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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Nononono 134


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Apr 17, 2012 16:57 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 134

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 134: Curse
Asami: Negita...
Asami: Our lives are in your hands.
Yuuta: Hey.

Page 2
Yuuta: What do you mean...
Yuuta: By what you said?
Asami: Tch...
Asami: It's a joke.
And it has nothing to do with outsiders.
Yuuta: Tell me.
I don't know how not winning at inter high would lead to that...
Yuuta: But for some strange reason,
Yuuta: I feel sadness from your jumps.
Yuuta: I'll help you anyway I can.
Asami: ...
Asami: I would have...
Asami: Asked you to lose on purpose if you were from Yukino.
But since Okushin is outside of our target now, there's nothing you can do.
Yuuta: Hey, Sagasaki-san.
Sagasaki: Huh?

Page 3
Yuuta: If you tell me, I'll forget the whole chest-baring thing.
Sagasaki: Huh!?
Sagasaki: Wh...what!? Don't insult me!!
I don't need your...
Sagasaki: ...
Sagasaki: ....Ooooooooh!!
Sagasaki: Oooooooooh!!
Sagasaki: Oooooooooh!!
Asami: I got it, I got it.
Asami: I'll talk, so forget the whole business.
Asami: But you can't tell anyone about it.
Yuuta: Of course not.
Asami: ...The three of us...

Page 4
Were born and raised in a small island far away from the mainland.
In a tiny world where even cellphone signals can't reach---
Less than 200 people lived together.
The islanders prided themselves in their god.
The festival of human sacrifice that is held once every 15 years.

Page 5
Was a child born for the purpose of becoming the sacrifice.
Without knowing that,
Negita was able to live in luxury until the day he is offered to the god.
Sagasaki and I were backup plans just in case if something were to happen.
That's how strongly the islanders believed in human sacrifices.
However, Negita came back alive after taking the dive.
The three of us then came to mainland.
About half a year after leaving the island...
We got a phone call from the new island priest.

Page 6
Asami: If we don't return and become sacrifices once again, the remaining family members would be killed...
Yuuta: ...Having human sacrifices...
Sagasaki: It's all true.
Sagasaki: The festivals have been held for hundreds of years, and it has been peaceful so far...
Sagasaki: Everyone is afraid that sacrifices who are supposed to be dead are still alive.
Asami: If some sort of disaster strikes the island, it would be our fault...
Asami: And our families would be used as sacrifices.
Asami: They would be saved if we return,
Asami: But Negita will for sure be killed this time.
Asami: So we are trying to stop the very practice of offering sacrifices on the island.
Yuuta: ...Is that possible?
Asami: As for why the festival exists in the first place,
The islanders...

Page 7
Asami: Have no confidence in themselves.
Asami: And by offering sacrifices,
They feel that they are special.
Asami: No one born of the island ever became famous.
There is only the growing inferiority complex.
Asami: But they want to feel special, so...
Yuuta: They're killing people for that reason?
Asami: That's right.
Asami: Of course, committing crime by the mass---
Means that they have to lessen their sense of guilt.
Asami: Having the festival only once every 15 years...
Asami: And letting the sacrifices live in luxury until the end...
Are just so that people can barely feel any guilt.
Asami: People kept their self-respect with the strange festival.
Asami: That's why, in order to stop the whole practice, we must give the islanders a new source of "confidence".
Asami: And so...

Page 8
Asami: The three of us that came from the island,
Asami: Just need to become the best in Japan at something.
Asami: To prove that the islanders are not just frogs in a well.
Asami: We decided to become the best in ski jumping.
Yuuta: ...Decided?
Asami: That's right.
The sport is almost like it was made for Negita.
Asami: He gained two abilities during the dive when his life was on the line.
The ability to see the wind, and to slow time inside his head.
Asami: He is able to see any wind and ride it...
Asami: And by slowing time during step-off,
Asami: He can correctly grasp the 0.01 time frame.
Asami: You can in a way say that Negita is cheating in this sport.
And there are less people competing than say with baseball or soccer.
Asami: Negita is able to become Japan's number one at the very least.
Asami: In reality, he displayed amazing talent as a ski jumper.
In just one year, he was able to conquer the prefectural competition.
Asami: And he came to inter high as Akita prefecture's representative.

Page 9
Asami: He would probably beat your 123 meters even with this low gate position.
Asami: Then, we'll overtake Yukino High and become the best in Japan.
Asami: With that, we can stop the festival of sacrifice.
Neither Negita nor our families need to die.
Yuuta: Can't you just go to the police!?
Sagasaki: It won't work. Negita will be arrested.
It was justified self-defense, but the priest is dead...
Asami: If the truth comes to light, there will be arrests made.
That includes the parents who gave birth to us near the decided date...
Asami: I don't know if they'll be charged, but no doubt everyone will think them crazy.
Asami: Even those kinds of parents are still our parents.
Asami: We can't just sell them out or let them die.
Asami: But there won't be any problems.
Asami: If we just win, no one would have to die.
Yuuta: I can't say that I understand the feeling of facing death...
But the one thing I can say is that...

Page 10
Yuuta: You are taking ski jumping way too lightly.
Asami: You only think that because you don't know Negita.
Yuuta(thought): That's not it!!
Guy: Please...
Guy: If Negita jumps more than 90 meters, we'll lose the lead...
Itou: ...
Guy: How far did he jump in the first round again?
Guy: Um...

Page 11
Guy: 120 meters...
Guy: ...
Guy: ...
Guy: It'll be alright!! The gate was lowered 7 whole levels!!
Aya: ...
Man: Hm.
Man: The wind is good. What a lucky guy.
Negita: !?
Negita: Sigh...
Kishitani: Hm?

Page 12
There is...
No wind...
The wind...
Is nowhere to be found...

Page 13
Kishitani: ...
Kishitani: What's he saying...
Kishitani: The wind is great right.
Negita: It'll stop soon.
Negita: I won't make it even if I start now.
Kishitani: What?
Kishitani: Huh?
Kishitani: ...It really stopped...
Kishitani: What?
Kishitani(thought): Don't tell me...
Kishitani(thought): That this guy can really see the wind with his eyes?

Page 14
Asami: There's...
Asami: No wind?
Yuuta: Seems like he lost his advantage.
Yuuta: You can't ride what's not there.
Asami: ...
Negita: Oh well.
Asami: Not yet.
Asami: He still has the ability to slow time.
Yuuta: That...

Page 15
Yuuta: Is something every ski jumper can do to various degrees.
Asami: !?
Yuuta: When I'm feeling my best, everything pretty much stops for me.
Negita(thought): Here it is!!

Page 16

Page 17
Asami: Alright!!
Asami: It's perfect.
Guy: Aaaaaaaaah!!
Asami: Go, Negita!!
Asami: And prove it to everyone!!

Page 18
That we're not simply frogs sitting in the well!!
Go, Neigta!!

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