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Radio Heads 2

Positivism and Shame

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Mar 8, 2012 06:30 | Go to Radio Heads

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Reserved for Lazy Ass Scans. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1

Page 2
Togawa: Hey, stop that-!!!
Togawa: What the hell are you doing, Kido!?
Togawa: I told it's not THAT kind of robot!!
Kido: But aren't you using this to masturbate anyway?
Togawa: What!?
Guy: And he won't even let us touch it...
Guy: But I guess...
Togawa: This is the result of my love!
Togawa: Unfn fai...(And I...)
Guy: The president likes it as well---

Page 3
Chapter 3: Positivism and Shame

Page 4
Guy: Compared with what he said that time, though...
Guy: Well~ After all, I guess that's a virgin for you...
Kido: To be honest, the rubbing felt average <3

Page 5
Togawa: Hey Kido,
Right now it's time to do work for Robot Con...
Kido: I have confidence that I can make it...
Kido: The stuff that you can't...
Kido: Tits that are better than the real thing...
Kido: The ultimate tits!!
Text: *Kiwagawa #2 has been carefully camouflaged!
Togowa: What the, Kido!?
Togowa: I told you I'm not interested in that kind of stuff!!
And if you have time to loaf around...
Girl: Th-that's right. For a girl to say "tits" is a bit...
Kido: Geez~ You're such a sore loser...

Page 6
Kido: Even though you actually like it <3
Togawa: That reminds me, I do like studying elasticity...
Guy: Young's modulus is pretty nice.
TN: Young's modulus is a measure of elasticity.
Shishio: Geez---everyone, let's start club activities already!!
Togawa: Nah, Shishio-san, I was kidding!
In reality, I'm not that---
Shishio: What are you saying, president!?
Kido: Hey now, senpai <3
Kido: There's only one thing---

Page 7
Togawa: No, it's no good----!!!
Togawa: There's no way we'll be doing any peeping---!!!
Tagami: Why not?
Togawa: What's wrong with you, you perverted bastard!?

Page 8
Tagami: But without any data, building real breasts...
Togawa: Wha~~~t, that's dirty!!
Togawa: Bastard, we're not talking about 2D that you like so much...
Kido: That's the problem?
Togawa: If they find out, it's straight to the police cell for us!!
Togawa: Definitely not!! I won't allow any peeping!!
Kido: Like I thought, he's jealous of my idea...
Guy: I don't think that's it.
Togawa: Anyway, no peeping at all!!

Page 9
Shishio: And well...
They were getting all worked up about something like peeping---
Shishio: Let's do something about it, Kitagawa-sensei!!

Page 10
Kitagawa: Well...
Kitagawa: I think it's fine.
Shishio: Huh!? Wait---
Kitagawa: Well...I don't think it's a big deal.
Kitagawa: It's not like they're causing trouble for anyone.
Kitagawa: And---what about it, Shishio...
Kitagawa: How will they go about peeping?

Page 11
Shishio: What are you saying, sensei!?
Shishio: It's peeping! Peeping!!
Shishio: And the students here are mostly male, so...
Kitagawa: But they don't get many chances...
Kitagawa: N...no, that's wrong, sensei!!
Tagami: Calm down, pervert.
Togawa: That coming from you!?
Kitagawa: Ah~ Sorry, sorry! That's not what I meant...

Page 12
Kitagawa: They're going to make something weird again, right?
Kitagawa: So it's going to be interesting, right?
Shishio: But they're making too strong of impressions...
Kitagawa: In a way, it would bring them prestige!!
Kitagawa: But...it's not like I want to be peeked at...
Kitagawa: Oh! That's right!!

Page 13
Kitagawa: For this kind of occasion---
Shishio: Wait, sensei---!
SFX: *Tap tap tap*
Shishio(thought): Geez~ Seriously...
Shishio(thought): She really likes it too...
Teacher: Therefore, the 5th-years will---

Page 14
Togawa: !
Togawa(thought): Geez, who is it!?
SFX: *Press press*
Togawa(thought): Sending me a text during class...
2011 9/1
Regarding Boob-Con
Information regarding the 1st Ozu Technical School Boobs-peeping Contest (aka Boob-con).

During the season when breasts become ripe, how is everyone

Page 15
Everyone: A boob-peeping contest!!?
Guy: A...also known as Boob-Con!!?
Guy: T...to see sensei's boobs...
Guy: The ones who make a machine that can best peep on her breasts will win!!?
Guy: The only rule is to use a machine!!
Kido: Oh...
Guy: There are no rules as to how the peeping will be done...
Shishio: ...
Guy: And the one who created this event...

Page 16
Guy: Is none other than Kitagawa-sensei herself!!?
Kitagawa: The right hand rule!!
TN: The hand gesture that's like the right hand rule in physics.
Guy: In order to have incentive for creation...
Guy: We need something like this after all!!
Guy: And the bad policies of JABEE is...
TN: JABEE = Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education

Page 17
Togawa: Kitagawa-sensei...
Togawa: Why...
Togawa: why did you do something like that!?
Togawa: We'll make enemies of most of the students!!
Togawa: Even if you're the sensei---
Kitagawa: Well...

Page 18
It's because I thought that you would protect me.

Page 19
Of course!!!
I just need to beat everyone...
I will definitely protect you, sensei!!

Page 20
Box: And...
Box: With all kinds of anticipation...
Box: The signal gun for Boob-Con has been fired.
Guy: The atmosphere has shaken...
Guy: President...

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#1. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2012
thank almighty... :P
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