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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Nononono 131

The Melancholy of Kishitani Hiroki

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Mar 20, 2012 16:08 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 131

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Emperor: Kishitani.
Emperor: I hope you get it.
Chapter 131: The Melancholy of Kishitani Hiroki
Emperor: Your life that weighs less than a feather...
Emperor: Is much less important than winning at this inter high.
Emperor: Just try to do another one of your screwed-up jumps like in round one.
Emperor: If you do that I'll kill you.
Kishitani: ...
Kishitani: I know!!
Kishitani(thought): Die!!

Page 2
Speaker: The last group---
Speaker: Will begin in 20 minutes.
Old man: Kiyoshi.
Emperor: Ah?
Emperor: If it isn't father...
Komachi: Brother!!
Emperor: Thank you for coming all this way out here.
Old man: I used to go to ski jumping hills a lot.
Together with my brother.
Old man: It seems like your school is at first place.
Emperor: Yes, but there is still one group remaining.
Old man: Kiyoshi.
Old man: I'm sure you already know, but...

Page 3
Old man: If you can't win at this competition here,
Old man: Then I will have you stop ski jumping by today.
Old man: If you can't even manage to win at a high school level,
Nothing will come of you doing it professionally.
Old man: As my son, you will have to succeed me.
Old man: Don't think that your time is unlimited.
I will have you completely give up on the sport and send you to an university in Tokyo with my influence.
Emperor: I know.
I've heard that many times already.
Old man: However, you've broken a promise once before.
So I need you to take another vow,
Old man: That you will stop ski jumping if you don't win today.
Emperor: I swear.
If I don't win today, I will give up ski jumping.

Page 4
Komachi: Nonomiya-sama!!
Yuuta: Nn...?
Komachi: It has been a while!!
Komachi: Nonomiya-sama----!!
Yuuta: Um...you're...
Yuuta(thought): Frills...I'm so jealous...
Komachi: It's Shiriya!! I'm Shiriya Komachi!!
Mikage: Oh yeah...thought I've seen you before. The pervert's sister huh.
Komachi: Brother is not a pervert!!
Komachi: Ah...
Komachi: You must be Kishitani, the anchor.
Kishitani: Huh?
Kishtiani(thought): Why is she being so casual...?
TN: Since they're not close, calling him without "san" can be kind of rude.
Komachi: Um...
Komachi: Please give it your best in the next jump.
Kishitani: What?

Page 5
Komachi: If brother doesn't win today...
Komachi: Then he has no choice but to give up on ski jumping...
Kishitani: !?
Kishitani(thought): Now that she mentions it, oh yeah...
Komachi: Just now he had to renew his promise with father.
He can't break a vow now.
Komachi: But he also made a promise with his dead friend...
And swore to go to the Olympics.
Komachi: Even now, he has the pendant made from the friend's ski boards...
And carries it with him wherever he goes.
Komachi: I beg you...
Komachi: Everything hangs in the balance with your next jump...
Kishitani: Ok...
Komachi: If you fail the next jump, everything will be over.
Both: ...

Page 6
Komachi: Please, if you could somehow...
Everyone(thought): This girl's really putting on some pressure...
Kishitani: ...
Kishitani: Well...
Kishitani: I'll give it my absolute best.
Kishitani: Hah.
Kishitani: Hah.
Kishitani: ...
Kishitani: Ow...
Kishitani: Damn...
Kishitani: It won't stop bleeding at all...

Page 7
Kishitani(thought): I forgot about it...
Kishitani(thought): How Emperor has to give up on the sport if we don't win...
Emperor: Winning at this inter high...
Emperor: Is far more important than your life.
Kishitani(thought): So that's why he said something like that...
Kishitani(thought): Damn it!!
Kishitani(thought): If I do a miracle jump, then that damned Anal would be happy too...
Kishitani(thought): What a killjoy...
Kishitani: Ow...
Kishitani: Oo...this is bad...
Kishitani: Not to mention a jump, even standing up is painful...
Kishitani: Hah...this sucks...
Emperor: Oi.

Page 8
Kishitani: !?
Kishitani: ...
Kishitani: Emperor!?
Emperor: ...
Emperor: You...

Page 9
Emperor: What's with that injury...
Kishitani: It...
Kishitani: It's nothing!!
Kishitani: I can jump no problem!!
Emperor: That kind of injury...are you insulting me...?
Kishitani: I know!!
Kishitani: If we lose today, you'll have to give up ski jumping, right!?
That's why I will bear with the pain and do it!!
Kishitani: Although...it's not like I can win against Terashi-san...
Emperor: ...
Kishitani: But if I don't go at all, then we'll lose for sure!!
Kishitani: I apologize for hiding my injury!!
But I will give it my all!!
Kishitani: I'll make sure that if I die, I'll die after going over the fall line!!
Kishitani: So please, allow me to go!!
Emperor: ...Alright.

Page 10
Emperor: We'll forfeit.
Kishitani: Huh?
Emperor: We're forfeiting from this competition.
Kishitani: ...
Kishitani: Forfeit?
Kishitani: ...
Kishitani: Why...
Kishitani: But isn't that giving up?
Kishitani: On winning...

Page 11
Kishitani: On ski jumping.
Emperor: That's right.
Kishitani: But like I said, I'll do it!!
Kishitani: Didn't you promise to go to the Olympics!?
Kishitani: If I just make a jump...
Kishitani: Terashi may fail his from the depression of losing to you, and we could win!!
Kishitani: We may not win...
Kishitani: But if I don't go at all, then the probability is zero!!
Kishitani: Why are you being so timid about it!?
Emperor: If we do that...

Page 12
Emperor: What about if something happens to you?
Kishitani(thought): ...
Kishitani(thought): Huh?
Emperor: We're forfeiting.

Page 13
What's with him...
Why is he suddenly,
Saying something normal?
He's always telling me to go die...
Or stuff like only needing to jump a stone roll's distance...

Page 14
Why is he,
Only being a normal human being...
When I'm weak like this!?
Tell me to jump even if I die!!
Tell me that my life is less important than winning!!
Why only at a time like this...
Damn it to hell!!

Page 15
Kishitani: I won't be forfeiting!!
Kishitani: I will jump!!
Emperor: Shut up.
Emperor: It's already decided.
Emperor: If you want to commit suicide, then jump off this cliff.
No one will find you before spring.
Kishitani: ...
Kishitani: You're right.
Kishitani: Do you remember what happened in the summer?
Kishitani: How you threw me off the Ferris wheel?
Emperor: No idea.
Kishitani: Compared with that...
This is nothing.

Page 16

Page 17

Page 18
Kishitani: Please somehow stay still until the end of the competition.
Emperor: ...
Kishitani: I won't forfeit.
Kishitani: I won't let you stop ski jumping.
Kishitani(thought): If I'm dying anyway,
Kishitani(thought): I'll die winning!!


Thanks to all the ski jumping competitions I've been to for material-gathering, I have became acquaintances with many fans of the sport. There is one person whom I took a photo with in the Vancouver winter Olympics, and he gave me the photo at a competition in Nagano prefecture's Hakuba.
When I tell those acquaintances that I'm working on a manga for ski jumping, unlike the "Ah! You must mean Nononono!" that I was expecting, the response I often get is "Wow...there's even a manga for ski jumping...I'll give it a try if I get a chance." It's quite shocking to me. Of course I know that the manga is not well-known in the world, but at least among Jump fans...is what I had hoped for in vain. I bet there are no other ski jumping mangas in the world that have continued for this long!! When I'm told that my manga is not known by Jump fans who go see ski jumping in the Olympics for a bit of the Olympic spirit, it's disheartening.

But, there was one jumper who said "I've liked Okamoto-san's work ever since Elfen Lied, so I was quite surprised to find a manga about the sport that I do." When I heard that, while it was a bit embarrassing, it also made me happy. I autographed on many different places.

Even when Nononono's serialization ends, I think I will still go to ski jumping hills.
And when I mention that I used to draw a manga about ski jumping, I hope for a response like "Ah! You must mean Nononono!"...haha.

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