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Nononono 142

Thank You

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Aug 22, 2012 17:04 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 142

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

A few words from me:
Wow, before I knew it, I've translated all 142 chapters of this series. This is the first lengthy series that I've worked on from start to finish. It was tough at times, but it was fun. Thanks for reading along for those of you who have done so!

Page 1
Final Chapter: Thank You

Page 2

Page 3
Kishitani: Phew...
Kishitani: How was my jump?
Mikage: Huh?
Kishitani: A pretty good one, right?
Mikage: How should I know?
I'm just waiting for Yuuta here.
Kishitani: Ah!
Yuuta: Kishitani!!
Are you alright now?
Kishitani: Nonomiya!!
Mikage: Yuuta!! Welcome back!!
Yuuta: Wah!!

Page 4
Yuuta: Kishitani!! Is your injury healed now?
Kishitani: Yeah.
Yuuta: I'm glad...you seem pretty energetic...
Kishitani: Of course.
Didn't you see my great jump just now?
Amatsu: I saw it.
Amatsu: What part of that was a great jump?
Amatsu: You landed far above the K point.
Kishitani: ...Shut up you.
Kishitani: I just got better so I'm not back to my full strength yet.
Yuuta: No.
Yuuta: You jumped just like that before your injury.
So it's a complete recover.
Kishitani: ...
Mikage: But I'm so glad for all of you.
You stood on a podium abroad and made names for yourselves.
Yuuta: Yeah, but it was only the Continental Cup.
Yuuta: After that, there's still World Cup.
And World Championships.
Yuuta: Then the Olympics.
We still have a long ways to go.

Page 5
Mikage: Well, I'm the World Cup champion, and a gold medalist for the World Champion series.
Hurry up and try to catch up to me.
Kishitani: ...
Kishitani: But since it's you, Nonomiya...
I knew that you would win the Continental Cup no sweat.
Yuuta: ...Yeah.
Yuuta: And I'm fine now.
Yuuta: Since I see that you are all better now.
Kishitani: Huh?
Yuuta: Just you watch.
Yuuta: I will win all the remaining matches.
Kishitani: ...That confidence...
Kishitani(thought): But all this time, she has always followed her words...
Kishitani(thought): ...If it's her...
Kishitani(thought): Then maybe she'll really...
Emperor: You lot, get out of my way!!
Yuuta: Huh!?

Page 6
Mikage: Kyaah!!
Mikage: That's dangerous!! Why did you just do that!?
Emperor: Shut up!!
Emperor: You're the ones just standing around and taking up space in the braking track!!

Page 7
Mikage: Because you're like that they excluded you from the overseas group!!
Emperor: What!?
Emperor: What did you say!?
Let me do you!!
Mikage: H...huh!?
Kishitani: It's getting noisy all of a sudden...
Yuuta: Hey Amatsu,
Let's go jump as well.
Amatsu: Alright.
Amatsu: Nonomiya.
Yuuta: Hm?
Amatsu: Ever since I met you, I've thought that you're too feminine.
Amatsu: But I'm really glad that you're a guy.
Yuuta: Huh?

Page 8
Amatsu: Because this way,
Amatsu: We can aim for the Olympics together.
Yuuta: ...
Yuuta: Yeah.
Yuuta: Huh?
Yuuta: You're going to jump the normal hill?
Amatsu: Yeah.
Amatsu: I can go farther than you even on normal.
Yuuta: ...I see how it is.

Page 9
Yuuta: Alright Amatsu!! Get set...
Yuuta: ...
Yuuta: Go!!
Yuuta(thought): Up to this point...
Yuuta(thought): Many painful things happened.

Page 10
But at the same time,
There were many fun memories as well.
I made some great friends,
And friends who would put their lives on the line for my dream.
I've only been thinking about going to the Olympics alone...
But now I have people who aim for the dream together with me.

Page 11
No longer just my dream alone.
That's why...
I will take...
That gold medal!!

Page 12

Page 13
The sky is clear, but...
The wind is strong...

Page 14
Mikage: ...
Mikage: Huh?
Mikage: Ah...!
Yuuta: Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Page 15
Mikage: Yuuta!!
Mikage: Are you alright!?
Yuuta: Ow...
Amatsu: Nonomiya!!
Amatsu: Are you injured!?
Yuuta: No...I'm fine...
Mikage: ...That's a relief...
Mikage: Yuuta sure is strong.
Mikage: Since he's the only guy I've ever liked.
Both: Tch!
Mikage: Can you stand?
Yuuta: ...Yeah...

Page 16
Yuuta: I'm perfectly fine.

Page 17
All three: A girl---------!?
Yuuta: Huh...?

Page 18

Page 19
Mikage: Yuuta---
Mikage: You'll miss the train if you don't get up soon---
Mikage: Yuuta...
Mikage: Oh, so you're awake already.
Yuuta: Ah...
Yuuta: Yeah.
Mikage: ...I'm so happy for you, Yuuta.
Yuuta: Huh?
Mikage: Half of your dream,
Mikage: Has already come true.

Page 20
Yuuta: ...
Yuuta: Yeah.
Speaker: And now, we will begin the interview,
Speaker: Of the Japanese representatives for the winter Olympics.

Page 21
National team rank A, Makino Shinji.
Terashi Kazuya.
Shiriya Kiyoshi.
Amatsu Akira.

Page 22
Nonomiya Yuuta.

Page 23
I'm finally here.
Standing alongside

Page 24
And then,

Page 25
Making Nonomiya Yuuta into a gold medalist.


Thank you for everyone who read this far.

When I go and gather materials for the series, people always ask me why I chose ski jumping as the theme. Every time, I'm at a loss for words.

Back when I was in high school, there was a poster on the bulletin board that featured a ski jumper flying, and with enough audiences watching in the background to cover up almost the whole poster. It was both so cool and scary, that I think I must have stood in front of it and stared for about 2, 3 minutes. Even since then, I have always been thinking about using ski jumping as the theme in a manga. I believed that the coolness and the scariness of the sport, along with the Olympics as a goal would make a very interesting story.

I didn't really expect to actually have it serialized, but one thing I regret is the fact I couldn't fully express the awesomeness of ski jumping fully.
I still have not been able to find the poster that I saw that day when I was in high school.

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#1. by viaggero ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2012
Thank you very much
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