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Gokukoku no Brynhildr 6


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Mar 2, 2012 06:55 | Go to Gokukoku no Brynhildr

-> RTS Page for Gokukoku no Brynhildr 6

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Text: I'm not scared of dying.
Text: That's what I thought.
Chapter 6: Medicine

Page 2
Neko: ...
Neko: Huh?
Neko: What do you mean?
Neko: How can things work out if all the pills were burnt...
Ryouta: This medicine is available in the research lab that you were in.
But you don't know where it is...
Ryouta: And even if you do know the place, I'm sure they have counter-measures for your magic, so you'll be caught for sure.
Ryouta: Isn't that right?
Neko: ...
Ryouta: Then we'll just get some from another place.
Neko: Huh!?
Text: Not much time is left...! What's his plan...!?

Page 3
Ryouta: From the maker of this medicine.
Neko: ...
Neko: But it's not necessarily made outside, right?
It could be from within the research...
Ryouta: No.
Ryouta: They were made in Dresden Drug Manufacturing's Takayama Factory.
Neko: ...
Neko: How do you know that?
Ryouta: I just remembered.
Ryouta: The serial number on the pill.

Page 4
Ryouta: DR623G was written,
Ryouta: On the packaging.
Ryouta: The DR means Dresden Drug Manufacturing.
Ryouta: The numbers identify the type of drug.
Ryouta: And the G at the end is the factory name.
In the case of this maker, it would be Takayama Factory.
Neko: ...
Neko: Is it normal to know things like that?
Ryouta: No...
I just remembered it from the book on drugs that I read when mom was sick.
Ryouta: I'm...
Ryouta: Pretty confident when it comes to memory.
Ryouta: I read a book once and remember it word by word.
Ryouta: And I don't forget the scenery either.

Page 5
Ryouta: My mind captures what I see like a scanner, and everything in it gets stored into my brain.
Ryouta: It's not to your extent, but that's something of a special power for me.
Neko: ...
Neko: But when it comes to grades in school, isn't that like cheating?
Ryouta: No!!
That's part of my ability!
Ryouta: But no thanks to that...
Ryouta: I suffer because I can't forget when I want to.
Neko: ...
Neko: That's not suffering at all.
Ryouta: Huh?

Page 6
Neko: Forgetting even when you don't want to...
Neko: Is definitely more painful.
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: I guess that's true...
Kana: ...
Ryouta: The PC at the observatory is connected to the Internet, so let's look up the serial number there.
Ryouta: It would be nice if it's something that we can get with a prescription...
Ryouta: Geez, you're heavy...
Neko: Let's switch.
Ryouta: It's fine, she's really heavy.
Ryouta: But can't you use your powers and make her float?
Neko: Impossible.

Page 7
Neko: My magic can't affect people.
Neko: I can only break thing.
Neko: I've only had practice breaking really large objects, so I can't make fine adjustments either.
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: Now that you mention it...
Ryouta: You've only been destroying so far...
Neko: I actually can transmit power if I directly touch a person...
Neko: But I still can't adjust the fine details.
Ryouta: I see...
Ryouta: Hm?
Ryouta: Huh?
But when you won against me in arm-wrestling...
Neko: ...
Neko: I'm glad your arm didn't break.
Ryouta: You thought it would be fine if it does break!?

Page 8
No good...
Nothing comes up when I try searching the serial number.
It seems like we have no choice but to sneak in there after all.
I found out the location of the factory.
We can arrive there by train and then bus within today.
The research lab you're from must have heavy security...
But a normal factory is another story.
Even if there are guards, they'll be humans...
They have nothing to defend against your "magic".

Page 9
Ryouta: And worst-case scenario, you'll have to destroy the factory to get the medicine.
Ryouta: You can do that, right?
Neko: ...
Ryouta: Don't worry about it.
It's a case of Plank of Carneades.
Neko: What's that?
Ryouta: Criminal Law article 37, Necessity.
It's a law saying that murder can be justified when protecting one's own life.
Ryouta: Of course you won't kill anyone, but Kana's life in on the line as well.
If there's a way out, are you just going to die?
Kana: ...
Kana: Let's contact Kazumi-chan.
Ryouta: ...Kazumi-chan?
Neko: She ran away together with us.
Although she's acting alone so we don't get caught...
Ryouta: What kind of magic can she use?
Neko: Operating computers.

Page 10
Neko: Kazumi-chan can do anything when it comes to the Internet.
Neko: She was the one who got me into the school that you go to.
Neko: If we ask her, she may be able to disable the alarm system in the factory.
Neko: That way, we don't have to destroy the place.
Box: This is not a spy movie...
Box: I don't think it can be done so easily...
Kana: Although Kazumi-chan's price is pretty expensive.
Ryouta: Huh?
Taking money from friends? How heartless...
Neko: It's not money.
Neko: What she wants is the medicine.
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: Medicine?
Ryouta: That would make it exchanges of life...
Ryouta: That's even more heartless...
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: Wait, what?

Page 11
Ryouta: If so, in order to save me,
Ryouta: You gave up some of your life?
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: Why...
Did you do that...
Neko: We have to think about that?
Neko: If we can save a person's life in exchange for a few days,
Neko: Then that would be worth several times our lives.
Ryouta: ...
Kana: But this time, we don't have any to give to Kazumi-chan...
Neko: We have to somehow beg using the medicine that we'll get later.
Neko: cQCQ, Kazumi-chan, Kazumi-chan.
Neko: Please reply if you can hear me.
Kazumi: ...

Page 12
Kazumi: What do you want...
Kazumi: Can you not contact me so loosely?
It'll increase the risk of getting caught.
Neko: Kazumi-chan,
Neko: We have another computer request.
Kazumi: Huh? It's fine, but I require advance payment.
Neko: Sorry, I don't have any more.
Kazumi: ...
Kazumi: That's really too bad.
But I'm not volunteering either...
Neko: We're going to the factory.
Neko: In order to get some of the medicine.
Neko: The payment this time will come out of it.
Neko: The target is Dresden's Takayama Factory.
I would like you to disable the security system.
Kazumi: ...

Page 13
Kazumi: That sounds interesting.
Kazumi: I'll help you.
Kazumi: In exchange, I want half.
Ryouta: Huh!?
Ryouta: You're being a bit too greedy!!
Kazumi: Wha...
Who's this!?
Kazumi: Neko!! Kana!! Don't tell me...
Kazumi: You got a human involved!?
Kazumi: Do you understand the situation!?
Kazumi: The fact that he'll really be killed!?
Neko: ...
Kana: ...

Page 14
Ryouta: I understand.
Neko: ...
Kazumi: ...
Well, it's fine if you do.
Kazumi: And it's not like it actually concerns me.
Ryouta: But that aside, can you really disable the security system?
Kazumi: Yeah, mostly.
Kazumi: Dresden Drug Manufacturing's Takayama Factory huh...
It's a pretty new one. Everything is controlled from the security room.
Kazumi: It should be relatively easy to hijack.
Ryouta: How can you do that?
It can't be something that's so easily hacked.
Kazumi: Hahaha!
It would be impossible for a human.
Kazumi: But I'm a magic user you know?
I'm unaffected by human security.
Kazumi: I can decipher the encryption key with ease.
Box: Key?
Box: Encryption...

Page 15
Ryouta: Could it be,
Ryouta: That you can do prime factor decompositions?
Kazumi: Wow~
Kazumi: You sure know your stuff.
Neko: ...What does that mean?
Ryouta: Obviously, the net is pretty secure.
The encryption key consists of a huge prime number.
Ryouta: No matter what kind of computer you use...
Prime factor decomposition takes an enormous amount of time, so that's how the security works.
Ryouta: In reality, the 1024 bit prime numbers used nowadays for encryption...
Will take several decades to calculate even when you connect several military-use super computers.
Ryouta: But if you can do prime factor decomposition,
Then the security will become completely useless.
Neko: I...I see.
Kazumi: And I can do that kind of calculations.
Kazumi: Because I'm a magic user.

Page 16
Kazumi: Well, it does actually require a bit of labor,
Kazumi: But security is pretty much meaningless to me.
Ryouta: ...
Box: I see...
Box: Just a few of these magic users...
Could completely disable what humans consider security...
Box: If their existence is known, that would cause a great public unrest...
Box: And that's why those people don't want them outside...
Ryouta(thought): They're pretty much...
Ryouta(thought): Like real magicians...
Kana: Neko, run!!
Neko: Huh?

Page 17
Kana: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
Ryouta: What's wrong?
Neko: It's a foresight!!
Kana-chan!! What did you see!?
Kana: Neko...
Kana: Neko...
Gets killed...
Neko: !?
Kana: Her body,
Gets severed in half...
Kana: Neko...!!
Kana: You can't go to the factory!!

Page 18
Man: There are traces of a search on the serial number of the drug.
Man: And from the same IP address, a search was also done on the Dresden factory.
Man: ...
Man: So they got caught in my net.
Man: From where?
Man: In addition to the IP being hidden, there are traces of it going through several anonymous proxies overseas.
We can't find out right away.
Man: ...Oh well.
Man: It's fine as long as we deal with the situation.
Man: Time to sortie, Number 6001.

Page 19
Man: Make sure you eliminate the runaways.
Man: Otherwise, you'll be the one to die.
Text: Evil omen...!
6001: Understood.

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