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Gokukoku no Brynhildr 41

Time Limit

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Feb 22, 2013 01:54 | Go to Gokukoku no Brynhildr

-> RTS Page for Gokukoku no Brynhildr 41

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Kogorou: If you don't enter the correct password within a minute...
Kogorou: The data will be erased.
Chapter 41: Time Limit
Ryouta: If we pull out the batteries, couldn't we delay the countdown?
Kogorou: If that will work, they wouldn't bother doing this.
I'm pretty sure the data will be gone if you take them out.
Kogorou: But if you're fine with takin that risk, then we can try pulling the batteries out.
Ryouta: ...
Text: The time goes by, moment by moment! What is the correct password!?

Page 2
Ryouta: So the words I put in are "Beruhmten Helden"...
(Note: There are the two dots on top of "u", I just can't type special characters using Notepad)
Ryouta: I looked it up, and it means "Great Hero" in German.
Kogorou: I know that.
Kogorou: Then I guess we just need to put in a great hero?
Ryouta: Ah...!!
Ryouta: Who could it be?
Ryouta: A great hero in Germany!?
Ryouta: Bismarck... Einstein...

Page 3
Kogorou: Or maybe field marshal Rommel...
Ryouta: I want to try them all, but we only get one try...
Ryouta: And no time either...
Just who is the great hero!?
Kogorou: ...
Kogorou: So you said that it was written on a monument?
Ryouta: Yeah...
Kogorou: Try writing the words that came before and after.
Ryouta: Huh?
Kogorou: You would be able to remember them.
Kogorou: It could provide a hint.
Hurry up, we have no time.
Ryouta: ...

Page 4
Kogorou: 10 seconds remaining.
Ryouta: Shut up!!
Ryouta: It's this!!
Kogorou: ...
Kogorou: Hm.
Kogorou: This is the first verse in "The Nibelungenlied".
Ryouta: !?
Kogorou: In English, "The The Nibelungenlied" would be...
Ryouta: ...

Page 5
Ryouta: It's "Siegfried"!!
Ryouta: I don't know how to spell it!!
TN: Ryouta said the name in Japanese, so he didn't know how to write it using the alphabet.
Kogorou: Siegfried.
Ryouta: Please!!

Page 6
Kogorou: You were correct.
Ryouta: Yes!!
Ryouta: Wha...
Ryouta: It's making a call!!

Page 7
Kogorou: But...
Kogorou: Obviously it's out of service in this chamber.
Ryouta: Is it telling me to make a call from this device by pressing the button?
Kogorou: However, if you make the call at a place that the signals can reach, they will obviously find out about our location.
Ryouta: This word...it's the recipient's name right?
Ryouta: What does it mean...?
Kogorou: ...
Kogorou: Hexenjagd.

Page 8
Kogorou: It means "which hunt".
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: Let me think about what to do.
Kogorou: Alright.
Ryouta: I will get in touch again.

Page 9
Box: "Kill the witches right now"
Box: "Witch hunt"
Ryouta: The person on the other end...
Does not seem like an ally no matter how I look at it...

Page 10
Box: I thought that I wanted to meet people who knew about the research lab and its magic users...
Box: But I could just be unnecessarily making more enemies.
Ryouta: Research lab...
Ryouta: Vingulf...
Ryouta: Where in the world would it be...
Ryouta(thought): What do I do to obtain the medicine in the remaining 3 weeks...?
Ryouta(thought): To save Neko and the others...?

Page 11
I should reflect on this.
When I'm in the lab all the time, I start to think that everything can be proven by science.
Even though "science" is merely "what we understand now"...
I won't admit to anything,
Until it glares at me in the face.
I'm willing to bet...
That this thing contains DNA base sequences that are not found in living organisms on earth.

Page 12
Man: Tanaka Masashi-kun.
Masashi: Yes, sir.
Man: You will be placed in the planning section of Research and Development department.
Man: Tsuchiya Yuki-kun.

Page 13
Yuki: Yes, sir.
Man: You will be placed in Vingulf,
Man: The research laboratory of higher organisms.
Yuki: Excuse me?

Page 14
Yuki: What's going on...?
Yuki: An organization with such a flashy name doesn't even appear on the list...
Man: Tsuchiya Yuki?
Yuki: ...
Man: Get in.

Page 15
Yuki: Pretty nice reception, having the company send someone to pick up a newcomer.
Man: Don't flatter yourself.
Man: It's simply because you don't have the means to get there yourself.
Yuki: ...The means?
Man: Tsuchiya Yuki... Graduated with grades that are second only to the president of Tokyo University of Science.
Desires to be placed in a government research establishment.
Yuki: ...
Man: You don't have many friends, do you?
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Why do you suddenly ask that?
Man: We took the liberty to look into your communication records.

Page 16
Man: In the past 3 weeks, you've made zero calls to others.
And sent zero texts.
Man: Your time spent on the web was long, but mostly to play online games.
Even so, they were all types that had no chat functions, and had minimal contact with other players.
Man: Also, there were viewings of porn videos and visits to boys love sites.
Could it be that you have strong sexual desires despite your homely appearance?
Yuki: ...
Yuki: What is the meaning of all this?
Man: It was proper procedure for the screening process.
Man: Once placed, you won't be able to leave for 2 years.
Man: We were looking for people who would not be missed for that amount of time.
Yuki: ...

Page 17
Yuki: Don't tell me it will be 2 years starting from today.
Man: Of course starting from today.
Yuki: But something like that...
Man: I have a question for you.
Yuki: Please wait, I'm the one who would like to ask some questions.
Man: You...
Man: Do you believe in magic?
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Is this some kind of test again?
Man: No.
I'm simply interested in what you think.
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Obviously I don't.

Page 18
Yuki: But I do wish that they really exist.
Man: Not a bad answer.
Man: Let's show you some magic then.
Text: A mysterious research lab that will seek to suck a young woman into the darkness---

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