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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Nononono 138

Crossroads of Life

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jun 11, 2012 13:17 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 138

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 138: Crossroads of Life

Page 2
Asami: Hahahahahaha!!
Asami: You really didn't know about your teammate's injury!?
Asami: Hahahahahaha!!
Yuuta: Kishitani!!
Asami: Are you fine with that!?
Asami: If you stop the competition, there will be no winners!!

Page 3
Yuuta: Shut up!!
Sagasaki: Asami, why did you say something like that?
Sagasaki: It's not like he did anything wrong.
Asami: ...
Asami: It was unsightly.
Asami: How his confidence was unwavering...
Even when they have absolutely no hope left...
Sagasaki: Actually, for me...
Sagasaki: You seem to be the most unsightly one.

Page 4
Speaker: Jersey number 9,
Speaker: Hiroki Kishitani, Nagano Prefecture, Okushin High School.
Kishitani: Oof...
Kishitani: Hah...
Kishitani(thought): Ow...
Kishitani: Hah...
Kishitani: Hah...
Kishitani: Hah...

Page 5
Kishitani(thought): When the signal...
Kishitani(thought): Turns green, I have to jump...
Kishitani(thought): Jump?
Kishitani: Hah...
Kishitani: Hah...
Kishitani(thought): Isn't there something wrong with that?
Kishitani(thought): It's painful to even sit here like this...
Kishitani(thought): To think that I have to stand after jumping down 200 meters...
Kishitani(thought): Just how did things turn out this way...?
Kishitani: Hah...
Kishitani: Hah...
Kishitani(thought): Why did I start ski jumping in the first place...?
Kishitani(thought): Oh yeah.

Page 6
Kishitani(thought): It was before I got to elementary school...
Kishitani(thought): Dad lied to me by saying that he'll buy me toys...
Kishitani(thought): And took me to a ski jumping competition...
Kishitani(thought): That shitty old man pushed me from behind even I didn't want to jump...
Kishitani(thought): But...
Kishitani: Uwaaah!!

Page 7
Even though it was my first ever jump,
Somehow I managed to win...
Everyone praised me so much,
And said that I was a talented jumper, which made me feel good.
After that, I came to like the sport.
However, I only got first place that one time.
Because of that guy, I was always second place.
He's about the same age and lived close by, so I couldn't win as long as he was around.
If only he didn't exist!
I would be praised more!!
Then I begged dad to send me to a competition far away.
And even though I went all the way to Hokkaido...

Page 8
This time I lost to a girl of the same age!!
But the girl...
Was really cute...
I was taken with her right away...
Thinking about it now, she was my first love.
I never saw her again in competitions after that,
But I wonder if she's doing well...
I, on the other hand, only won once in these 10 years.
And yet,
Why am I putting my life on the line for the sport...?

Page 9
Yoda: The signal turned green.
Muramatsu: Finally, the last jump in this competition.
Yoda: With Kishitani's jump,
Yoda: Everything will be decided.
Kishitani(thought): There is a possibility that I won't die if I attempt the jump...
Kishitani(thought): But what about the chances of winning?
Kishitani(thought): If I can't win...
Kishitani(thought): Then even if I jump, my death would be in vain...
Kishitani: Hahaha, I'm such an idiot.

Page 10
Kishitani: Sorry, I'll forfeit after all.
Man: What?
Kishitani: I'm somewhat injured...
Kishitani: And I'm in no shape for a jump.
Kishitani: I'm forfeiting.
Man: ...
Man: Get back here.
Yoda: Hm?
What's happening?
Yoda: The signal is green...
But Kishitani is heading back.
Kishitani(thought): Call me a good-for-nothing if you want!!
Kishitani(thought): As if I'm going to throw away my life for a hopeless win!

Page 11
Yuuta: Kishitani!!
Yuuta: Don't jump!!
Yuuta: Someone!!
Yuuta: Stop Kishitani!!
Kishitani(thought): Nonomiya...so she found out about my injury...
Kishitani(thought): Well, I'm not going anymore anyway.
Kishitani(thought): But she sure is crying a lot.
Kishitani(thought): They'll find her out at this rate.
Kishitani(thought): ...Wait.
Kishitani(thought): A girl of the same age who's really good at ski jumping.
Kishitani(thought): A girl of the same age pretending to be a guy,
Kishitani(thought): Who's really good at ski jumping.
Kishitani(thought): Wait a second.

Page 12
The girl back then,
Wasn't that Nonomiya!?
There's no mistake.
I remember now.
When I was small---
I talked with her!!

Page 13
Kishitani(thought): It was Nonomiya that I came to like back then!!
Kishitani: Hey,
Kishitani: Why are you crying even though you won?
Nono: I'm not crying!!
Kishitani: ...
Nono: Father...
Nono: Isn't pleased no matter how hard I try.
Kishitani: How come?
Nono: I don't know.

Page 14
Nono: If I win the Olympic gold medal...
Nono: And give it to him, I'm sure he'll be happy.
Nono: So I'll get it for sure.
Kishitani: ...
Kishitani: But,
It'll take around 10 years to get to the Olympics.
Nono: Yeah.
Nono: But I can wait for 10 years.
Nono: I love both father and ski jumping.
Nono: That's why I'm looking forward to making him happy,
Nono: 10 years from now on.

Page 15
Kishitani: I'm sure you can!!
Nono: Huh?
Kishitani: You can definitely win the gold medal!!
Kishitani: I'll cheer you on as well!!
Kishitani: I'll help you!!
Kishitani(thought): I was trying so hard to get her to like me at that time.
Nono: ...
Nono: Really?
Kishitani: Yeah!
Kishitani: It's a promise!!
Kishitani(thought): Oh yeah...
Kishitani(thought): I...

Page 16
Have liked Nonomiya...
This whole time.
The Nonomiya when she was small,
And the Nonomiya now... She has been the only one I liked.
To think that she really aimed for the gold medal these past 10 years.

Page 17
Man: What's wrong?
Man: Hurry and get back here.
Kishitani: There are still 4 seconds till disqualification.
Man: What?
Kishitani(thought): I'm now facing a huge crossroads of life.
Kishitani(thought): To jump and die, or to forfeit and live.
Kishitani(thought): If I make the jump, then there is a tiny chance that we can win.
Kishitani(thought): The possibility of jumping 110 meters with a terrific wind,
Kishitani(thought): And landing in a telemark when it's easy to fall even in a sitting position.
Kishitani(thought): There's a 99% chance that it won't happen, and I will fall.
Kishitani(thought): And there's a high probability that I will die.
Kishitani(thought): Even if I forfeit now,
Kishitani(thought): No one probably blame me.
Kishitani(thought): I will enjoy my high school life,
Kishitani(thought): Get into college, find a job,
Kishitani(thought): Get married with someone and have kids.

Page 18
Kishitani(thought): But...
Kishitani: Nonomiya!!
Kishitani: I love you!!
Kishitani(thought): Even if there is only a 1% chance,
Kishitani(thought): And that I may lose my life,
Kishitani(thought): I will make your dream a reality!!

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