all about it after a night's sleep.
Kishitani: Nonomiya...
Yuuta: I already forgot about how grabbed me and rubbed my boobs.
Yuuta: And how you took off my underwear when I was sleeping.
Kishitani(thought): What the heck, you do remember!!
Yuuta: So I'm fine now.
Yuuta: Don't worry.
Kishitani(thought): ...
Kishitani(thought): I hope that's really the case...

Page 14
Is thinking about what happened back then...
Truthfully...I'm still scared.
Of how maybe I'll be threatened like that again if anyone else finds out...
But Kishitani helped me,
And got hurt because of me, so I don't want to worry him any further.
Take a good look, Kishitani.
I will prove that I'm fine now with my jump.

Page 15
Yuuta: Hah...
Yuuta: Hah...
Yuuta: Hah...
Yuuta: Hah...
Sagasaki(thought): I lost to you with the cat ears, but that can't be helped.
Sagasaki(thought): Since after all, you are a real girl.
Sagasaki(thought): But in ski jumping...
Sagasaki(thought): A competition of body strength, I won't lose to some girl!!
Sagasaki(thought): Because I'm a super girl!!
Sagasaki: Nonomiya-kun.
Yuuta: Huh?
Sagasaki: I'm going to compete with you.
Yuuta: What?

Page 16
Sagasaki: If I lose at this jump,
I'll go back with my boobs exposed.
Yuuta: Whaaat!?
Sagasaki: Do you realize how shameful it would be for me, as a super girl?
Yuuta: Th...that's terrible!!
Yuuta: I won't take that bet!!
Sagasaki: It's not a bet.
You don't have to strip.
Sagasaki: It's only a condition for me if I lose.
Yuuta: Huh?
Sagasaki: I want to show you my spirit.
Sagasaki: You're the only one I don't ever want to lose to.
Yuuta: ...If that's the case, fine with me...
Maoka: That's no good.

Page 17
Maoka: There's no risk in going back with your upper half naked, Nonomiya.
It'll just be cold.
Maoka: I'll take the bet as well.
Yuuta: ...What's up? To get in our conversation like that.
Yuuta: You seem to be in a good mood.
Maoka: That's not really it.
It's just,
Maoka: In my previous jump,
I finally surpassed Nono.
Yuuta: Huh?
Maoka: At least it felt that way.
Yuuta: Maoka-san.

Page 18
Yuuta: That's just your imagination.
Yuuta: Don't just decide on that on your own.
Yuuta: If Nono were here, she would be stronger than you.
Maoka: You can't prove it, can you?
Yuuta: I can.
Speaker: And now...
Speaker: The second group will begin their jumps.

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