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Moon Edge 1

A Better Place 2 Die

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Apr 1, 2012 05:21 | Go to Moon Edge

-> RTS Page for Moon Edge 1

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Wow, 86 pages in one chapter. But with the amount of text, it's only really about half that much haha.

Volume 1 Contents
Episode 1: [A Better Place 2 Die]
Episode 2: [Foxy Lady]
Episode 3: [Resurrection]

Page 1
Episode 1: [A Better Place 2 Die]
Box: In the beginning of the 21st century, a meteorite struck a country in the far east.
Box: It did not result in a world-wide catastrophe.
However, it was enough to change the way things are in one country.

Page 2
Box: The area around the meteorite impact---known as "Moon Edge".
Man: Ah---
Girl: ...
Someone: Sorry, young lady,
But I would appreciate it if you don't stand over there like that.

Page 3
Girl: ...How come?
Someone: ---I'm looking for a mischievous kitten.
Someone: You standing there stands out too much.
Girl: A cat in a place like this?
Someone: No, a KITTEN.
Someone: ...And what are you doing here, young lady?
Girl: I'm also searching.

Page 4

Page 5
For a place to die---

Page 6
Is not a pleasant thing to say.

Page 7
Do you think I'll die if I drop down from here?

Page 8
Man: Hm...
Man: Who knows---
Man: !!
Man: Don't move! If you don't get in the way---

Page 9
Man: !!
Man: Ah...!?
Man: !!
Man: You---!!
Man: ---Hoh.

Page 10
Man: Even if it's the Moon Edge, I still don't like seeing you wave around that toy in your hand.
Man: Who...!
Man: Who are you----!?
Man: Just an ally of justice happened to pass by.
Man: Let the girl go.
Man: Kuh...!

Page 11
Man: ---!
Man: Hey---!?
Man: Ah!!

Page 12

Page 13

Page 14
They're down below!!

Page 15

Page 16

Page 17
Man: ...I don't see any.
Man: From that height, we were lucky.
Man: It had at the height of 5 floors.
Man: If you need a change of clothes, just randomly pick something from there.
Man: Although there aren't anything for women.
Girl: ...
Man: ...I'm doing laundry.

Page 18
Man: ---Oh.
SFX: *Buuuun buuuun*
Man: It's me.
Man: Sorry, but there's no progress.

Page 19
Guy: No, it's not about that woman.
I have a request that takes top priority.
Guy: There's someone I want you to find.
A child in the early 10's---
Man: ...Sorry, I can't help you right now.
Man: I'm currently involved with a strange child---
Guy: A strange child?
Man: A young teenage girl who's wearing a straitjacket---
Man: ...Hey, what are---?

Page 20
...You lost her?

Page 21
Man: I-I'm sorry, well...an unknown man got in the way...
Man: ...
Man: H-however, I'm about to put in a search request,
Man: To the intelligence at Moon Edge.
Man: The brat's movement patterns are easy to figure out, so as soon as we---

Page 22
Man: Kah...
Man: Who told you to ask for help from people "below"?
Man: You useless scum.

Page 23

Page 24
Man: What are you---!?
Phone: ---
Guy: ...
Guy: A girl in a straitjacket huh...
Someone: Aaah!? The hell do you lot want---!?
Someone: Hey!! Ah! Kah---!!

Page 25

Page 26
Guy: ...You are in luck.
Guy: I just received information from a man who secured a person of said description.
Man: ...

Page 27
Man: ...I suggest that you don't get involved any further in this matter.
Guy: ...A threat?
Man: Just an advice.
Guy: ...Ok. Nothing happened.
Guy: No request and no records.
Man: Smart choice.
Guy: It doesn't matter to me who you people are.
As long as you pay the appropriate amount.

Page 28
Takeru: The name's Takeru.
Girl: ...
Takeru: It's self-introduction.
Takeru: Your turn now.
Girl: ...Why did you do something like that?

Page 29
Takeru: ...It's like saving someone drowning right in front of you, you know?
Takeru: Do I need a reason?
Girl: ...Even though I may be the evil one here?
Takeru: ...I guess that's true.
Takeru: I didn't think about that one.
Takeru: ...
Takeru: Here's a transmitter.
Takeru: It was attached to your clothes.
Girl: ...

Page 30
Takeru: No need to worry.
Takeru: It's already broken.
Takeru: Probably when we dropped down from the building.
Takeru: That's one good thing, at least.
Girl: ...What are you going to do?
Takeru: Let's see...if you tell me about your situation, I can help you.
Girl: That's impossible.
Takeru: Despite how I look, I'm actually quite reliable.

Page 31
Girl: ...
Girl: Kill...me.
Takeru: ...
Girl: You can't, can you?
Takeru: Why do you---

Page 32

Page 33
Takeru: What--?
Girl: Just look.
Takeru: ---!!

Page 34
An immortal body.

Page 35
Takeru: Im...mortal.
Girl: And a guinea pig of those people.
Takeru: Those people?
Girl: The ones who are doing research on monsters like me.
Girl: Those people from before are their underlings.
Girl: If you want to be useful, kill me.
Girl: It's the only way for me to gain freedom.

Page 36
Girl: I may die if you shoot my head.
Girl: If my head gets severed, or---
Takeru: Wai...wait a second!!
Takeru: But you shouldn't just die...
Takeru: Living has its good---
Girl: And is there any point in living on as those people's guinea pig?

Page 37

Page 38

Page 39

Page 40
Come with us!!

Page 41

Page 42
Man: He's escaped!!
Man: The prototype of the Valhalla Project---!!
Takeru: Phew!
SFX: *Thump thump*
Man: Oof...
Takeru: Hah...!
Takeru: Hah

Page 43
Takeru: Hah
Takeru: Hah
Takeru(thought): What will happen...after I get away...
Takeru: Hah
Takeru(thought): Just ahead...
Takeru(thought): I've been told...that there's something for me...
Takeru(thought): What is it---

Page 44
...Let me take up some of your time.

Page 45
Man: Did you think---
That you could run away from our Gladsheim group?
Girl: If you want to kill me, go ahead...It's just what I wanted.

Page 46
Man: Oh I won't be killing you.
After all, you are our important guinea pig.
Man: ...Although, I have my interests.
Man: Very unique personal interests...

Page 47
Man: Just how far does your immortality go...
Man: And how much I have to cut in order to kill you.
I want to see the line in between life and death.
Man: It's just my little bit of curiosity.

Page 48
Man: ...What is the boss doing at a place like this---
Man: Just shut up and follow orders---
Man: Hm...!?
Man: Hey, stop.
No entry beyond this point.
Man: Tch...can't you hear me? Beyond this point---

Page 49
(Looks like he's dancing)

Page 50
Takeru: ...I'm not back to my normal condition yet.
Takeru: Forgive me if hit you in a bad spot...
Takeru: But then again...you did punch many holes through me.
So I guess it's just returning the favor.

Page 51
Don't move.
Throw away your weapons and show yourself.
Or else she will die.

Page 52
Girl: ...
Man: So you are the man in question...
Man: I heard that you were taken care of...
...But seems like I have to put up with incompetent subordinates again.
Takeru: Gladsheim...

Page 53
Man: !!
Takeru: You sure are carefree for an agent from Gladsheim.
Man: ...
Man: ...where did you hear that name?
Takeru: ...Who knows.

Page 54
Man: I'll deal with you later.
Man: Go take a nap for a while.
Girl: ...

Page 55
Well then---
We were interrupted, but let's conti---

Page 56

Page 57
Takeru: Phew---
Takeru: I must be really sluggish...
Takeru: To not have seen your gun.
Man: Kuh...
Man(thought): ...What's going on!?

Page 58
Man(thought): It wasn't a fatal wound,
Man(thought): But he shouldn't be able to move.
Takeru: What's wrong?
Takeru: It should be a familiar sight, no?
Man: ---!?
Man: Tch...!

Page 59
...That's right, it's better this way.

Page 60

Page 61

Page 62

Page 63

Page 64

Page 65

Page 66

Page 67
Man: Hah
Man: Hah
Man: Hah
Takeru: Well done,
For an amateur.
Man: Tch...!

Page 68

Page 69

Page 70
Man: Bastard.
Man: Just...
Man: Who are---
Takeru: The man you guys know very well.

Page 71

Page 72
Girl: Just now...
Girl: Who are---
Man: I'm an ally of justice passing by.
Girl: Why are you doing this---
Man: Didn't I tell you?
Man: Do I need a reason?
Girl: ...

Page 73
Man: Let's go.
Man: ...Hm?
Girl: ...Seems like I took up some of your time.
Girl: But it's enough now.
Man: Hey...!?

Page 74
Girl: The time will come when I get caught again.
Girl: Even if I get lucky and extend the time of my freedom,
There's no point in living on with this body of mine.
Takeru: What are you saying!?
If you stay alive, then I'm sure---!!
Girl: ...This last meeting by chance wasn't bad.

Page 75

Page 76
Takeru: It isn't by chance!!
I'm sure...that there was a reason we met!!
Girl: As if---!!
Takeru: ...We're the same.
Girl: ...?

Page 77
Takeru: I'm the same as you!!
Takeru: This body of mine---
Was also turned immortal by Gladsheim!!
Girl: ---!!

Page 78
Girl: ...You're...lying.
Takeru: You saw with your own eyes, didn't you?
Girl: ...

Page 79
Takeru: Don't talk about dying.
Takeru: I'm sure that there's a reason to live even with your body.
Takeru: Let's look for that reason together!!
Girl: As if...I can find it.
Takeru: ...If you can't...
Then the two of us will just have to create one---

Page 80
I'm sure there's a better place to die than here.
Until you find it---

Page 81
Let's live on together.

Page 82
Takeru: It's the bill for fixing the door and the interior.
Guy: ...
Guy: ...What happened to those men?
Takeru: Who knows.
Takeru: They took the kid and disappeared somewhere.

Page 83
Takeru: I was unconscious, so no idea what happened after that...
Guy: ...What misfortune.
Takeru: Thanks to you.

Page 84
Girl: Using those kinds of tricks,
Won't be able to deceive the pursuers.
Takeru: You should trust me, since we still have a long road ahead of us.
Takeru: Well, we'll just deal with it when the find out.

Page 85
Takeru: ...Oh yeah.
Takeru: I still don't know your name,
Young lady.
Konoha: ...
Konoha: ...Stop calling me young lady.
Takeru: See?
Konoha: ...
Konoha: It's Konoha...
Takeru: Konoha--- Konoha, huh...It's a good name.

Page 86
Nice to meet you, Konoha.

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Posted on Apr 2, 2012
kyaaa kyaaa moar :p
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