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Nononono 141

I Don't Want That

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jul 4, 2012 11:53 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 141

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 141: I Don't Want That

Page 2
The hell...

Page 3
Text: Okushin---won?
Yuuta: Kishitaniiiiiii!!

Page 4
Yuuta: Kishitani, wake up!!
I don't want this, Kishitani!!
Yuuta: Did you not hear them?
Yuuta: We won!
Yuuta: We won because you tried so hard...
Yuuta: So let's celebrate together...

Page 5
Yuuta: Why won't you open your eyes!?
Yuuta: Kishitani!!
Man: You!! Get away!!
Man: Hey!! Can you hear me!?
Man: !?
Man: He has no pulse!!
Yuuta: !?
Yuuta: ...
Man: Hurry and call the ambulance!! Do the cardiac massage!!
Man: Y...yes sir!!

Page 6
Man: ...
Man: It's no good...
Yuuta: ...
Yuuta: It can't be...

Page 7
Hey, Kishitani.
You worked hard so that I could become a representative for Japan, right?
Then let me thank you properly.
Watch me go to different places all over the world...
I don't want this...

Page 8

Page 9

Page 10
Girl: Ah!!
Girl: Nonomiya-kun!!
Girl: Today is finally the day, huh!!
Girl: Huh?
Girl: Is something going on today?
Girl: They'll announce the national representatives!!
Girl: Amatsu-kun is already one of them...
Girl: And if Nonomiya-kun makes it, that'll be two from this class!!
Girl: Idiot!! Stop that!!
Girl: Huh?
Girl: There's no way he can be happy with what happened to his teammate.

Page 11
Man: Excuse me.
Man: Nonomiya, a minute.
Yuuta: Ah, yes sir.
Class: Congratulations.

Page 12
Yuuta(thought): After brother died,
Yuuta(thought): It took me a year before I could jump again.
Yuuta(thought): I wonder...
Yuuta(thought): How long it will take me this time.
Mikage: Congrats on becoming a national representative.
Mikage: But don't lose your head over joy at this point.
You can't go to the Olympics unless you do well in this European tour.

Page 13
Mikage: Including you juniors, there are 30 representatives.
Mikage: And only 4 amongst you are able to go to the Olympics.
Mikage: Yuuta.
I also have a tour next week, so let's go on a date over there.
Yuuta: Ah...ok.
Yoda(thought): That Nonomiya...
Yoda(thought): She's still hung up on what happened to Kishitani...
Yoda(thought): She won't be able to win overseas in that condition.

Page 14
There is one less person...
To see me off...
Just how many people...
Will have to suffer for my dream?

Page 15
Kishitani: I wonder if that was...
Nonomiya's plane...
Kishitani: I bet...
Kishitani: She's moping again...

Page 16

Page 17
Kishitani: Nonomiya,
Kishitani: Don't worry, I'm seeing you off.
Kishitani: Although I don't know if that was really the plane bound for Finland.
Kishitani: So I guess it wasn't a proper send-off.
Kishitani: I kept my promise with you.
Kishitani: It's your turn to win the gold medal.
Nurse: Kishitani-kun,
Nurse: We're starting the rehab soon.
Kishitani: Alright.
Kishitani(thought): I have to work hard at the rehab and get back to ski jumping as soon as possible...
Kishitani(thought): Since she will never stop that sobbing of hers.

Page 18
That's not it.
Next time, I have to do big jumps for myself.
I realized once again that I really like ski jumping.
Just wait, Nonomiya.
I will chase after you...
And become a man worthy of you.

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