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Gokukoku no Brynhildr 8


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Mar 15, 2012 01:45 | Go to Gokukoku no Brynhildr

-> RTS Page for Gokukoku no Brynhildr 8

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Text: The mission begins! What awaits Neko is "death"...!!
Kana: No...
Kana: It's no good...
Chapter 8: Prayer
Kazumi: ...What is?
Kana: I don't see a new foresight...
Kana: If this keeps up, Neko will die...
Kana: !?
Kana: It can't be...
That from the beginning...
Saori: Hahaha!! To think that you entered from the front!!
Saori: You really are stupid!!
Neko: !?

Page 2
Saori: It's been a while,
Saori: Neko.
Saori: Possessing the strongest power...
Saori: And yet not able to kill. What a useless magic user.
Saori: I'll carve you up.
Neko: ...
Ryouta: That idiot...

Page 3
TN: Her letter is written using zero kanji. Also, the sentences are of typical lower elementary school level.
Letter: Saori-chan is really strong. Please do not get near her. She will kill you for sure. It's definitely impossible to quietly push her button from behind.
Box: Our purpose is to get the medicine. It's not to beat up Saori-chan.
Box: And Saori-chan's purpose is to kill magic users. Is it not to kill you.
Box: I will make a big sound to get Saori-chan's attention.
You should use the time to find the medicine and run away.
Box: Please do not come help me.
Instead, please go help Kana-chan and Kazumi-chan.
Letter: If my life can be used to help Kana-chan and Kazumi-chan, my life will be worth twice more.
Box: I will be happier that way.
Box: So please listen to me.
Ryouta: ...

Page 4
Ryouta: She's...
Ryouta: Planning to be the decoy and die by herself...
Neko: This person's is not going to die?
Neko: Then it's fine. I'm sure the plan will go well.
Box: She was...planning that since the start...
Box: To have only me...run away with the medicine...
Box: It's just as she says.
Kuroha will lure away the enemy so I can find the medicine and take them back.
Box: If I do that, I will certainly save Kana and Kazumi...
Box: But if I go help her, then we both may end up dead...
Box: And those two would die as well...
Box: There's no doubt.
Box: I should leave Kuroha behind and run away with the medicine in hand.
Box: But...

Page 5
Ryouta(thought): As if I can do that!!
Ryouta(thought): I just need to get behind the enemy and press the button on her neck!!
Ryouta(thought): That'll solve everything!
Kana: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
Kazumi: Wha...what is it...?
Kazumi: What's wrong...?
Kana: The foresight changed!
Kana: That...
Murakami guy will die too...!!
Kana: No!!
Kana: Everyone will be killed!!

Page 6
Neko: Stop it! Why do we have to kill each other?
Saori: Kill each other?
Don't say something so stupid.
Saori: This is my one-sided slaughter.
Saori: It's not like you can ever kill me, you know?
All you can do is break things.
Saori: If I don't kill...
Saori: I'll be the one killed.
Neko: ...
Neko: Beacon...

Page 7
Take this...!

Page 8
It's no use.

Page 9
Saori: There's nothing I can't cut up.
Box: It's fine if I get killed.
Box: But...
Box: Until he finds the medicine...
Box: I have to keep her occupied...!!
Ryouta: Over there!!
Neko: Ah...!

Page 10
Neko: Ah...!
Neko: Ooh...
Neko: I can't get up...
Saori: Aha...
Saori: Could it be that you can't run anymore?
Neko: Take this!!
Saori: Tch!!

Page 11
Neko: !?
Saori: Aha!! Ahahahaha!!!
Saori: You've hung up!!
Saori: Seems like you can't use magic anymore!!
Saori: And it was puny magic at that...
Saori: How unlucky, Neko!! You don't have enough blood, do you!?
It must be tough for runaways with no medicine!
Neko: ...
Box: There they are!
Box: So she...
Box: Is the enemy!!
Box: ...
Box: Huh!?

Page 12
Box: Why...
Box: She didn't have them before...
Ryouta(thought): Those are...
Ryouta(thought): Kuroneko's moles!!
Ryouta(thought): ...Damn it!!
Ryouta(thought): Why didn't I notice something so simple before!?
Ryouta(thought): Because of her body growth...
Ryouta(thought): Her moles have simply shifted over a little bit!!
Ryouta(thought): Look...
Ryouta(thought): She's Kuroneko after all...

Page 13
Ryouta(thought): I'm so glad...Kuroneko...
Ryouta(thought): Is still alive...
Box: ...What am I, stupid!?
Box: Now's not the time to get sentimental!!
Box: Calm down!!
Helping Kuroneko comes first!
Box: Find something that can be a weapon...
Box: I don't know what kind of tool this is...
Box: But it's better than going in empty-handed...
Box: ...
Box: Kuroneko...
Box: How come...
Box: You don't remember about me...?

Page 14
Kana: Don't make Neko use too much magic...
Kana: She'll lose something very important to her...
Ryouta: !?
Neko: Forgetting things that you don't want to forget...
Neko: Is much more sad.
Box: I see...
Box: The important thing that she loses is...
Box: Her memories...
Box: Kuroneko...
Loses her memories when she uses magic...
Box: That's what it's about...
Box: Now everything makes sense...
Box: It doesn't matter that she forgot about me.
Box: She doesn't have to remember.

Page 15
Ryouta(thought): From now on...
Ryouta(thought): We can just create new memories!!
Ryouta(thought): Don't get any closer,
Ryouta(thought): To Kuroneko!!
Neko: !?
Saori: What? Begging for your life?
Saori: It's no good.
Neko(thought): Stupid... why did you come...
Neko(thought): Run away...
Neko(thought): Please...

Page 16

Page 17
How foolish of her...

Page 18
Text: Despair...!
Ryouta(thought): I lost Kuroneko...
Ryouta(thought): Once again...!!!

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