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Nononono 139

First-Rate Jumper

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jun 19, 2012 10:35 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 139

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 139: First-Rate Jumper

Page 2
Mikage: Hey!! How far does Kishitani have to jump to win?
Ken: To HS at the very least!!
Ken: We'll win if he goes over the bottom line!!

Page 3
Emperor: Kishitani...
I didn't make it...
Yoda: ...
Yoda: What happened to you?
Kishitani: Hah!
Kishitani: Hah!
Kishitani: Hah!
Kishitani(thought): This sucks...
Kishitani(thought): I want to just keep on squatting...
Kishitani(thought): I want to go home soon...
Kishitani(thought): Take a bath, lie down...
Kishitani(thought): And...
Kishitani(thought): Sleep forever...

Page 4
It looks as if...
Everything has stopped!!
First-rate jumpers...
Are able to see the moment of step-off in slow motion...
Is this what they are talking about!?
So that means I've become one as well!!

Page 5
That's me...
When I was a kid...
School entrance ceremony...
And I've gotten into fights with Amatsu---
Don't tell me...
They say that one sees flashbacks of his life right before the moment of death...

Page 6
Isn't that what this is!?
So I'm dying after all!!
Shit!! That doesn't matter!!
If everything is moving this slowly...
I won't miss the timing no matter what!!
As for the rest...
I'm begging you!!

Page 7
Kishitani(thought): Give me a good wind!!
Negita: !?
Text: At that time...

Page 8
Text: There was a gust of strong head wind,
Text: Blowing against the ledge.
Text: Leaning forward to catch the wind, Kishitani rose up high...
Maoka: He rode the wind!!
Yoda: Only when there is a head wind blowing...
Yoda: He leans forward the moment he jumps out!!

Page 9
Yoda: And now he did a fine job of catching the wind!!
His luck is truly his only strong suit!!
Sasamiya: It can't be luck!!
Sasamiya: He did the same last jump but ended up failing!!
Sasamiya: He simply won't be able to follow through!!
Yuuta(thought): Please, Kishitani...
Yuuta(thought): Don't let anything happen to you...
Kishitani(thought): ...
Kishitani(thought): Dang...

Page 10+11

Page 12
Someone: So high...
Asami: No way!!
Asami: That's higher than anyone else today...

Page 13
Text: Higher than Terashi,
Text: Shiriya,
Text: And ever Nonomiya.
Yuuta: ...
Kishitani(thought): I...
Can't even feel the pain anymore...
Kishitani(thought): At this rate, I may just pull this off.
Kishitani(thought): And manage to land standing up...

Page 14
I WILL stand!!
The jump will be a success if I manage to stay standing until the falling line at the very bottom.
It doesn't matter if I live or die!! Until I go over that line...
I will not fall no matter what!!

Page 15
Sasamiya: He got past K point!?
Sasamiya: The hell!?
Sasamiya: And he's going over the HS too...
Asami: No!!
Asami: THey'll win if he gets over that!!
ASami: Hurry up and drop down------!!

Page 16
And he got past HS!!

Page 17
Guy: And he's still going!!
Mikage: Yes!!
Ken: We'll win now!!
Yuuta: Kishitani!!

Page 18

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