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Nononono 132


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Apr 4, 2012 07:17 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 132

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Volume 13 Contents
Chapter 132: Happening?
Chapter 133: Reaching You
Chapter 134: Curse
Chapter 135: I Will Quit!
Chapter 136: Proof of Strength
Chapter 137: Don't Insult Me!
Chapter 138: Crossroads of Life
Chapter 139: First-Rate Jumper
Chapter 140: Promise
Chapter 141: I Don't Want That
Chapter 142: Thank You

Page 1
Chapter 132: Happening?
Speaker: The final group will begin momentarily.
Speaker: There will be no changes to the gate position.

Page 2
Yoda: So the same gate as before...
Yoda: Well, Nonomiya did a pretty reckless jump, but the rest of them are at the level of around the K point.
Yoda: Even Maoka couldn't get past the K point.
So I guess it's a good spot.
Sasamiya: Hey Terashi.
When are you going to stop being depressed?
Terashi: ...
Sasamiya: It's true that Okushin took the top spot...
Sasamiya: But your opponent is that Kishitani.
Sasamiya: If you just jump normally, we'll for sure take the win...
Sasamiya: ...
Sasamiya: Is he going to be ok...?

Page 3
Asami: The three of us,
Asami: Have a mission.
Asami: A very grand goal.
Asami: And that's why...
We can't afford to lose this competition.
Sagasaki: ...
Sagasaki(thought): What should I do...
Sagasaki(thought): I'm a super girl... A girl...
Sagasaki(thought): I don't want to go home bare-chested---
Sagasaki: Nooooo!!
Asami: ...

Page 4
Sagasaki: I don't want to show my flat chest!
Asami: ...
Asami: What are you talking about?
Asami: Negita,
Give it you all in the next jump.
Negita: There's no need.
Negita: For me, ski jumping is...
Simply a chicken race of courage.
Negita: It's possible to jump 123 meters at this hill.
Negita: In which case...
Negita: I just need to jump farther than that.

Page 5
Guy: A difference of 46 meters with Okushin at first...
Guy: And even with Yukino at second, there's 32 meters...
Guy: Okushin aside, the anchor for Yukino is that Terashi...
Guy: Even Itou won't be able to even out that 32 meters...
Guy: All hopes of us winning...
Guy: Have been lost...
Guy: Sorry, Itou...
Guy: We managed to stay in this second round...
Guy: But because we weren't good enough...
Itou: What do you mean?
Guy: Huh...?

Page 6
Itou: Am I the only one who's still planning on winning?
Itou: Both of you renewed your own records.
So it's only fair that I do the same.
Guy: ...
Aya: I believe in us too.
Aya: If Ken-chan doesn't win, we can't start dating.
Aya: My dad is stubborn, so he won't ever take his words back.
But I would like to go to the movies or the amusement park with Ken-chan...
Guy: ...
Itou: Coach told me that if I touched even a finger of yours before winning, he'll kill me.
Aya: Hahaha, same for me.
Itou: So I will for sure win.
Aya: Then show me proof.
Itou: Proof?

Page 7
Aya: Kiss me right now.
Itou: !!
Aya: You will for sure win, right?
Aya: Then whether now or later, it's the same.
Aya: It's possible that dad will see from over there.
Dad: ...
Aya: But you can kiss me if you win, right?
Itou: ...
Guy: Huh...?
Guy: Woah...
Aya: ...
Aya: So you don't think you can, after all...
Itou: No, that's not it...
Aya: Geez, Ken-chan,
Your zipper is open again.

Page 8
Guy: Aaaaaaaaah!!
Dad: Aaaaaaaaah!!
Aya: This is proof that I believe in you.
Aya: I would have broken my promise if we don't win...
And dad would be furious at me.
Aya: That's why...

Page 9
Aya: Please do your best!
Itou: Yeah.
Kishitani: ...I'm so envious...
Kishitani(thought): I want to have that kind of experience as well...
Kishitani(thought): But just why...
Kishitani(thought): Am I so bloodstained...?

Page 10
Speaker: And now---
The final group will begin.
Box: Iwate prefecture, Toono Professional Team, Itou Kenichi
Box: Akita prefecture, Tsukiyama Commercial Team, Negita Yoshichika

Page 11
Box: Hokkaido, Yukino High School, Terashi Kazuya
Box: Nagano prefecture, Okushin High School, Kishitani Hiroki
Yoda: But...
Yoda: Among the aces, Kishitani stands out as just an average jumper...

Page 12
Speaker: Jersey number 10,
Speaker: Itou Kenichi, Iwate prefecture, Toono Professional Team.
Guy: To win, the bare minimum is 120 meters.
Aya: Ken-chan...
Itou(thought): Aya...

Page 13
Dad: That bastard Itou!! Forcing Aya to kiss him...
Dad: Unforgivable!!
Dad: Soiling my pure, beloved Aya...
Dad: If he doesn't manage to win here...I'm definitely going to kill him...
Dad(thought): ...But he's sure an unlucky one.
Dad(thought): Normally, he would win at inter highs no problem...
Dad(thought): But he was born in the same generation,
Dad(thought): As monsters who can jump 120 meters on a normal hill.
Dad(thought): Nonetheless, unless he wins...
Dad(thought): I will not allow them to date!!

Page 14
Aya(thought): Ken-chan...
Aya(thought): Ken-chan...
Aya(thought): Good luck!!
Negita: 98 meters.
Kishitani: Huh?

Page 15
Negita: I can see the wind with my eyes.
They have colors.
Kishitani(thought): ...
What's he talking about...?
Negita: This wind...
And the speed of the run...
Negita: It'll be a 98-meter jump.

Page 16

Page 17
Negita: Looking from this position, I can see all the winds that blow during a jump.
Negita(thought): He's facing a headwind right now, but will lose speed near the K point due to strong tailwind and crosswinds.
Negita: What a pity.
Negita: With the wind...

Page 18
Negita: No matter how hard he tries, 98 is as far as he goes.
Aya: Ken-chan, good luck!!

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