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Nononono 130


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Mar 11, 2012 09:53 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 130

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Maoka: ...
Maoka: It's Nono...
Chapter 130: Alive
Maoka(thought): No mistake...
Maoka(thought): That's her...

Page 2
Maoka(thought): Nono...
Maoka(thought): Is still alive...
Maoka(thought): Nono...
Man: Hey, the signal is yellow now.
Man: Hurry up and sit on the gate.

Page 3
Sasamiya: ...What's wrong with you, Maoka.
Sasamiya: You even have a good wind...
Sasamiya: What are you doing!?
You'll be disqualified!!

Page 4
Kishitani(thought): Please...
Kishitani(thought): If he gets to to HS or something, I won't be able to catch up...
Kishitani(thought): Fail the jump!!
Sasamiya: Impossible.
Sasamiya: Maoka as never ever failed in a competition jump.

Page 5
Maoka(thought): I...
Maoka(thought): Placed second again...
Boy: This guy was unbeatable before...
But he's losing to a girl who's younger.
Maoka: Shut up!
Maoka: She's...
Not a normal girl!!
Maoka(thought): I'll definitely win the next time!!
Maoka: I'm 1st year group B, Maoka Mamoru.
My goal is to beat a certain girl.
Guy: Girl?
Guy: ...Just do it then.
Guy: You were number on in middle school...
Guy: Usually people have the Olympics or something as a goal.
Guy: If it's a girl, just beat her in naked wrestling.
Guy: Hahahahahaha!!

Page 6
Maoka: Nonomiya is stronger than all of you.
Guy: Huh?
Sasamiya: Hey!!
Guy: ...
Guy: Then bring her here.
Maoka: That's impossible.
Maoka: She already stopped with ski jumping.
Maoka: But I'm sure she'll be back.
Maoka: Someone with that much talent can't possibly keep away from the sport.
Guy: But...
Guy: It's a girl we're talking about.
Maoka(thought): ...
Maoka(thought): Trying to convince them is useless...
Maoka(thought): But I'm sure,
Maoka(thought): They'll find out just how right I am.

Page 7
Maoka: Dead?
Maoka(thought): Nono...
Maoka(thought): It can't be... it can't be...
Maoka(thought): How can someone so talented die without doing ski jumping again...
Maoka: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
Maoka(thought): I will have lost to her----
Maoka(thought): For the rest of my life-------!!
Maoka(thought): But------

Page 8
Maoka(thought): Nono is still alive!!
Maoka(thought): She amazing, just as I thought!!
Maoka(thought): With such a small body, she can beat even Shiriya or Terashi!!
Maoka(thought): I did not misjudge her when I was young!!
Sasamiya: Huh!?

Page 9

Page 10
Kishitani: Ah...!
Yuuta: Maoka-san!!
Sasamiya: Wha...
Sasamiya: Wha...
Yoda: He suddenly dived!!
Mikage: What's happening!?

Page 11
Yoda: It means it's a failed jump!!
Muramatsu: Oops!!
Muramatsu: He dropped down pretty quickly...
Muramatsu: And he slid down for quite a while-
Sasamiya: ...
Sasamiya: That bastard...

Page 12
Speaker: 83 meters!!
Itou: ...The winner of last year's IH...
Asami: Landed way before even the K point...
Asami: Just what happened?
Sasamiya: Maoka...
Sasamiya: Why did you screw up!?
Sasamiya: It's no laughing matter!!
Maoka: Nonomiya...
Yuuta: Maoka-san...

Page 13
Maoka: I was completely deceived by you.
Yuuta: Huh?
Maoka: Your sister is gone?
Maoka: Nono is dead?
Maoka: But I see that she's still alive right now.
Yuuta: ...
Muramatsu: What's he talking about?
Yoda: Who knows...
Yoda(thought): Could it be that Maoka has noticed!?
Maoka: I know because I have always watched Nono from behind.
Maoka: There's no way Yuuta can jump like that.
Maoka: But you went far and beyond.
Maoka: In other words...

Page 14
Maoka: Nono is...
Maoka: Living inside of you.
Maoka: I don't know what painful things you had to go through.
Maoka: It doesn't matter what form you are living in.
Maoka(thought): I---
Maoka(thought): Can see Nono---
Maoka: Just you wait, Nonomiya Yuuta.
Maoka: I will win next time.

Page 15
Maoka(thought): I have a chance,
Maoka(thought): To win against you now!!
Yoda: Did he find out?
Yuuta: Probably...
But it's fine.
Yuuta: He's chasing after the same dream as me...
Yuuta: Huh!?
Yuuta: Wha...
Kishitani: Look!!
Kishitani: Nonomiya!!

Page 16
Kishitani: We're at the top now!!
Guy: Seriously!?
Guy: Ooh!?
Guy: Wow!!
Guy: Wasn't Okushin 5th place in the first round?
Guy: They closed a gap of 30 meters now!!
Sasamiya: We...
Sasamiya: Dropped to 2nd place?
Kishitani: We did it, Nonomiya!!
Kishitani: We're first place!!

Page 17
Yuuta: ...
Yuuta: Yeah.
Kishitani(thought): finally smiling...
Yuuta: The relief...
Yuuta: Is making me sleepy...
Kishitani: Huh!?
Kishitani: ...
Kishitani(thought): She used up all of her energy!!
Mikage: Yay, yay!!
Mikage: We're top now!!
Ken: Y...yes!!
Ken(thought): Our hands...!!
Emperor: It's no time to celebrate now.
Both: Huh!?
Emperor: It's only a lead of 14 meters.
Don't you get it?

Page 18
Emperor: The ones going last are Terashi and Kishitani you know.
Mikage: Huh!?
Ken: Ah...!
Emperor: Terashi jumped 121 meters...
While Kishitani got 67 meters...
Kishitani: ...
Kishitani: I'll give it my best...

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