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Gokukoku no Brynhildr 42

In the Light

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Mar 6, 2013 03:04 | Go to Gokukoku no Brynhildr

-> RTS Page for Gokukoku no Brynhildr 42

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Text: Please support the series this year as well! (it's simply a message from Okamoto, so has nothing to do with the story...)
Kazumi: Hey, Murakami.
Chapter 42: In the Light
Text: The magic users are working hard on their studies, but...
Kazumi: How does this word conjugate?
Ryouta: Oh.
Ryouta: The word "haberi" has irregular conjugation, so it would end with "re" for its realis form.
TN: They're talking about conjugations in classical Japanese.
Kazumi: I see...
Ryouta: Hm?

Page 2
Ryouta: Kotori!! Why are you doodling!?
Kotori: Huh!?
Ryouta: What is this...
Why did you draw two people kissing...?
Kotori: Wah---!! Wah---!! Wah---!!
Kazumi: What the heck, Kotori.
Kazumi: Displaying sexual urges even though you have no experience.
Kotori: I'm not!!
Kotori: It's not like you have any experience either, Kazumi-san!!
Kazumi: Say what?
Kazumi: Alright, who here has kissed before?
All: ...
Kana: Why are you asking something so pointless...?
Kazumi: Oh? You all haven't?

Page 3
Kazumi: I've kissed before you know.
Kotori: What!?
Kotori: Right, Murakami?
Ryouta: Wha...what!?
Ryouta: Kiss you say...huh!?
Neko: ...
Ryouta: !?
Ryouta: Uwaaah!!!

Page 4
Ryouta: Kuraha!! What are you doing!?
Neko: No!!
It's not me!!
Ryouta: Liar!!
Ryouta: I don't want to say this...
Ryouta: But you've never kissed anyone!!
Kazumi: Murakami...How could you...
Kazumi: Don't tell me you forgot? About what happened in Akihabara...
Ryouta: Kazumi...
Ryouta: Stop lying!!
Kazumi: I'm not lying...
It happened in the maid cafe, remember?
Ryouta: What?

Page 5
Ryouta: Ah...
Ryouta: ...The indirect kiss at that time...?
Ryouta: That's not a kiss!!
I just tried some of your omelet, that's all!!
Kazumi: That's not true.

Page 6
Kazumi: We exchanged saliva through it.
Kazumi: Your saliva is now a part of me...
Kazumi: And my saliva has become a part of you.
Ryouta: Kuroha!!
Ryouta: Kazumi, what're you trying to do!?
Kazumi: Huh? I'm not lying or anything.
Kazumi: You...
Kazumi: Didn't even remember it.

Page 7
Kazumi: I was really happy at the time...
Kazumi: But I guess not so much for you.
Ryouta: ...
Neko: What's wrong with me...
Neko: I should be happy that those two are getting along well...
Neko: But why do I feel so irritated...?

Page 8
Yuki: Wait a second...
Just how far are we going?
Man: We're there now.
Yuki: Ah...the road opened up...
Yuki: Wah...

Page 9
Takuma: Takuma from Human Resources.
Yuki: ...You were from Human Resources?
Takuma: Is that strange?
Yuki: Yes, a bit...
Yuki: Are we already on Vingulf grounds?
Takuma: That's right.
Yuki: !?

Page 10
What's with this place?

Page 11
Yuki: And when will I get to see some magic?
Takuma: Even if you didn't want to, soon enough.
Yuki: So the research lab is located inside this mountain?
Takuma: ...
Yuki: I...
Yuki: Think I'm starting to feel a bit excited.
Takuma: ...
Takuma: You might not be suited for this job.
Yuki: What?

Page 12

Page 13
Yuki: Kyaaaaaah!!
Speaker: Warning! Warning!
Block C12 has been damaged!!
Takuma: You alright?
Yuki: Of course not!!
Takuma: Get out! The gasoline will catch on fire!!
Yuki: Please don't push my butt!!
Yuki: Ah!!

Page 14
Girl: ...
Girl: I got out...
(It's Nono with long hair!)
Yuki: Are you alright!?
Takuma: No way...
Takuma: What happened...?
How could she be free...?
Yuki: Huh?

Page 15
Girl: ...I have to kill...
Girl: Everyone on this base...
Yuki: Huh?
Speaker: Warning Level 5.
Speaker: Unlocking artillery walls from D23 to D26.
Takuma: Crap...!!
Takuma: Run!!
Yuki: What!?

Page 16

Page 17
Yuki: Hey...
Girl: I have to kill...
Girl: Everyone in here...
Girl: Or else we'll all be killed...
Yuki: He's dead...
Yuki: What's...going on?
Yuki: An accident?
Yuki: Or could it be...

Page 18
Yuki: That this is magic?
Girl: I'm sorry.
Girl: But this is what you've been doing to us.
Text: The first and the last magic---

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