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Nononono 127

Let's Go! Super Girl!

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Feb 17, 2012 00:46 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 127

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Aya: Kubo-kun,
Good luck!
Kubo: Yeah.
Chapter 127: Let's Go! Super Girl!
Aya: I'll be expecting good results!
Kubo(thought): ...Damn it!!
Kubo(thought): She's so cute...
Kubo: Hey manager, I want to ask you something.
Aya: What is it?

Page 2
Kubo: Are you going out with Itou?
Aya: !?
Aya: Huh!?
Aya: ...
Itou: "If we win at IH,"
Itou: "I will go out with you."
Aya: No, we're not.
Aya(thought): Yet...
Kubo: ...Is that so.
Aya: Because dad won't allow me to be with any guys who can't win in ski jumping.
Aya: If no one can do that, then I just can't go out with anyone.
Kubo: ...
Kubo: If that's the case...

Page 3
Kubo: I'll definitely go past the K point...
Kubo: And make the team win!!
Kubo: So please!!
Kubo: Go out with me!!
Aya: Huh!? Kubo-kun...
Aya(thought): He would even go that far---
Aya(thought): To encourage me to be with Ken-chan...
TN: She misunderstood because in the text, "with me" was not explicitly mentioned, since it was implied.
Aya: Alright.
Kubo: Huh!?
Aya: I'll be waiting...
Aya: For your big jump!!
Kubo: Yes---!!

Page 4
Box: Jersey number 10,
Box: Kubo Taihei, Iwate prefecture, Touno Professional team.
Kubo(thought): I have to do a big one!!
Kubo(thought): All the way to the manager...
Yoda: ...
Yoda: Kubo is not a bad jumper...
Yoda: But judging from the results of round one, he probably won't reach the K point...
Kubo: Yeaah-----!!
Kubo(thought): Please look at me, manager.
Kubo(thought): I'll definitely get a big jump!!
Kubo(thought): And then marry her---

Page 5
I'll show her,
That I can make her happy!!

Page 6
Guy: Ooh!!
Guy: This is a good one!!
Kubo: Aya----!!
Kubo: I've liked you ever since middle school---!!
Yoda: Seriously!?
Yoda: He's going past the K point...!!

Page 7
Speaker: 90.5 meters!!
Guy: Yes---!!
Yoda: I didn't think he'd be able to do it...
Yoda: High schoolers sure can get big jumps so easily.
Kubo(thought): Yes!! With this one...
Kubo(thought): The manager is mine!!
Kubo: Manager, did you see that!?
Aya: Kubo-kun!!
Aya: Thank you...
Aya: Like this, I...

Page 8
Aya: May finally be able to go out with Ken-chan...
Kubo: ...HUH!?
Aya: Ken-chan told me...
Kubo: ...
Aya: That he'll go out with me if we win...
Kubo(thought): What is this!?
Aya: Thank you, Kubo-kun...
Aya: I've liked him ever since elementary school...
Aya: My dream may finally come true...
Aya: I'm really so glad...
Kubo: ...
Kubo: Hah...

Page 9
Kubo: Are you happy?
Aya: Huh!?
Kubo: If you go out with Itou,
Will you be happy?
Aya: ...
Aya: Yeah.
Kubo: ...I see.
Kubo: Then it's fine.
Kubo: Please don't forget.
Kubo: That I was the one who made you happy.
Aya: Yeah!!

Page 10
Speaker: Jersey number 8,
Sagasaki Shinnosuke, Akita prefecture, Tsukiyama commercial team.
Sagasaki: Take a good look, Nonomiya.
Sagasaki: I...
Sagasaki: Will never lose to you.
Yuuta: ...I'm...
Yuuta: Not planning to lose either.
Maoka: Rather than winning or losing, you should be careful of your landing pose.
Maoka: Everyone in your team is just an amateur.
Sagasaki: Shut up!!
Sagasaki(thought): We'll definitely be the winners!!

Page 11
Maokao: Why is that guy after you so much?
Yuuta: ...Who knows...
Sagasaki(thought): I, as a super girl,
Sagasaki(thought): Will never lose!!
Sagasaki(thought): To a normal girl!!
Ken: Ah...

Page 12
Maoko: Seems like his form only looks good in the air.
Mikage: How pretty...
Mikage: It's almost like...

Page 13

Page 14
Mikage(thought): An egret swooping down---
Asami: Not bad.
Sagasaki: Yes!!

Page 15
Speaker: 97 meters!!
Sagasaki: Phew~~
Asami: Oh well, good enough.
Sasamiya: Seriously? That cross-dresser...
Sasamiya: Went past K point with that gate...
Sagasaki: After all, stripping lies in the balance.
Sagasaki: That definitely is a big push.
Sagasaki: Nonomiya---!!
Sagasaki: Just try to get here if you can!!
Maoka: It's a good one.
Maoka: And the wind was in his favor too.
Maoka: Seems like you'll be going home with a bare chest today.
Yuuta: I told you that I made no such bet!!

Page 16
Yuuta: We're not aiming for the same place?
Maoka: Place?
Yuuta: I want to win in this competition...
And get picked as an Olympic representative no matter what.
Yuuta: But I didn't do very well in the first round.
Yuuta: In order to win here, it won't be enough to just get to HS.
Yuuta: That's why, I---
Yuuta: Will take home the Longest Successful Jump award.
Maoka: ...
Maoka: You're saying that you'll beat Shiriya's 121.5?
Maoka: You must be stupid.
The gate dropped 2 levels from before.
Maoka: Even with good wind, 121.5 meters is the limit for this platform.

Page 17
Maoka: Just with landing on the slope, your body will receive impact...
Equaling to jumping down from 3 meters, or from the second floor.
Maoka: And if you land on the flat surface, the impact will be worth 120 meters.
Maoka: Even if you don't die, your career as a ski jumper will be over.
Yuuta: I know!!
Yuuta: ...I'm definitely scared...
But I have no choice.
Yuuta: I...
Yuuta: Only have this one jump left!!
Yuuta: If I can't go to this next Olympics...
Then I don't care if I can't ski jump anymore.
Maoka: You can't get there even if you're prepared to die, and you die if you get there.
Maoka: There's no one in the world who can get do than 122 meters with this gate.
Maoka: No...
There is one person who would aim for the longest successful jump in this condition.

Page 18
Only your sister, Nonomiya Nono.

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