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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Gokukoku no Brynhildr 40


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Feb 11, 2013 17:19 | Go to Gokukoku no Brynhildr

-> RTS Page for Gokukoku no Brynhildr 40

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 40: Leads
Text: Armed with new determination, Ryouta goes to see Kogorou. What is waiting for him...!?

Page 2
Kogorou: Well, take a seat.
Ryouta: Kogorou...
Ryouta: You haven't lost your memories at that time, have you?
Kogorou: ...
Kogorou: Why do you think that?
Ryouta: You were out of her sight the entire time.

Page 3
Kogorou: Yeah, I remember.
Kogorou: The entire thing.
Ryouta: Then...
Kogorou: I will agree.
Kogorou: A girl that ran away from a lab somewhere was killed.
Kogorou: ...
Kogorou: But...
Kogorou: No matter how many time you experience it, seeing someone die right in front of you is unpleasant.

Page 4
Kogorou: Even more so...
Kogorou: When it's caused by evil intents of men.
Ryouta: If we don't get some medicine...
Ryouta: The other four will share the same fate.
Ryouta: That's why I need your help.
Kogorou: I already know that.
Kogorou: With less than a month, creating the medicine is impossible.
Kogorou: Unless there are other leads...
Ryouta: I have 3 leads.
Kogorou: Three?

Page 5
Ryouta: One of them is this.
Ryouta: It's something that was given to Kuroha by a lab employee when she ran away.
Ryouta: I turned it on only once when I was far away from this area.
Kogorou: What happened?
Ryouta: The screen displayed "Kill the witches and I will show you the truth" in German...
Ryouta: And then a map and a field for inputting a password.
Kogorou: German...
Kogorou: Dresden Drugs was a German company.
Box: Oh yeah...
Dresden was the captial city of the former East Germany.
Box: It was completely destroyed during World War II...

Page 6
Kogorou: Have you gone to the place shown on the map?
Ryouta: Yes.
Ryouta: Of course.
Ryouta: It showed a church in Karuizawa, which was already destroyed by the time I got there...
Ryouta: But I found something that looked like it could be a password.
Ryouta: I would like to try putting it in...
Ryouta: Yet there are an antenna and a GPS chip attached to the device, so I can't just turn it on so easily.
Ryouta: What I saw may not be the password...
Ryouta: But it's one of our few leads we have.
Kogorou: ...I got it.
Kogorou: I think the engineering department has an anechoic chamber.
Let's try it over there.
Ryouta: Thank you.

Page 7
Ryouta: The second lead is the testament Nanami has left for me.
Kogorou: Testament?
Ryouta: Yes.
Right before she died, she wrote some information regarding the research lab into my memories.
Ryouta: The alias of the lab is known as Vingulf(The Palace of Witches).
Ryouta: Over there, research on magic users...
Ryouta: In other words, human experiments are conducted.
Kogorou: And the location?
Ryouta: I don't know anything other than the name.
I tried to look it up discreetly, but I didn't find anything.
Ryouta: And there is an organization that is above the research lab.
Ryouta: I don't even know the name of the organization...
But I know its ultimate goal.

Page 8
Ryouta: To "destory the gods".
Kogorou: ...
Kogorou: No idea what they could mean.
Ryouta: That's not true.
Ryouta: The fertilized alien egg.

Page 9
Ryouta: The organization has unearthed the remains of aliens somewhere a hundred years ago.
Ryouta: But they haven't made the discovery public.
Ryouta: I'm pretty certain the magic users were made using alien technologies.
Ryouta: Otherwise, they would be too technologically advanced.
Kogorou: Assuming that there really is alien remains...
Rather than the organization unearthing it, it's probable that the organization was formed because of the discovery.
Kogorou: So they can hog everything themselves...

Page 10
Ryouta: The belief that gods and aliens are one and the same has been pretty common throughout history.
Ryouta: Then perhaps their goal..."destroying the gods", means to destroy the aliens.
Kogorou: Either way, we don't know what it means.
If that's the case, then it would mean there are already so many aliens that they need to be wiped out.
Kogorou: Or, it could be that they are trying to prevent the resurrection of aliens...
Kogorou: Regardless, it's too metaphorical, so we don't know what it means. Did she tell you anything else?
Ryouta: Nothing for now...
Kogorou: For now?
Ryouta: She said that her persona will come out again.
Maybe she'll tell me more when the time comes.
Kogorou: ...

Page 11
Kogorou: And that's the third lead.
Ryouta: Yes.
Ryouta: This contains the parasite that lives in the spinal cord of magical users.
Kogorou: ...Parasite?
Ryouta: Yes.
I don't know what it is.
Ryouta: But it comes out of the harnessed whenever a magic user gets ejected.
Ryouta: That thing was inside Nanami.
Ryouta: It's already dead, so take a look.

Page 12
Kogorou: !?
Ryouta: Wha!?
Kogorou: Tch!!
Ryouta: Kogorou, are you all right!?

Page 13
Kogorou: I thought you said it was dead.
Ryouta: S...sorry!
I'm sure it was yesterday...
Kogorou: But just what is this...
Kogorou: !?

Page 14
Ryouta: Hah...
Ryouta: Hah...
Ryouta: I'm sorry...
Ryouta: It was supposed to be dead.
Kogorou: Geez...
Kogorou: It's like a horror movie.
Ryouta: If this was a horror movie, then you probably contracted some type of virus, and will zombify by some time tonight.
Kogorou: Don't say stuff like that.

Page 15
Kogorou: But...I have been living with such narrow views of the world.
Denying everything that doesn't agree with my own reasoning without giving it any thought...
Kogorou: Now I know just how puny I am.
Kogorou: But this is also a chance for me.
Ryouta: What
Kogorou: No, it's nothing.
Kogorou: So in the end, that device is our only potential lead.
Ryouta: I guess...
Kogorou: We don't have much time.
Let's try turning it on in the anechoic chamber.

Page 16
Ryouta: So you are sure that no signals will leak outside?
Kogorou: Of course.
Or else this room will be meaningless.
Ryouta: Then I'll turn this on.

Page 17
Kogorou: So that's where the password needs to be inputted?
Ryouta: Yes.
Kogorou: And where did you find the password?
Ryouta: In the destroyed church that was shown on the map...
There were markings made by blood on a stone monument.
Ryouta: This is our only remaining lead to the medicine...
Ryouta: If it's not the password...
Ryouta: Then we have no more hope left.

Page 18
Kogorou: Abgelehnt...
It means that it's not the password.
Ryouta: Huh!?
Ryouta: No...
Ryouta: But we don't...
Kogorou: It seems like it's counting the number of failed attempts and the remaining time.
Ryouta: What!?
Kogorou: You only have one remaining chance...
And if you don't enter it within a minute, the data stored inside will be wiped out.
Ryouta: Wait...
Text: What will Ryouta do under pressure!?

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#1. by viaggero ()
Posted on Feb 11, 2013
Thanks... and the last text page 18 please.
#2. by cookie_on_fire ()
Posted on Feb 11, 2013
Pissing parts added.
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