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Gokukoku no Brynhildr 23

A Bit of Hope

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Aug 11, 2012 23:23 | Go to Gokukoku no Brynhildr

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 23: A Bit of Hope
Ryouta: There are two things I'd like to ask of you.
Ryouta: One is to make a copy of this medicine.
Kogorou: ...
Kogorou: What is this?
Ryouta: This is what the magic users call anti-death medicine.
Kogorou: Anti-death medicine?
Kogorou: What exactly are magic users?
Kogorou: Speak in a way that I understand.
Text: Despite the risks, Ryouta has revealed the existence of "magic users"...

Page 2
Ryouta: It all began...with a transfer student.
Ryouta: She looks exactly like a childhood friend of mine.
Kogorou: Kuroneko you mean.
Kogorou: It must be her if you're talking about a childhood friend.
Kogorou: But Kuroneko is dead.
Kogorou: Because you've killed her yourself back then.
Kogorou: I understand your feeling of wanting her to be alive out of your sense of guilt, but don't try to run away from reality.
Now matter how how similar they look, she's just a different person.
Ryouta(thought): This guy holds nothing back...
Ryouta: ...You don't need to tell me that, I know.
Ryouta: That transfer student is a "magic user".
Ryouta: She saved me using "magic" when I was about to die in a landslide...
That's when I first found out about the existence of "magic users".

Page 3
Ryouta: Those girls, the magic users. probably...had their bodies modified to become superhumans.
Ryouta: Every single one of them has a machine stuffed down her spinal cord.
Ryouta: In addition, the machine, called Harnessed, has an unknown organism living inside.
Ryouta: Apparently the girls repeatedly went through unethical experiments in a research facility somewhere.
Ryouta: Four of them have gathered in the Astronomy Club right now, whom escaped before they were "disposed of".
Ryouta: Their powers are "destruction", "foresight", "hacking", and "replacement".
Ryouta: But if they don't take the medicine daily,
Their bodies would melt and they will die.
Kogorou: And that is this medicine.
Ryouta: Yeah.

Page 4
Ryouta: The medicine can only be obtained from the lab.
The girls have already ran out of the medicine they had when the ran away...
Ryouta: So we raided the factory that manufactures the medicine.
Kogorou: Phew.
Kogorou: Pretty impressive.
Kogorou: Dresden Drug Manufacturing...so they're still around.
Kogorou: Although I've never seen this serial number before.
Kogorou: I'll go look it up.
Ryouta: Wait a second.
I ask that you don't use the Internet.
Ryouta: We were ambushed when we raided the factory.
Ryouta: I suspect that it had something to do with the fact that we looked up the serial number and the factory online.
Ryouta: It's too dangerous to type in that number.
And there were no information on it online anyway.
Kogorou: You sure are the worrying type.
Kogorou: But I like that cautious nature of yours.
Kogorou: I'm just going to look it up in books.

Page 5
Kogorou: ...
Kogorou: Hm.
Kogorou: It's just as you say. There's absolutely nothing on it.
Kogorou: The number aside, there's even virtually no information on Dresden.
I've only heard the name once, that it's a special company that no longer manufactured normal medicine after going bankrupt once.
Kogorou: I didn't even know it still existed.
Kogorou: To a drug manufacturer, information on unreleased drugs are top-secret.
Kogorou: There's no way anything could be leaked to outside.
Ryouta: That's why I want you to make this medicine.
Ryouta: Are you able to make a copy from this?
Kogorou: ...

Page 6
Kogorou: It would be a pain, but not impossible.
Ryouta: So you can do it!?
Kogorou: Yeah.
Kogorou: First I extract and separate the different components.
Kogorou: I can do that with machines.
Kogorou: Then I need to see which extracted components are the active ingredient.
Kogorou: If it was a new medicine, I would have to do look at everything...
But since it's already in use, the active ingredient would probably have the highest concentration.
Kogorou: After I extract the active ingredient, I need to analyze the molecular structure.
Ryouta: Molecular structure...
Kogorou: The blueprint for the ingredient.
Kogorou: For example, this is the one for Aspirin.
Kogorou: Aspirin is quite simple.
Kogorou: Figuring out the molecular structures for more complex medicines gets more annoying.

Page 7
Kogorou: Even after I find out the molecular structure, I still need to find the way to make it.
Kogorou: For example, Aspirin is made by having phenol react with carbon dioxide and sodium hydroxide.
Kogorou: If we know the procedures, even students can make it.
Kogorou: In the case of newly developing medicine, it's a process of trial and error with finding the method of synthesis and what to use.
Ryouta: Trial and error?
Kogorou: That's right.
Even if one knows it partially through experience, it's still fundamentally a process of trial and error.
Kogorou: If it's a complex structure, it could require tens of steps.
Kogorou: And I have to figure it all out head-on.
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: In that case...
Ryouta: How long will it take for you to copy this medicine?
Kogorou: ...
Kogorou: Let's see.

Page 8
Kogorou: We'd be lucky to do it within half a year.
Kogorou: If the structure is complicated, several years.
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: Half a year to several years?
Kogorou: Do you realize just how large of a research fund is necessary to develope new medicine?
Kogorou: And even if it's just making a copy, with limited information, it's not that different time-wise.
Kogorou: About how much medicine is left?
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: Enough for about a month...

Page 9
Kogorou: It's impossible.
Kogorou: Give up already.
Ryouta: Kogorou!!
Kogorou: No...
Kogorou: There's still a possibility.
Ryouta: Huh?
Kogorou: If the molecular structure is one of a crystalline compound, then we may be able to make it on time.
Ryouta: Crystalline...
Kogorou: A crystal-type compound like rock candy.
Aspirin that I mentioned earlier is one as well.
Kogorou: If the active ingredient is a crystalline compound, then I would know the molecular compound right away from a X-Ray Crystallography Machine.
Kogorou: Besides, it won't crystallize unless the compound is simple, so that would shorten the process quite a bit.

Page 10
Kogorou: If this "anti-death medicine" is a crystalline compound,
Kogorou: Then it's possible to make it in a month with the students at this research lab.
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: Can it be done?
Kogorou: If the medicine is not of a crystal-type...
Kogorou: Then like I said, it'll be half a year at the very earliest.
Ryouta: How long will it take for you to know if it's the right type?
Kogorou: I won't know until purification, but one day if we're fast.
Ryouta: And the possibility of it being crystalline...
Kogorou: Is low.
There are far more compounds that do not crystallize.
Ryouta: ...

Page 11
Kogorou: How about if you just go to the research lab that the girls were in?
Ryouta: That's impossible.
Ryouta: We don't even know the location or the name of the place.
Ryouta: And even if we did, they have more knowledge on magic users at the lab.
Ryouta: We can't just raid it like the factory.
Kogorou: Then make their existence public and ask for information.
Ryouta: Even if I do that, they will only end up back on experiment tables.
Ryouta: The enemy even utilizes the JSDF and the police.
TN: JSDF=Japan Self-Defense Force
Ryouta: It'll be all over if we get arrested, and I doubt we can find and reach the research lab, then obtain the medicine within a month.
Ryouta: The girls will only end up dying as pieces of exhibits.
Kogorou: ...
Kogorou: I see.
Kogorou: Didn't you say that you had two favors to ask?
What's the other one?

Page 12
Ryouta: I'd like you to look into the contents of this.
Kogorou: ...
Kogorou: What is that?
Ryouta: The fertilized egg of an alien.
Kogorou: ...
Kogorou: Hm...
Kogorou: After magic users, you bring up aliens...
Ryouta: Even I don't believe it completely.
But I was told that, so I would like you to find out what's in it.
Kogorou: Fine.
Kogorou: I'll look into it.

Page 13
Kogorou: So when will you let me meet the magic users?
Ryouta: After you finish making the medicine.
Ryouta: Or else you'd want to use whatever little time they have left to conduct experiments or whatnot.
Kogorou: Then that's not what your promised.
Kogorou: To satisfy my curiosity.
Kogorou: That was supposed to be your end of the deal.
Kogorou: I'm backing away otherwise.
Ryouta: ...Fine.
Ryouta: But the girls have been on the experiment table the whole time in the lab.
They have just started to experience freedom, even if it's temporary.
Ryouta: Please don't do anything like experiments on them.
Kogorou: ...
Kogorou: Alright.
Ryouta: Well then...
Ryouta: Contact me once you find out if the ingredient is a crystalline compound.

Page 14
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: He doesn't know if the medicine can be made until he looks into it.
Neko: ...
Neko: Is that so.
Box: ...
Box: Am I...
Box: Really able to protect her?

Page 15
Kazumi: Neko, today you went to ask about making the medicine, right?
Neko: Huh?
Kazumi: You left together with Murakami.
So how did it go?
Neko: ...The person won't know until he looks into it.
Kazumi: ...Well I guess that's true...
Kotori: I...hope that they can make the medicine.
Kazumi: Yeah.
Kazumi: If they can make however much they want...
Kazumi: Then my dream might come true as well...
Kana: Your dream is probably something perverted anyway.
Kazumi: What!?
Kazumi: Mind your own business!!
Neko: ...

Page 16
Kogorou: Ryouta...
Kogorou: Has no need to corner himself like that, really.
Kogorou: As someone related to him, I'd like to lessen his burden...
Man: Sensei, the purification process is complete.
Kogorou: I'll go right away.
Kogorou: Hah...

Page 17
Box: If Kogorou is no good as well...
Box: Then I have no ideas left...
Box: How...
Box: Can I protect them...?
Ryouta: Hello!?
Kogorou: It's me.
Kogorou: The results are in.
Ryouta: !?
Kogorou: The medicine...

Page 18
Kogorou: Is not a crystalline compound.
Kogorou: In other words...
Kogorou: It's now 100% impossible to finish it within a month.
Text: Even a tiny bit of hope is shattered---

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