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Nononono 129

More and Farther

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Mar 2, 2012 08:15 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 129

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 129: More and Farther
Sagasaki: Huh!?
Maoka(thought): ...
Maoka(thought): There's no doubt...

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4
Muramatsu: He went past the K point!!
Yoda: No good!!

Page 5
Yoda: There's not enough height!!
Yoda: 115 meters is needed to turn things around!!
Yoda: But he's going to drop before HS!!
Sasamiya: Obviously!!
Sasamiya: Don't take 7 levels of gate change lightly!!
Sasamiya: Just look at Nonomiya's speed!!
Sasamiya: As if he can get past HS with that!!

Page 6
That's right...
I remember now...

Page 7
My middle school days when I couldn't ski jump even when I wanted to---
The feeling when I secretly jumped in the middle of the night---
The distance didn't matter.
I wanted to jump more and feel the wind.
It felt nice...
I wanted that time to last forever---
"I envy you."
"You really do love ski jumping."

Page 8
Yuuta(thought): It's here!!
Negita: !?
Kishitani: The boards have lifted!!
Kishitani: It's a head wind!!

Page 9
Kishitani: He went past HS!!
Sasamiya: Seriously!?
Sasamiya: There's still height left!!
Itou: He can still go on...
Sagasaki: Even so, he can't stand up!!
Sagasaki: From that!!
Mikage: Don't fall, Yuuta!!
Mikage: Please!!

Page 10
Both: Huh!?
Sasamiya: ...
Sasamiya: ...No way...
Sagasaki: Unbelievable.
Sagasaki: He should have fallen...

Page 11
Sagasaki: He landed a telemark?
Yoda: A telemark...
Yoda: On a slopeless surface...
Yoda(thought): It's the same...
Yoda(thought): As when I first met Nonomiya...
Ken: ...They're still not announcing his distance...
Ken: Just how far did Nonomiya-kun jump?
Ken: The longest distance so far for today...
Ken: Is Emperor's 121.5 meters...
Speaker: The distance is---

Page 12
123 meters!!

Page 13
Yuuta: Hah!!
Yuuta: Hah!!
Sasamiya: ...Someone like that...
Sasamiya: Beat even Terashi and Shiriya?
Asami: ...
Negita: No way...
Guy: Longest distance...
Guy: Just how many times are they renewing the Bakken record today...
Girl: I saw it, I saw it!!
Girl: Isn't he amazing!?

Page 14
Girl: Who'd thought someone with such a girly face would jump so far...
Mikage: Yuuta...
Mikage: You did well...
Emperor: That bastard...
Emperor: Who told him to beat my record?
Kishitani: ...
Kishtiani: You did it, Nonomiya.

Page 15
Sagasaki: No...I tried my best too...
Having to bare my chest...
Yoda: Nonomiya is good at grasping the air in the sky.
Yoda: And in addition, the wind was good.
Yoda: Even when he landed on the gentle part of the slope...
His weight is about half of Terashi's or Shiriya's, so the impact on the body is much less.
Yoda: That's why he also didn't fall.
Yoda: A miraculous...
Yoda: And perfect jump.
Mikage: Yuuta!! You did it!!
Yuuta: Ah, Kourogi...
Mikage: ...What.
What's with the long face?
Yuuta: Huh?

Page 16
Yuuta: I dropped down to the ground...
Mikage: Huh?
Yuuta: I wanted to...
Yuuta: Go farther than that...
Yuuta: I want to do it over...
Everyone: ...
Everyone: ...
Sasamiya(thought): He is...
Sagasaki(thought): On a completely different level from the rest of us...

Page 17
Aya: Ken-chan...
Itou: ...
Asami: What a pain...
Asami: This was unexpected.
Guy: What's with him...
Guy: He can probably make it to the Olympics already.
Kishitani(thought): ...If she were a guy.
Kishitani(thought): And now...
Kishitani(thought): There's no way I can avoid the jump now...

Page 18
There's no mistake...
I know because I've always chased after Nono...
Nono... That's...
Definitely Nono...
Nono is alive...

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