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Gokukoku no Brynhildr 33

Girl and Gun

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Nov 22, 2012 07:15 | Go to Gokukoku no Brynhildr

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Ryouta: Hm?
Ryouta: Kitsuka?
Chapter 33: Girl and Gun
Text: The one waiting for Ryouta is his tutoring student, Kitsuka. What does her expression mean...!?

Page 2
Ryouta: Kitsuka...what's wrong?
Kitsuka: ...
Kitsuka: Ryouta...
Kitsuka: Um...
Kitsuka: My friend says she wants to meet you.
Ryouta: Huh?
Kitsuka: Will you come with me for a bit?
Ryouta: ...

Page 3
Kitsuka: I think it's around here...
Ryouta: Is she the one?
Kitsuka: Ah!

Page 4
Kitsuka: Nanami-chan,
I brought Ryouta here.
Nanami: Thank you.
Nanami: And that's all I need from you.
Kitsuka: Huh?
Kitsuka: ...
Kitsuka: Ok...
Kitsuka: Why did I have to introduce a girl to Ryouta!?
Kitsuka: I don't understand...
Kitsuka: ...
Kitsuka: Wait a second.
Kitsuka: Just where did I meet someone like her...?

Page 5
Ryouta: Your name is...
Nanami: Nanami.
Nanami: I found Number 1107.
Ryouta: Huh?

Page 6
Nanami: Kotori, Kazumi, Neko, and Kana are in the observatory.
Ryouta: What!?
Nanami: I didn't think you'd hide 4 at once...
Ryouta(thought): A magic user!?
Ryouta(thought): An assassin...
Ryouta(thought): She found us!?
Ryouta: Wait!!

Page 7
Ryouta: !?
Nanami: You're in the way.
Nanami: I've never shot one before but it's probably real.
I wouldn't mind trying it.
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: Could it be that you can see people's memories?
Ryouta: By getting close to or just looking at someone in the eyes,
You can see the person's memories?
Nanami: ...
Ryouta: And with such ridiculous speed...
There's no other explanation for this.

Page 8
Ryouta: No, not just see...
But you can change what you see as well?
Nanami: ...
Why do you think that?
Ryouta: Usually Kitsuka gets really ticked off by just seeing me talking with girls.
So it was really unnatural for her to bring me to you.
Ryouta: And in the first place, she wouldn't be friends with a magic user.
Ryouta: If she believes that you are indeed her friend, then it probably means that you changed her memories.
Ryouta: You probably knew my face,
Ryouta: From the memories of the old lady at the souvenir shop in Karuizawa or the police officer.
Ryouta: Then you probably saw my face in Kitsuka's memories as she was walking around town,
And modified her memories so that she would bring me here.
Nanami: ...

Page 9
Nanami: Just who are you?
Ryouta: I knew that in order to use your powers,
You had to either get close to someone, or look at the persons in the eyes...
Ryouta: But asking me the question seems to indicate that you need to look at me in the eyes.
Nanami: ...
Nanami: I failed...
Nanami: I didn't expect it to be a guy who's so observant...
Nanami: I was planning to erase your memories of me...
Nanami: But you won't look at me in the eyes anymore.
Ryouta: Is there anything besides the beacon that has you tied down?
Like someone being held hostage or something.
Nanami: Huh?
Nanami: ...
Nanami: Not really.

Page 10
Ryouta: In that case, I'll remove the beacon for you.
Nanami: What?
Ryouta: If you don't have the beacon, you won't be our enemy anymore, right?
Nanami: ...
Nanami: That won't work.
Nanami: If the sensor senses even a tiny amount of abnormality, it will eject me.
Nanami: And why would you want to help me in the first place?
Ryouta: ...
I have two reasons.
Ryouta: The first is to help ourselves.
Ryouta: If you report the existence of magic users in the observatory, then both me and the girls will be killed.
Ryouta: That's why I can't just let you go back like this.
Ryouta: And the second reason...
Is that all the assassins so far have been the type to kill right away.
Ryouta: But you didn't kill me with the gun just now when you could have.

Page 11
Ryouta: It seems like we can be friends.
That's I want to help.
Nanami: ...
Nanami: Friens...
Ryouta: Please tell me.
Ryouta: How is the beacon activated?
Nanami: ...
Nanami: The people at the research lab can eject me remotely whenever they want.
Ryouta: Then wouldn't it be fine if you hid in a place where the signal won't reach?
Nanami: That won't work.
If I don't receive the extension signals within 24 hours, it will automatically eject.

Page 12
It's me.
There are no abnormalities. The search is going smoothly.
Please send the extension signal to Number 5210's beacon.
I will contact you again tomorrow.
But why...
Am I am doing work while keeping a lookout at the castle and contacting them again...?

Page 13
Nanami: There's no need for me to do something risky like removing the beacon.
Nanami: I found out about your location, so my task is complete.
Nanami: I don't have any medicine, so after I erase your memories and fully enjoy my freedom outside tomorrow...
I'll restore the memories of the man who was keeping a watch on me and make my report.
Nanami: If I succeed in my mission, I will be given a reward.
Ryouta: Reward?
Ryouta: What will you receive as reward?
Nanami: ...
That has nothing to do with you.
Ryouta: Will you kill Neko and the others for it?
Nanami: Who knows...I was just ordered to find them.
I don't know what happens after that.
Nanami: Even if I can do something about the beacon, I will die right away without the medicine.
Ryouta: If it's the medicine, we still have plenty left.

Page 14
Ryouta: And also,
Right now we're trying to see if we can reproduce the medicine.
Nanami: What?
Nanami: ...
I don't believe that.
Ryouta: Please believe me.
Ryouta: If you only do something about the beacon, you can be free.
Are you fine with only one day of freedom tomorrow?
Nanami: ...
Nanami: ...
Nanami: Fufu.
Nanami: It's hard to believe you when you avert your eyes like that...
Nanami: I need to peek into your memories one more time,
Nanami: And if what you say is true, then I'll believe you.
Ryouta: ...
You won't erase or replace my memories?
Nanami: Hmph...

Page 15
Nanami: You're telling me to believe you...
Nanami: And yet you don't trust me.
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta(thought): Is there no other way?
Ryouta(thought): She would just be a normal girl without the gun,
Ryouta(thought): And I may have been able to restrain her.
Ryouta(thought): If she fires here...
Ryouta(thoguht): Even if I'm not killed, people will gather here, including the police, and it'll be all over...
Ryouta: Fine.

Page 16

Page 17
Nanami: I'm sorry.
Nanami: I went a bit overboard.
Nanami: You are a threat for knowing too much,
Nanami: So I erased all of your memories.
Nanami: From the moment you were born.
Now you're just a baby who can't even speak.

Page 18
Ryouta: Waaah!!
Ryouta: Waaah!!
Ryouta: Waaah!!
Ryouta: Waaah!!
Nanami: ...
Nanami: Sorry.
Nanami: I can't live...
Nanami: Without constantly erase myself from people's memories...
Text: Ryouta could only cry as he was turned back into a baby...!!

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