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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Gokukoku no Brynhildr 37

High Stakes

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Dec 31, 2012 05:58 | Go to Gokukoku no Brynhildr

-> RTS Page for Gokukoku no Brynhildr 37

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Nanami: I'm sorry.
Nanami: I lied to you.
Neko: ...
Chapter 37: High Stakes
Nanami: I have been erasing myself from many people's memories all this time.
Because I was ordered to do so.
Nanami: As a result, no one knows me.
And I have no friends.
Nanami: You and I are not friends.
Nanami: But...
Text: Nanami modified Neko's memories, but she was moved by Neko's kindness...!?

Page 2
Nanami: Why do you believe in me so much?
Nanami: I don't want to go back anymore...
Nanami: And I don't need my reward.
Nanami: I don't want to...
Erase myself from your memories...

Page 3
Nanami: What...
Nanami: Should I do...?
Neko: Nanami-chan...
Ryouta(thought): "Before we think of what to do,"
Ryouta(thought): "We need to make a decision."
Ryouta: Do we fight her,
Ryouta: Or do we run away from here.
All: ...
Neko: I don't like either.
Neko: I...

Page 4
Neko: Want to help her.
Neko: No one wants to go back to a place like that.
And no one wants to be experimented on.
Neko: You'll just be enduring painful things.
Neko: I will help you.
Neko: We can come up with something if everyone worked together.
Ryouta: ...Even with her memories modified...
Ryouta: I guess there's no changing the way she is...
Box: Gotta do something...
About Nanami's beacon first...

Page 5
Kazumi: Murakami!
Ryouta: What is it?
Kazumi: That middle-aged man from before came again.
Ryouta: Middle-aged man?
Is it Kogorou?
Kazumi: Seems like he changed his mind, and came to see magic again.
Ryouta: ...That's perfect.
Ryouta: Kogorou is a professor of biochemistry...
But we need all the help we can get to remove Nanami's beacon.
Ryouta: We'll head there right away with Nanami.
Kazumi: Wait...

Page 6
That's nice.
Everyone is living here together.

Page 7
Nanami: Don't you need to wear sunglasses?
Ryouta: Well...
That would make it seem like we don't trust you.
Nanami: I'll just tell you this:
I can't erase anything, but I make up and plant some random memories.
Ryouta: What!?
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: I see...
Kogorou: I don't wear sunglasses because I don't believe in supernatural abilities like modifying people's memories?
Nanami: ...
Who is this person?
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: Anyway, are Kuroha's memories back?
Nanami: They should be.

Page 8
Ryouta: Well?
Neko: ...
I'm not too sure...
Ryouta: Who am I?
Neko: Huh?
Murakami-kun, right?
Ryouta: Then you're fine.
Ryouta: What kind of memories did you fill in for her?
Nanami: Didn't I tell you?
Nanami: I erased her recent memories,
Grabbed a random name she knew, and made it into the of her childhood friend.
Nanami: You simply became the person who killed that friend.
Box: ...
Kuroneko would of course know my name...
Box: But it's not really like Neko remembered me as a child...
Ryouta: Oh well.
Anyway, sit in this chair.

Page 9
Ryouta: We want to remove this mechanism.
Ryouta: This beacon is for remotely pressing the eject button on the necks of magic users.
Kogorou: Eject button?
Ryouta: All magic users have it on the back of their necks.
When it gets pressed, the magic user melts and then dies.
Ryouta: All the assassins sent out by the lab have the beacon attached.
Ryouta: So that they can be killed if they disobey an order.
Kogorou: ...
I find it very hard to believe...
Kogorou: But alright, let's go with it for now.

Page 10
Kogorou: It's hooked very tightly into the ring on her neck.
I don't see anything that looks like a keyhole.
Kogorou: It's probably removed with a signal or a button press.
Ryouta: Apparently there are sensors, and it would self-activate if anyone tries to force it off.
Kogorou: Of course, or else it's not much of a handicap.
Ryouta: Do you think you can remove it?
Kogorou: It's probably not impossible, but I don't have enough information yet.
Kogorou: First I'd like to know its structure by running hard x-ray through it.
How much time do we have left?
TN: Hard x-ray are photon energies below 0.2-0.1 nm in wavelength.
Nanami: ...I should already be back by now.
Nanami: If the person finds out about it, I could be ejected at any moment.
Ryouta: Kana,
Do you have any foresights?
Kana: I don't...
But I can't see all deaths, and I may only be able to see it right before it happens...

Page 11
Kogorou: We don't have time to look into it properly...
So we can take a risk and disable the sensor with liquid nitrogen, and the forcibly remove the beacon with tools.
Ryouta: That's too risky.
Ryouta: It may work if the sensor only reacts to signals, but if it explodes upon physical pressure, then freezing it would be meaningless.
Kogorou: I know.
We're dealing with high stakes here.
Nanami: That's fine with me.
Nanami: I won't die anymore.
Ryouta: What?
Nanami: Even at the lab, because my powers are dangerous, I wasn't allowed to see any other magic users.
Nanami: Only very few who experimented on me know about my existence.

Page 12
Nanami: People's don't simply disappear from this world when they die.
Nanami: They only truly die when they are forgotten by those who are alive.
Nanami: That's why it doesn't matter whether I lived or died.
Nanami: No one knows of my existence,
And I don't have a single friend.
Nanami: But...
Nanami: If you all won't forget about me...that is enough even if I die.
Nanami: With just that...
Nanami: I would be more alive than I ever have been.
Neko: That's wrong.

Page 13
Neko: Because...
Neko: We would be sad if you died.
Neko: We will never forget about you.
Neko: But if you died now...
Neko: We will all be sad whenever we think of you.
Neko: I don't want that.
Neko: Don't say that you don't mind dying.
Kazumi: Normally,

Page 14
Kazumi: You don't call someone a friend when they just remember you.
Kazumi: You're friends because you like each other.
Kazumi: Because you want friends so much...
Kazumi: I feel bad for you.
Kazumi: So I'll be your friend.
Kotori: M-m-m-me too!
Kotori: It would be the greatest honor if I can be your friend!!
Kazumi: Kotori has few friends to begin with.
Kotori: D-d-d-don't say that!!
Kana: I wouldn't mind being a friend for you if you don't freely peek or change people's memories.
Ryouta: Who do you think you are...

Page 15
Ryouta: ...Well, you know.
Ryouta: I thought that we could be friends since the very beginning.
Nanami: I thought that I wouldn't mind dying if I made friends...
Nanami: But I'm a fool.
Nanami: Obviously that makes me want to live even more...
Kogorou: If we want to be careful, then we need x-ray.
I'll contact the school to make them ready.
Ryouta: Please do.
Kana: Aaah!! No!!
Ryouta: Huh!?

Page 16

Page 17

Page 18
Man: That idiot...
Man: Why did she run away...
Text: The moment their hearts connected is the moment they had to say goodbye...!
All: Nanamiii!!

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#1. by viaggero ()
Posted on Dec 31, 2012
Page 18 is missing...
#2. by cookie_on_fire ()
Posted on Dec 31, 2012
I know...but none of the raw sources that I know of have the last page...
Do you have it?
#3. by viaggero ()
Posted on Dec 31, 2012
Check your email thanks...
#4. by cookie_on_fire ()
Posted on Dec 31, 2012
Thanks. The missing page has been added.
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