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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Gokukoku no Brynhildr 13

Transfer Student

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Apr 30, 2012 04:32 | Go to Gokukoku no Brynhildr

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 13: Transfer Student
Text: The two are hurrying back, but...!?
Neko: If we don't get back soon, Kana-chan will get hungry...
Neko: Because I couldn't resist the temptation of a bath...
Ryouta: Is it ok to leave Kana by herself all the time?
Neko: I worry about that too, but...
Neko: She tells me to just go to school...
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: Hey.

Page 2
Both: ...
Ryouta: There are people at a deserted area?
Ryouta: Has something like this happened before?
Neko: No...
This is the first...
Ryouta: Crap...
Ryouta: She can't move her body no matter what happens...
Ryouta: Kana is in danger!!

Page 3
Man: Preparation's ok.
Man: Got it.
Ryouta: People are here...
Ryouta: It must be...that the suspended dam project is resuming.
Neko: Kana-chan...!!
Ryouta: Let's get out of here and go to where Kana is.

Page 4
Kana: Neko!!
Neko: Kana-chan!!
Kana: I was so scared---!!
I could hear voices outside---!!
Ryouta: Don't talk so loudly!
Ryouta: It's already dusk now so they probably won't reach here today.
Ryouta: But I don't know about tomorrow.
We have to get out of here by tonight.
Neko: But we don't have another place to go...
Neko: We have to sleep outside again.
Ryouta: No, you do have a place to go.
Neko: Huh?

Page 5
Ryouta: Let's go to the club room in the observatory.
Actually, I already handed in your astronomy club registration.
Neko: Club registration?
Ryouta: You're already a member, so you can get in and out of the observatory freely.
Ryouta: You can use watching stars at night as part of club activities as an excuse for staying over.
Kana: I'm not a member though.
Ryouta: Well...if it comes down to it, we'll just shove you into the storage room.
Kana: Huh!? Don't treat me like some object!!
Ryouta: But anyway, this place is already half burnt-down due to the fire before.
It may collapse at any time, so it'll be dangerous to stay here.
Neko: ...That may be true...
Neko: But I won't go to the astronomy club.
Ryouta: Why not?
Neko: If two magic users gather at the same place...
Neko: You'll also be killed when we get caught.
Neko: And you'll definitely get mixed up in everything...
Ryouta: ...

Page 6
Ryouta(thought): Even so, I'm still alive because of you.
Ryouta(thought): I wouldn't mind losing it if I can protect you.
Box: But no matter what I say...
Box: She probably won't agree to it...
Ryouta: It's alright,
I already have a plan of what to do when that happens.
Ryouta: Don't worry.
Ryouta: Under the observatory is for people staying overnight to watch the stars.
Ryouta: There are futons, and a hot spring nearby...
So there's no better place than here.
Kana: Hot spring!?
Ryouta: It's here.

Page 7
Ryouta: Wha...!?
Neko: Kazumi-chan!?
Kazumi: Nn...
Kazumi: What's this...
Kazumi: Everyone's gathered here.
Ryouta: You...what are you doing here?
Kazumi: You see~
They started measuring for the dam near where I was, so I can't live there anymore.
Kazumi: So I thought I'd stay here for a bit.
Ryouta: Huh?
Doing as you please...
Kazumi: Don't be stupid,
As if you have the right to refuse.
Ryouta: Why is that?

Page 8
Kazumi: Did you forget?
Kazumi: This is your boobs payment.
Kazumi: So I won't be holding back in staying here.
Ryouta: ...
Neko: What's the boobs payment?
Ryouta: It's nothing!
Ryouta: Hey...
Can I be honest and say something?
Kazumi: What?
Ryouta: There's not that much value to your bo-
Kazumi: You...
Say those words after looking at a girl's private parts...
Ryouta: What a violent reaction!!
Ryouta: And you told me you'd lower the price!!

Page 9
Ryouta: Well...
I guess the situation can't be helped.
Ryouta: Until you find another place, you can stay here.
Ryouta: But in exchange, behave.
Ryouta: It'll be bad to have someone not from the school going in and out.
Kazumi: Ah, there's no need to worry about that.
Ryouta: ...What?
Why is that?
Kazumi: You'll find out tomorrow.
Kazumi: Is that all?
Kazumi: I'm sleepy you know.
Kazumi: Good night.
Neko: ...
Ryouta: Tch, doing whatever she wants...

Page 10
Teacher: Be quiet!
Teacher: A transfer student is here today.
Everyone: Transfer student?
Everyone: Again?
Everyone: So many of them recently...
Box: ...
Box: Transfer student?
Box: Don't tell me...

Page 11
Teacher: It's Kazumi Schlierenzauer-san.
Kazumi: Freut mich!!
Kazumi: Nice to meet you-
Neko: Kazumi-chan...
Box: I knew it...
Box: That girl...
Guy: ...
Guy: She's cute...
Kazumi: I'll join the astronomy club,
So let's work together, club president.
Ryouta: ...
Guy: Another cute girl transferred here...
Guy: This class is so damned lucky.
Guy: Did you hear?
They had a cute girl transfer to first year as well.
Guy: Seriously? I gotta go take a look later.
Ryouta: ...

Page 12
Someone: Chief Ichijiku,
Someone: We received word from Takachiho.
Ichijiku: ...
Ichijiku: I'll go right away.

Page 13
Man: Do you get it?
Man: About the dangers of leaving magic users out in the streets.
Ichijiku: There are 27 magic users who escaped from the transport vehicle.
We have already recovered 8 of them ourselves.
Ichijiku: 5 died after running out of the medicine.
I believe many of the remaining ones are already starting to break down because they ran out.

Page 14
Man: But some medicine were taken, correct?
Man: What is the meaning of this.
A double-A was sent in, and yet not a single one was eliminated...
Ichijiku: I have already made the next move.
Ichijiku: There was an informer.
Ichijiku: A magic user who ran out of medicine spoke up about others in hiding in order to save her own life.
Ichijiku: So I already sent out a Rank A magic user to the scene.
Man: ...
Man: Fine, I suppose.
It was your mistake for them to have escaped.
Man: So don't delay our work any more than this.
Your job is the management of those users and the composition of Sorcerian.

Page 15
I don't feel good about asking for the impossible from "humans".
That's all.

Page 16
Ryouta: You...
Ryouta: Are too pushy!!
Ryouta: It's strange to have so many transfer students at once!!
Kazumi: So fussy...
I already gave it plenty of thought...
Kazumi: I made it so that according to my data, I'm from a national academy in Austria.
Kazumi: I'm really a half, and I can speak German, so there's nothing strange.
Kazumi: The school I was in is way better than this one in the middle of nowhere, so I got in no problem.
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: Where did you find those clothes?
Kazumi: Nice, isn't it?
There was actually a lot of stuff left in the deserted village.
Kana: Where's Neko?
Ryouta: She's in charge of cleaning after school today.
Ryouta: Hm?

Page 17
Girl: E...excuse me...
Girl: Is this the astronomy club room...?
Ryouta: Yeah, and you are?
Girl: Um...I...
Transferred here today...
Girl: And...
I would like to join the club...
Ryouta: Seriously!?
Kazumi: Hey, your boobs are seriously huge...
What's up with that...
Girl: P-p-p-please stop...
I'm self-conscious about it...
Ryouta: Listen up, Kazumi.
Kazumi: Huh?
Ryouta: Boobs worth paying for are something like tho-
Ryouta: I told you you're too violent!!
Kazumi: Shut up!!
Why do I have to be ridiculed after having been seen!?

Page 18
Girl: A-a-a...
Are you alright...?
Box: A new club member...
Box: I've always wanted one, but...
Box: To have come just when the girls moved in is really bad timing...
Box: But I can't just refuse...
Ryouta: I'm fine.
Then let's have you fill out the registration form.
Girl: A-a-a...alright!!
Text: A cute new member with huge breasts. But what is this ominous premonition...!?

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