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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gokukoku no Brynhildr 29

A Strange Characteristic

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Oct 24, 2012 05:32 | Go to Gokukoku no Brynhildr

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Text: I wonder if my boobs will get bigger.
Chapter 29: A Strange Characteristic

Page 2
Kotori: What...
Kotori: Should we do now...?
Kotori: We lost our lead with the map...
Kotori: And we can't get close to the church anymore...
Ryouta: It's alright.
Ryouta: We still have a bit of hope left.
Neko: ...
Neko: Hope...?

Page 3
Ryouta: In the device that I got from Kuroha,
Ryouta: There was a place that looked like a password goes in there.
Kotori: Did you find out what the password was?
Ryouta: No.
Kotori: Huh?
Ryouta: But...
Ryouta: Within the words written on the wall of the church...two of them were marked in blood.
Ryouta: That could be the password.
Ryouta: I'll try putting them in after I get back to the observatory.
Neko: ...
Box: However, if that isn't the password,
Box: Then it's all over.

Page 4
Kazumi: Phew...
Kazumi: I guess saving Murakami was a success.
Kana: Kazumi.
There's something I need to say to you.
Kazumi: Hm?
Kana: A while back, I felt, for the first time...
Kana: In a long time, such a strong urge to kill you.
Kana: You blabbermouth...
Kazumi: Ah...

Page 5
Kazumi: Hey, don't be so angry.
Kazumi: It's not like I could help it.
I had to say it at the time.
Kazumi: And you're always saying that, but how are you going to kill me?
Kana: You know that I could move if I really wanted to.
Kazumi: But if you did that,
Kazumi: Neko would die you know.
Kana: ...
Kana: You really piss me off...
Kazumi: ...
Kazumi: Kana.
Aren't you being really cocky lately?
Kana: What?

Page 6
Kazumi: Your boobs got bigger again, didn't they?
Kana: !?
Kazumi: So cocky, even though you're younger...
Kana: I-I-I-I don't know!
And where are you looking!?
Kazumi: Let me see them for a bit.
Kana: A...
Are you an idiot!?
Kazumi: Oh! You're wearing no bra <3
Kana: Stop!! Stop!!
Kazumi: Don't be so cheap.
I'll make you feel really good.
Kana: Liar!! You don't really know about those things!!
No---!! Stop it---!!

Page 7
Neko: What are you doing?
Kotori: We have returned!!
Kana: Neko!! I was just about to be killed by Kazumi!!
Kazumi: Don't make me the villain!!
Neko: Were you picking on Kana-chan?
Kazumi: No no no...of course not!
Kazumi: Right, Kana!?
Kazumi: We were getting along just fine, yeah!?
Kana: ...

Page 8
Kazumi: Hey Kana, want to have a pudding?
There was one in the fridge.
Kotori: Th-th-th,
That's mine!
Kazumi: Don't be so cheap!
If you eat any more sweet things, you'll become an even bigger pig!
Kotori: Pig------!?
An even bigger one!?
Kazumi: Let me tell you something!!
Rather than an ally, you're more our emergency ration!!
Kotori: I'm food!?
Ryouta: That's enough!!
Ryouta: Kazumi,
I have a favor to ask.
Kazumi: Hm? What is it?

Page 9
Ryouta: Are you able to...
Ryouta: Take out the antennae from this so no information can be transmitted?
Ryouta: I can't just go to Tokyo every time I need to turn this on.
Kazumi: Hm...
Kazumi: It's not like I can't...
Kazumi: But by just removing the antennae, there's no guarantee that no faint signal will leak out of the circuit...
Kazumi: I can take a look though.
Is it ok that I let you know by tomorrow?
Ryouta: Sure, thanks.

Page 10
Man: Chief,
Man: I received a report from the prefectural police.
That a girl with a ring on her neck has been witnessed.
Man: Judging by the report, it was probably number 1107.
Man: Another one was number 7620.

Page 11
Man: It seemed like they were acting together with a high-school-aged male.
Man: ...
Man: How many people saw the the place?
Man: 6 members of the police.
Man: This is the perfect time for number 5210 to clean up, isn't it?
Man: ...
Man: Sure, do that.
Man: After that, assign number 5210 the task of recovering Grane.
Man: Understood.

Page 12

Page 13
Man: Hello everyone.
Man: Thank you for gathering here today.
Man: I would like to hear in detail about yesterday.
Man: I don't know what kind of person you are...
Man: But what are those sunglasses for?
Man: Oh...
Man: This is necessary for my own protection...
Man: Please don't mind it.
Man: There's nothing more to say.
Man: Everything has been written in the report.
Man: A girl with a ring on her neck and a high-school-aged male ran away after we tried to capture them.
Man: That's not all.

Page 14
Man: We saw something that can only be "superhuman powers".
Man: All six of us.
Man: Destroying the police car, gun bullets, and creating countless holes on the ground.
Man: And I was mysteriously transported elsewhere.
Man: So the order to fire, normally not allowed in the regulations...
Was issued because we're facing "superhumans"?
Man: In other words, you knew about the existence of people with those powers.
Man: Let's hear an explanation that I can accept.
If not, I'll be doing something about it.
Man: ...
Man: That's why I hate dealing with people not interested in moving up in ranks...
Man: It can't be helped.
Man: Let me tell you everything we know.
Man: !?
Man: Actually, there's someone we'd like you all to meet.
Man: What?

Page 15
Man: Who's that!?
Man: Please calm down.
Man: Do as you were told.
Or else it won't be just an ejection.
Girl: ...
Man: She's one of those "superhumans" you mentioned.
Man: And a strong one at that.
Man: Her face has a strange characteristic.
You probably won't see it a second time.
Man: Please take a good look.

Page 16

Page 17
Man: Is that enough?
Man: You can leave now.
Man: Hm.
Man: Now then, let me ask about yesterday.
Man: That again?
How many times do I need to tell you?

Page 18
Man: We tried to capture a high-school-aged male trespassing in the church, but he ran away.
Man: That is all that happened.
Man: There are no damage reports, so not worthy of writing up a report.
Man: So why are you questioning us about it?
Man: ...
I see.
Man: My apologies.
Text: The unknown nature of the girl's power...and the evil that's creeping toward Neko and the others---

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