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Nononono 135

I Will Quit!

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Apr 24, 2012 02:35 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 135

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 135: I Will Quit!

Page 2
Show everyone that we're not just frogs in a well!!

Page 3
The wind!!
The wind...
Isn't to be found anywhere!!

Page 4
Guy: Alright!!
Guy: It's a failed jump!!
Yuuta: The jump-off isn't everything in ski jumping.
Yuuta: The wind wind also blows from other directions.
Yuuta: But Negita-san only thinks about the head winds.
Asami: But he won in the Akita prefecture!!
Yuuta: This is a national meet.
He probably never has jumped from such a low gate, right? It's difficult a with low sliding speed.
Yuuta: Take a look.
Yuuta: Even at the same gate, he is slower than I was by 2 whole km/hr.
Do you know why that is?
Yuuta: The grooves on the slope...
Yuuta: Are necessary in order to slide down in a straight line,
But when the skis touch the sides of the grooves---
Yuuta: The friction created becomes a braking force.
Asami: ...

Page 5
Asami: And what about it!?
Asami: Everyone uses skis of the same width.
Asami: There's only about 1cm of between the skis and the sides.
Yuuta: That's right. But I...
Yuuta: Try to slide down without touching the sides,
Yuuta: When I'm going over 80 km/hr.
Sagasaki(thought): I never even thought about it...
Yuuta: Of course,
Yuuta: A coach wouldn't tell you that,
Because there are more important things.
Yuuta: But it's an important strategy when jumping down such a low gate.
Yuuta(thought): But...
Yuuta(thought): Just what was that unease I felt then...
Yoda: ...
Yoda: What's this?

Page 6
Yoda: He's still stretching it...
Guy: Hey hey!!
Guy: He got past HS...!!
What the heck!?
Yuuta(thought): I knew it...

Page 7
Speaker: 116.5 meters!!
Both: Alright!!
Asami: See!!
Asami: 116 meters even with such bad wind!!
Asami: Can you still say that we're frogs in a well!?
Yuuta: I never said that.

Page 8
Guy: ...
Guy: We lost...
Guy: I don't' get it.
Guy: There was almost no wind...
Guy(thought): Just who is that guy...
Sagasaki: We did it, Negita!!
Asami: Now we're really at the top.
Asami: There's a 108 meters difference with Yukino High.
Asami: I don't think the scared Terashi would jump more than 100 meters now...
But even if he were to get to HS (105m), we'd still win.
Yuuta(thought): But if Terashi-san were to get past 108 meters...
Yuuta(thought): Kishitani would also have to jump close to 100 meters for us to win.
Yuuta(thought): No matter how I think about it...
Yuuta(thought): That would be impossible...
Sagasaki: I didn't think we'd make it since there was no wind.
Negita: Yeah.

Page 9
Negita: For the first time today...
Negita: I was able to see the tiny movement of air that I couldn't see before.
Negita: With that...I was someone able to extend my distance.
Both: ...
Asami: Negita...
Asami: Did you...
Asami(thought): Did you manage to evolve...
Asami(thought): Yet again here today?
Yuuta(thought): He...has only been competing for a bit over a year...
Yuuta(thought): And yet he's able to do so well...
Yuuta(thought): If he were to start taking the sport seriously...
Negita: Was your name Nonomura?
Yuuta: ...
It's Nonomiya.
Negita: Jumping down a gate lowered 7 levels...
Felt like a completely different sport.

Page 10
Negita: To have jumped 123 meters from that gate,
Negita: I think you are quite amazing.
Yuuta: ...
Negita: It's actually quite fun,
Negita: This ski jumping.
Yuuta: And he says that now?

Page 11
Guy: ...
Guy: Sigh...
Itou: Sorry.
Itou: I couldn't keep my promise...
Aya: It's alright...
Dad: Itou.
Dad: You were unlucky.
Dad: A promise is a promise.
I won't let you have Aya.
Dad: But I...
Dad: Know just how much you love the sport.

Page 12
Dad: So let's aim for the Olympics together next.
Dad: You have the ability to do that,
And I'll continue training you.
Aya: Dad...
Dad: I'll even let go of the fact that you forced Aya to kiss you.
Itou: Coach.
Dad: Yeah,
More relentless training from now on.
Itou: I refuse.
Dad: Yep, make sure you follow...
Dad: Hm?
Dad: What!?
Dad: You're not satisfied with me!?
Itou: That's not it.

Page 13
Itou: In the first place---
I don't like skiing at all.
Dad: ...
What are you...
Itou: the only reason I did it...
Itou: Was because I like Aya.
Itou: That was all.
Dad: But you...
Were so completely into it...
Itou: That's because you won't let me have Aya unless I win the inter high.
Itou: And...
Itou: That I had to like skiing more than anyone else.

Page 14
Itou: That's why I gave it my all to win during this competition.
Itou: Honestly, I don't care about skis or the Olympics.
If you were a sumo coach, I would have done sumo.
Aya: But Ken-chan...
Aya: You've always said that you like skis better than me...
Itou: Of course.
Itou: It's not like I can say that I did the sport for 10 years just for you.
Itou: But I wasn't able to win.
Itou: So I'll quit the sport now.
Dad: ...
Dad(thought): He...
Dad(thought): Was supposed to have always been unlucky, but...

Page 15
Dad(thought): The god of ski jumping!!
Dad(thought): Would never have the wind blow for a guy who doesn't love the sport!!
Dad: ...
Dad: Sigh...
Dad: Then it's a change in terms.
Dad: The only person who can marry Aya...
Is someone who went to the Olympics!!
Dad: That's why, don't say that you'll quit!!
You're my hopes and dreams!!
Aya: Then dad...
About going out...
Dad: Dunno!! Do whatever you want!!

Page 16
Aya: I...
Aya: Want to go see the Olympics...
Aya: Ah...! But it's not about getting married!!
I like the Ken-chan that skis...!!
Itou: And I...
Itou: Like the Aya,
That gets happy when I ski.

Page 17
Speaker: Jersey number 11.
Speaker: Terashi Kazuya, Hokkaido, Yukino High School.
Guy: Hey, what are you doing!?
Guy: The signal is yellow already!!
Terashi: ...
Guy: You'll be disqualified if you don't go to the gate!!
Kishitani(thought): Lucky---!!
Kishitani(thought): If he gets disqualified, it'll be much easier for me!!
Kishitani(thought): Alright, this is a chance to strike!!
Kishitani: Terashi-san,
How about if you forfeit already?

Page 18
Kishitani: In the end, you lost to both Emperor and Nonomiya...
As the national representative, how about you forfeit before you embarrass yourself even further...
Terashi: One more second.
Kishitani: Huh!?
Terashi: Hm.
Terashi: Seems like I barely made it on time.
Kishitani: M...made what?
Terashi: The wound on my spirit is healed.
Terashi: A broken bone becomes thicker once it mends...
Terashi: And will never break at the same place again.

Page 19
Terashi: With this, I became stronger again.
Forfeit you say? Don't screw around.
Terashi: I have experienced this kind of thing way more times than I like overseas.
Terashi: When I win at the lowest gate...
Terashi: I'll be completely healed.
Kishitani(thought): ...
Kishitani(thought): Oh crap...

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