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Gokukoku no Brynhildr 31


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Nov 10, 2012 20:21 | Go to Gokukoku no Brynhildr

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Text: Now is the time to show off their abilities...!
Kana: Neko, how about if you just show him,
Kana: Your magical powers?
Kogorou: That is exciting.
Chapter 31: Oops?
Kogorou: Please do show me evidence that you are magic users.
Neko: ...
Neko: I'm sorry.
Ryouta: Huh?

Page 2
Neko: When I used my power this morning, I hung up...
So I can't use my magic anymore today...
Ryouta: What!?
Ryouta: How much force did you put into breaking the window to hang up with just one use!?
Neko: I don't know, I don't know!!
I did it subconsciously!! I couldn't control it!!
Kogorou: What's going on?
Ryouta: Well...
If they use their powers too much, they will hang up and no longer able to use the powers again for that day...
Ryouta: ...Fine.
Kotori, show him how you can swap places.
Kotori: Ah...!
Kotori: Um...
Kotori: About that...

Page 3
Kotori: This morning, when I was about to be late...
I switched places with a person walking ahead of me, so I hung up as well...
Ryouta: Whaaaaaat!?
Ryouta: Why did you do that!?
What happens if someone saw you doing that!?
Kotori: I-I-I-I know, but!!
I was scared that they'll be angry with me being late!!
Kotori: So I can't use magic anymore...
Ryouta: ...
Kazumi: Geez...
Kazumi: That leaves just me then...
Kazumi: So the name of that middle-aged guy is Hashiratani Kogorou?
Kogorou: Yeah.
Kazumi: Huh, you don't look at any porn sites.
How boring.
Kogorou: What?
Kazumi: All you do is to bid on figurines online, and old ones at that.
What are you doing at your office computer?
Kogorou: ...

Page 4
Kazumi: Woah!! You're loaded!!
With your money divided in different accounts...
Kazumi: Why does an university professor have so much money?
Kogorou: They're stocks.
Kazumi: Oh...?
Kazumi: In that case, how about if I just make all your hard-earned money disappear?
Kazumi: Using my magic.
Kogorou: I don't mind.
Kazumi: What!?
Kogorou: If you understand how the economy works, there's no limit on how much you can make.
Kogorou: As long as there are many laborers willing to do hard work in exchange for money in society.

Page 5
Kogorou: And which part of that is magic exactly?
Kazumi: Huh?
Kogorou: You're just like a hacker.
None of that is magic or supernatural phenomenon.
Kazumi: ...
Kogorou: And what can you do?
Kana: Foresight...
Kana: I can foresee people close by who will suffer unnatural deaths.
Kana: But...
Kana: It doesn't happen all that often...
So even if you want me to show it to you now...
Kogorou: ...
Kogorou: What is all this?

Page 6
Kogorou: In the end, none of you can show me any magic.
Ryouta: Sorry...
If a day passes, their powers will be back, so if you can come back tomorrow...
Kogorou: Don't be stupid.
Kogorou: You know how I hate all moving vehicles.
I walked all the way here.
Kogorou: And it took two hours.
Kogorou: It will take two more hours on the way back.
Are you telling me to do that again when I don't even know if I get to see magic?
Kana: Ah...!
Kazumi: What happened?
Kana: I had a foresight...

Page 7
Kana: Thunder will strike the playground equipment in an elementary school, and three children will die.
Kana: In 10 minutes from now...
Neko: What!?
Neko: In 10 minutes!?
Kogorou: ...
Ryouta: Do you know which school?
Kana: I do.
Municiple Okushin Elementary School.
Ryouta: Then there's no problem.
Ryouta: They can be saved easily.
Ryouta: Kazumi,
Can you make a call to the school without them tracing back here?
Kazumi: That's too easy.
Kazumi: Here.
It's connected already.
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: Hello?

Page 8
Ryouta: This is the cyber crime task force of the police.
There has been an advanced notice of a poison gas attack in your school yard that posted on the internet.
Ryouta: Please evacuate all school children from the yard and take them inside.
Ryouta: Officers have been dispatched to the area...
Ryouta: There is no time, so please make haste in the evacuation before they arrive.
Ryouta: This is Sasaki from the cyber crime task force.
Excuse me, but could I ask for your name?
Ryouta: ...I got it.
Ryouta: After you evacuate the children, please follow the directions of the police.
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: Phew...
Ryouta: How was that?
Kana: ...

Page 9
Kana: Good.
Kana: The foresight changed.
Kotori: I'm so glad...
Ryouta: They won't believe me if I just tell them that lightning will strike.
Saying things like that will probably be more effective.
Kogorou: Are you telling me that she just had a foresight?
Kogorou: What a bad act.
Ryouta: It wasn't an act!!
At the very least, you saw the destructive magic in your office the other day.
Kogorou: If you can't do it again in a different location, then it was just a trick.
Kogorou: It's standard fare for fakers of supernatural powers to not be able to do it all the time.
What I wanted to see was supernatural phenomenon that is consistent and undoutable.
Kogorou: Right now, I'm betting on an extremely slim chance and mobilizing the students to reproduce the medicine.
Why do you think I believed in your silly story that their bodies will melt if they don't take the medicine?
Kogorou: Because you said that you can show me supernatural abilities with confidence.
Kogorou: I'm stopping the medicine reproduction.\
Ryouta: Wait...!
Kogorou: If you're not happy with that, then show me when their bodies actually melt.

Page 10
Kogorou: Ryouta, I'm disappointed in you.
Kogorou: I thought you were smarter than that.
Ryouta: Oi...
Ryouta: You lot.
Ryouta: When I'm trying to do everything I can to save you...
Ryouta: Why are you using your powers on such stupid things?
And in front of people too...
Ryouta: Weren't you going to get killed if people find out about the magic, and they catch you?
Ryouta: Isn't that how it is? Am I wrong?
Kotori: I-I-I-I'm sorry...
Both: ...

Page 11
Kogorou: What's gotten into Ryouta?
Kogorou: He never had a habit of lying.
Kogorou: Should I consult sis?
But I made a promise to not tell anyone about it...
TV: Today in the afternoon...
Tv: Thunder has struck an elementary school yard.
Kogorou: !?
TV: At about 4pm, lightning hit the playground equipment that is approximately 2 meters high,
TV: In the yard of Municipal Okushin Elementary School.
TV: Fortunately, no children were nearby, and there were no injuries.

Page 12
TV: It made a really loud noise, like "boom"!
Kogorou: ...
Kogorou: What about the possibility of a coincidence?
Kogorou: ...It depends on the exact time.
They have a hacker capable of getting access to people's bank accounts.
Kogorou: So there's the possibility of finding out about it right away and then pretend it was a foresight.
Kogorou: That "foresight" was announced at 4pm exactly.
Kogorou: The news report said "about" 4pm...
Kogorou: If it happened before 4 o'clock, then it was just cheating.

Page 13
Kogorou: ...I see.
Kogorou: The exact time of the lightning strike was 4:11pm.
The "foresight" was much earlier.
Kogorou: Which means...
Kogorou: The foresight was real.
Kogorou: Does that mean Ryouta is telling the truth?
Kogorou: It's true that there is a possibilty the fertilized egg is of extraterrestrial origin...
Kogorou: ...
Kogorou: ...It can't be helped.
Kogorou: I guess I'll walk two hours again...

Page 14
Man: First, let's get some things clear.
Man: They can eject your beacon remotely at any time.
Man: And if I don't contact the research lab at a set interval, it will also automatically eject.
Man: If you don't want to die, then you'll listen to what I say.
Girl: ...
Man: You are looking for number 1107.
Man: It's this girl.
Girl: Who is she?
Man: There's no need for you to know.
But if you can catch her without causing any trouble, there will be a reward for you.
Man: Let's go see the eye-witness then.

Page 15
Man: May I take up a moment?
Woman: Yes?
Man: Can you do it?
Girl: ...
Girl: I'm done.
Number 1107 didn't come here.
Man: What?
Man: ...
Man: That was fast.

Page 16
Girl: The guy in the hat and glasses was also in the old lady's memory, just like with the police officers.
Girl: But number 1107 wasn't there.
Man: Can you draw a portrait of the guy?
Girl: I can.
I'm good at drawing.
Man: ...Oh well.
Man: We'll have to deal with him at some point, but for now we focus on number 1107.
Girl: There's no point in doing a scan unless we go to a more crowded place.
Man: ...You're right.

Page 17

Page 18
Setting her magic power free in the crowd...!

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