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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Nononono 128

Real Strength

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Feb 22, 2012 12:24 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 128

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Maoka: If there's one person who can jump 122 meters with this gate in this world...
Maoka: It could only be Nonomiya.
Chapter 128: Real Strength
Maoka: ...
Maoka: I guess there's no one who can do that after all.

Page 2
Speaker: Jersey number 9, Nonomiya Yuuta.
Nagano prefecture, Okushin High School.
Text: The Nonomiya Yuuta with absolutely no achievements...
Text: Whom has been eliminated in regional preliminaries for three years straight...
Yuuta: Hah...
Yuuta: Hah...

Page 3
Text: Has to win at this inter high,
Text: In order to be selected as a representative for the Olympics two years later.
Yuuta: Hah...
Yuuta: Hah...
Yuuta(thought): Everything will determined
Yuuta(thought): But this one single jump...
Yuuta(thought): I vowed to take back the gold medal for father---
Yuuta(thought): My desires from 10 years ago,
Yuuta(thought): And desires of brother who killed himself for my sake...
Yuuta(thought): May be crushed after this one jump.
Yuuta(thought): I'm scared...
Yuuta: Hah...
Yuuta: Hah...
Yuuta(thought): And I can't even bluff anymore...

Page 4
Sagasaki: Geez...what's she waiting for? Just go already.
Sagasaki: She's only going to barely get over K point anyway.
Sagasaki: Or could it be...
Sagasaki: That she was shocked by my big jump?
Kishitani(thought): Damn it...
Kishitani(thought): People in the other schools are not paying attention to Nonomiya's jump at all...
Kishitani(thought): But...
Kishitani(thought): I also want her to jump without reserve.
Kishitani(thought): There's a part of me that think if she fails,
Kishitani(thought): And makes it impossible for us to win, it would be easier for us to give up...

Page 5
Yoda: The very least they need is 115 meters.
Yoda: Of course the gate position makes it very hard...
But there's no going to the Olympics without clearing that hurdle.
Yoda: Mere 0.01 seconds.
Yoda: 0.01 seconds will decide whether or not,
Yoda: Nonomiya's years of efforts will pay off.
Yoda: Even if he misses the timing by a bit,
Yoda: Everything will be over.
Yoda: But, if a god exists somewhere, I'm sure that god will help Nonomiya.
Mikage: Yuuta...
Ken: The signal turned green...
Ken: It's finally time...
Yuuta: ...
Yuuta: Huh?

Page 6
Gobou: Wha...
Gobou: No way!?
Yoda: ...
Yoda: What the hell...
Yoda: It's a tail wind.
Yoda: Oh man...
Man: The wind changed as soon as the signal turned green...
Man: We are doing a terrible thing...
Yoda: Of all things at this time...
Yoda: A tail wind is the worst...
Yoda: Especially for Nonomiya, with such a small build,
Using power and momentum won't work like it would for Shiriya.
Mikage: Oh no...

Pagae 7
Yoda: 8 more seconds.
Yoda: He'll be finished if the wind doesn't change.
Yuuta(thought): What should I do...
Yuuta(thought): What should I do...
Yuuta(thought): What should I do...
Yuuta(thought): What can I do to...
Maoka(thought): He's too tense from pressure...
He won't jump well like that.
Mikage: What's with this...
Mikage: Even if a timing of 0.01 seconds is up to the jumper...
Mikage: He can't control the wind no matter how hard he works!!
Mikage: So it depends on luck!?
Mikage: What's wrong with this sport!?

Page 8
Kishitani: Nonomiya!!
Kishitani: Do your best!!
Yoda: ...
Mikage: Huh?
Man: ...
Kishitani(thought): Ow~~~~
Man: ...
Sasamiya(thought): He's so desperate...
Sasamiya(thought): Even though it's hopeless for them already...
Kishitani(thought): ...
Kishitani(thought): What am I doing...
Kishitani(thought): If Nonomiya tries her best...
Kishitani(thought): I may end up dead...
Kishitani(thought): But...
Kishitani: Nonomiya---!!

Page 9
Kishitani: Nonomiya, do your best!!
Kishitani: You love ski jumping, don't you!?
Kishitani: Are you going to let it all end without doing a real jump even once!?
Yuuta: ...Kishitani...
Yuuta(thought): That's right.
Yuuta(thought): I forgot...
Yuuta(thought): Nonomiya...
Yuuta(thought): Is relaxed now...
Gobou: No good, Nonomiya!!
Go now!!

Page 10
Yuuta(thought): Change... change...
Yuuta(thought): Change... change...
Yuuta(thought): Please!!
Yuuta(thought): I can't jump far without a head wind!!
Yuuta: That's why...
Yuuta: Wind, change!!

Page 11
Yuuta(thought): Don't blame it on the wind.
Yuuta: !?
Yuuta(thought): You should already know.
Yuuta(thought): Ski jumping isn't determined by luck.
Yuuta: who is it!?
Yuuta(thought): Only he weak ones are influenced by the wind.
Yuuta(thought): So the strong ones always stay strong.
Yuuta(thought): Do you know why?

Page 12
Yuuta(thought): Wind,
Yuuta(thought): Blows for the strong.
Nono: Brother!!

Page 13
Yuuta(thought): Nono, you remembered fear in your jump before.
Yuuta(thought): That is very important for ski jumpers.
Yuuta(thought): But fear is only part of the process.
Yuuta(thought): What's important is conquering it...
Yuuta(thought): Strength,
Yuuta(thought): Is overcoming all difficulties and believing in yourself.
Yuuta(thought): Nono, do you believe in yourself?
Yuuta(thought): The you who can conquer your own fears.

Page 14
Nono: That goes without saying!!
Maoka: !?
Maoka: The wind changed!!
Yoda: ...The wind blows for the strong.
Yoda: Has it accepted Nonomiya?

Page 15
Yuuta(thought): A ski jumping god,
Yuuta(thought): Exists somewhere in this world---
Yuuta(thought): I will overcome all adversity!!
Amatsu: "Nonomiya."
Amatsu: "Why are you doing this sport?"
Yuuta(thought): It's because---

Page 16

Page 17
I love ski jumping.

Page 18
Maoka(thought): No!!
Maoka(thought): That's not Nonomiya Yuuta!!
Mikage: Yuuta---!!
Kishitani: Go!!

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