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Translations: One Piece 815 by cnet128 , Bleach 661 by cnet128 , Gintama 574 (2)

Moon Edge 2

Foxy Lady

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jul 24, 2012 11:18 | Go to Moon Edge

-> RTS Page for Moon Edge 2

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Episode 2: [Foxy Lady]

Page 2
Konoha: What were you doing in a place like that?
Takeru: ...I already told you, I was looking for a kitten---

Page 3
Konoha: ...
SFX: *Beep*
Konoha: ...So it's a woman.

Page 4
Konoha: What did she do?
Takeru: No idea.
Takeru: JJ---that info dealer from earlier, asked me to find her.
Konoha: How reckless of you to just act without knowing anything.
Takeru: Sometimes there are good things about not knowing.

Page 5
Konoha: ...
Takeru: ...But before worrying about that,
Takeru: We need to go clothes shopping.
Konoha: ...Clothes?
For what?
Konoha: for you.
Takeru: It won't do for you to wear my stuff forever.
Konoha: As long as it keeps me warm, it doesn't matter what I wear.
Takeru: You say that, but unfortunately it's the Moon Edge here.
Konaha: ...What about it?

Page 6
Takeru: There are no shopping malls that sell children's clothing.
Konoha: ...
Konoha: ...Right now, around this area---
This country, what's happening?
Takeru: I'm not too sure.

Page 7
Konoha: ...
Konoha: You haven't been here long?
Takeru: ...
Takeru: It's kind of complicated.
Takeru: But let's just say that this is an area the government would prefer not to interfere with.
Takeru: Thanks to that, it's the perfect place for people like us to hide in.
Konoha: Even though it's so close to those Gladsheim people?
Takeru: You know what they say, the it's best to hide among the enemy.

Page 8
Takeru: Makita!!
Makita: Takeru...?

Page 9
Makita: My god...I believed that you of all people would never do anything like that...
Takeru: ...
Takeru: What are you talking about?
Makita: I've done my share of bad things, but I would never touch drug and human trafficking.
Takeru: D...don't be stupid, she---
Konoha: Was abducted half a day ago.

Page 10
Makita: ...
Makita: I've misjudged you, Takeru...
Takeru: Why you...!
Konoha: ...It's a joke.
Takeru: It's not a joke if it's not funny.
Makita: ...Clothes, you say?
Takeru: It's for her... I'm sure it'll be easy for you to get some.

Page 11
Makita: ...Hmph. Wait one moment.
Makita: Here you go.
Takeru: ...Old man.
I didn't know you had this kind of hobbies.
Makita: What are you saying.
Makita: Those belonged to my granddaughter when she was young.
Takeru: I didn't know you had a granddaughter.

Page 12
Makita: She left home several years ago.
Makita: I don't know where she is now.
Takeru: I see.
Takeru: That really is too bad.
Makita: One second.
Takeru: ...What is it?
Makita: I can't just give them to you for free.
Takeru: Tryig to charge money for old clothes?
Makita: No.
Makita: These are important to me. They can't be exchanged with money.

Page 13
Takeru: What a funny thing for a miser like you to say.
Makita: There are important things besides money.
Takeru: ...
Takeru: What do you want.
Makita: It's quite simple.

Page 14
Konoha: It doesn't feel great to wear the clothes of someone who disappeared.
Takeru: Did you really believe it?
Text: Deceived by the little act?
Takeru: Believe what?
Takeru: ...I have no idea what the old bastard is doing in the shadows.
Takeru: What he's saying can't be true.
Konoha: I see...

Page 15
Konoha: Then this doesn't seem to be anything good either.
Takeru: ...I was just thinking about that as well.
Takeru: Who do I hand it to?
Makita: To someone.
Takeru: ...I don't understand.
Why do I have to do---
Makita: That's your instruction.

Page 16
Takeru: ...I don't know what he's hiding.
Takeru: But it smells like trouble...
Konoha: ...
Konoha: Throw it away?
Takeru: I guess...
Konoha: Got it.
Takeru: Huh?

Page 17
Takeru: Wha...what---!?
Konoha: Didn't you say to throw it away?
Takeru: We don't know what's in it!!

Page 18

Page 19
Takeru: ...It's open?
Konoha: It looks unharmed.
Takeru: Hey now...what would have happened if explosives were inside?
Konaha: That aside, what's inside?
Takeru: ...Nothing?
Takeru: Wait...is it...liquid?

Page 20
Takeru: What is it...?
SFX: *Flicker*

Page 21

Page 22
Someone: ...Hm? It won't work from that end...?
Konoha: ...
Someone: Not from the feet...

Page 23

Page 24

Page 25

Page 26
Woman: ...Can I use your coat?
Takeru: Huh...?
Takeru: Ah...ok.

Page 27
Woman: ...
Woman: Where...is this?
Takeru: ...It's Moon Edge...
Woman: I see...
Woman: !!
Woman: Watch out!!

Page 28

Page 29

Page 30

Page 31

Page 32

Page 33
Woman: !
Takeru: Wha...

Page 34
Woman: Thanks!
Takeru: ...Hey!?
Takeru: What is he!?
Takeru: !!

Page 35

Page 36

Page 37

Page 38
Woman: That man sure is useful.
Woman: Is he with you?
Konoha: ...
Konoha: What is that?
Woman: Who knows? The revenge of a man spurned maybe?

Page 39
...A robot...!?

Page 40
Woman: How lucky!
Konoha: You don't have the key.
Woman: I'll manage somehow.
Woman: But what about the man you were with?
Konoha: Me being there won't change anything.
Konoha: He can handle himself.
Woman: Is that so?
Woman: In that case---

Page 41

Page 42
Wait a second!!
If I die here, I won't be able to get what I need!!

Page 43

Page 44

Page 45
Hey!! I'm here!!

Page 46

Page 47

Page 48

Page 49
Konoha: You---
Konoha: Just who...?
Woman: ---Oh.
Woman: Don't.

Page 50
Woman: Don't look this way.
Konoha: What is it?
Woman: Something terrible will happen if our eyes meet.
Woman: It was pretty dangerous just now, so it might take a while...
Konoha: ...?

Page 51
Woman: ...Do you think I can force it open?
Konoha: Who knows.
Konoha: Although I think it's bulletproof.
Woman: ---!!

Page 52
Woman: Now then...
Takeru: Konoha!!

Page 53
Konoha: So you're alive.
Takeru: What kind of greeting is that?
Konoha: What? Did you wanted to follow me or something?
Takeru: I'm not saying that---
Takeru: Who is that---?

Page 54

Page 55

Page 56

Page 57

Page 58

Page 59
Woman: Ah---
Woman: Ah--!!
Konoha: ...
Konoha: What did you do that for?
Woman: Th...that's not it!!
Woman: I wasn't planning to kill him!!

Page 60
Konoha: ...
Konoha: Don't worry about it.
Konoha: He's just sleeping for a bit.
Woman: Huh...?

Page 61
What do you mean?

Page 62
JJ: The situation has changed.
Takeru: I wasn't told anything about looking after her.
JJ: I'll prepare the money and necessities.

Page 63
Takeru: That's not the problem---
JJ: It's what the anchorman wants.
Takeru: The client...? What's going on?
JJ: Who knows.
JJ: It's probably complicated.

Page 64
Woman: What is it...?
JJ: Alright, I'll leave it to you.
Takeru: Ah...hey---!!
Woman: Some problems?
Takeru: Yeah---

Page 65
Takeru: They told me to look after you.
Woman: ...Is that so.
Woman: Well, I guess that's that.

Page 66
Takeru: ...
Are you fine with it?
Woman: About what?
Takeru: No...
Takeru: Something comes before that---
Takeru: Just who are you?

Page 67
Woman: ...
Woman: Industrial spy.
Woman: Don't make that face.
Woman: I'm telling the truth.
Woman: You know about the Gladsheim company?
Takeru: ...

Page 68
Woman: Building a man-made island named Asgard at the center of the meteorite crash site,
A mysterious organization that became the largest in the world in the span of just 12 years.
Woman: They say that it was established by only a handful of scientists.

Page 69
Woman: The goods they deal with are those that can be classified as out-of-place artifacts.
Woman: To people like us, it's like a treasure mountain.
Takeru: And who are those attackers?
Woman: Something like competitors.
Individuals like us are not the only ones after it.

Page 70
Takeru: ...
You want me to believe that?
Woman: ...It's up to you.
Takeru: I see...

Page 71

Page 72

Page 73

Page 74

Page 75
Man: ...?
Someone: How do you feel?

Page 76

Page 77
Man: ...
Man: What did you do?
Girl: Nothing.
Man: I should have died.

Page 78
Girl: Hmph...
Girl: An Einherjar, with just that?
Man: ---!?
Man: I'm...
Man: Not...!!

Page 79
Girl: ...How can you be so sure?
Girl: Are your memories real?
Man: ---!!
Girl: Whether you believe it or not,
Girl: Reality doesn't change.

Page 80
Would you like to test it out?

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