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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Blood Alone 34.3

Fight For Your Mind Part 3

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Mar 7, 2012 08:19 | Go to Blood Alone

-> RTS Page for Blood Alone 34.3

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

K stands for Kuroe, M for Misaki.

Page 1
Okita: Shinjou...san?
Okita: To think...that it was really you---
Shinjou: ...
Okita: Did you also kill the suspects and trap Sainome-san---

Page 2
Shinjou: ...It's as you say. I did all that.
Okita: ---!?
Shinjou: So what?
Okita: So what, you say...
Don't you realize what you did---!?
Shinjou: Don't you think you're directing your anger toward the wrong person?
Okita: ...?

Page 3
Shinjou: Just take a look at the deeds of the ones I got rid of.
Are those the actions of human beings?
Shinjou: All I did was to punish them for their crimes,
And prevent future tragedies before they happen.
Okita: Wha...!?
Shinjou: Am I wrong?
Okita: Y...you shouldn't be the one...
Okita: To judge...them.
Shinjou: You're not getting it.

Page 4
Shinjou: I've been watching the likes of them for a long time... They repeatedly commit crimes like it's just a game.
Shinjou: And there are those who get lucky and are released back to society, but without atoning for what they did.
Shinjou: Killing and plundering whomever they please.
Shinjou: How can they be anything but evil?
Okita: E...even so,
Okita: When you do that...you are no different...
Shinjou: You're wrong.
Shinjou: Those people have no faith,
Shinjou: Resolution, or morals.
Shinjou: ---But I'm different.

Page 5
Shinjou: I have THAT.
Okita: But just because you---
Shinjou: ...I'm the executer of justice that people wish for.
Okita: ...!!

Page 6
Shinjou: Let's see...
Shinjou: I'll give it some thought if you would follow me.
Shinjou: To save the woman that you're so worried about.
Shinjou: What will you do?
Okita: ...
Okita: I can't...
Okita: ...Believe it.

Page 7
Okita: The way you're going about it...is wrong.
Shinjou: ...
Shinjou: Is that so.
Shinjou: ...Too bad, but I guess it's time to put it to an end.

Page 8
Okita: Wh...what are you---!?
Shinjou: A confused officer opens fire inside the station.
Shinjou: When he comes to, he commits suicide with a pistol.
Shinjou: The plot is something out of a crappy novel, but it'll do...
Okita: ---!!

Page 9
Shinjou: Stop?
Shinjou: It's not me.
You'll be doing it.
Okita: ...!?
Shinjou: How do you think I've been getting rid of those criminals?
Okita: ...!?

Page 10
Okita: Wha...What!?
Okita: What did you do---!?
Shinjou: Hold it up.
Okita: Wha...!?
K: Akita!?
What happened!?

Page 11
Shinjou: I'll open the door now.
Shinjou: When the man comes in, you'll shoot him.
Shinjou: Killing innocent people is...not good.
Shinjou: I won't dirty my hands.
You're going to do it for me.
Okita: ---!!

Page 12
Okita: Wha...
Okita: What about Sainome-san?
Shinjou: She's a hindrance to me...
Shinjou: Her ability is annoying.
Okita: ...!!
Shinjou: ...Same with you.

Page 13
We have the same type of ability.
If you trained more, you could have become like me.
It's too bad...

Page 14
Shinjou: This is goodbye---
Okita(thought): Think about the charm!!
Okita(thought): I'll save Sainome!!

Page 15

Page 16
Different...from you.

Page 17
Okita: ...!!
K: ---!

Page 18
What was that...!?

Page 19
...Are you alright?

Page 20
Okita: ...
The acting chief disappeared...
Okita: Just...where did reality end,
And illusions begin---

Page 21
Sainome is back...
This time, it's your win...

Page 22
But I---

Page 23

Page 24

Le omake~

Page 1
M: Wah- snow!!
M: It's snow, Kuroe!!
K: Snow?
M: Look!!

Page 2
K: No wonder it was so cold.
M: Would it build up?
K: I wonder about that...
Even if the snow does, it'll probably melt by noon.
M: So it's not going to happen...?
M: It would be nice if it does...
M: A snowy night is so mysterious...
M: Everything is so quiet, as if everyone is asleep.

Page 3
K: Well, there would be less people out too because it's cold.
M: When you open the window at dawn, everything is silver outside.
The snow sparkles in the morning light, and it feels like a completely different world.
M: Everyone outside appears to be strangers...
K: I see people falling down while wearing leather shoes or heels.
M: ...

Page 4
M: Geez, you have no emotions even though you're a writer-
K: People become realistic when they become adults.
M: Even you were happy about snow in the morning when you were young, right?
K: I guess...
K: I did participate in snowball fights and made snowmen on the way back from school---
M: Snowman!!
M: I want to make a really big one!!
M: About the same height as me!!

Page 5
K: That's a bit...
Not unless you got a snowy place.
M: I guess it's good...
M: Sigh...I really hope there's still some left by the time I wake up.
K: ...

Page 6
K: Morning, Misaki.
M: Morni...but you're still awake, Kuroe?
K: Yeah...I have a bit of work.
M: Is that so...
M: Oh...that's right!!
What about the snow!?
K: A bit built up, but it melted after the sun came out.
M: I see. That's too bad...
K: ...I'll go get some sleep now.
M: Good night.

Page 7
K: ...Oh yeah, there's something good in the freezer.
M: Freezer?
M(thought): Kuroe...

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