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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Gokukoku no Brynhildr 45

The Price For Power

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on May 3, 2013 22:16 | Go to Gokukoku no Brynhildr

-> RTS Page for Gokukoku no Brynhildr 45

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Text: She comes face to face with the magic user "Skadi"...! What is her special power...!?
Man: Skadi is rank AAA...
Man: She is the strongest magic user with the power of foresight in existence.
Chapter 45: The Price For Power

Page 2

Page 3
Yuki: She can see the future?
Man: Correct.
Man: Even a low-level magic user can occassionally see foresights unexpectedly.
Man: But...
Man: The only one capable of predicting the exact time, place, or people that we want with 100% accuracy,
Man: Is Skadi here.
Yuki: 100% accuracy?
Man: Yeah.
She is the only one with perfect precognition abilities.
Man: However, she loses a mass amount of neurons each time she sees a foresight.
Man: She has lost the ability to control her own body from that power.

Page 4
Man: Her heart will stop beating as well after one more use, and she will die.
Man: Of course she doesn't know that herself.
Skadi thinks that she is simply ill.
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Won't she be able to hear what you just said?
Man: Don't worry.
She can't really hear anything anymore.
Man: We only have one more use of perfect precognition.
After that, we will have to resort to vague foresights by low-level magic users.
Yuki: What will you make her see?
Man: The hiding place of an escaped magic user.
We are very reluctant about using Skadi's power for something like that...
Man: But right now they are constructing the most effective question in the strategy room.
Man: One that will corner the escapee without doubt.

Page 5
Man: And your current job is to look after Skadi.
Yuki: Huh?
Man: Since she can't move her body, she can't even go to the bathroom by herself.
Man: She is a rank AAA, but she can't do anything besides seeing foresights.
Man: It won't be of any danger for you.
Yuki: But I'm a researcher...
Man: Don't be so full of yourself, you're still in the test period.
If this were a normal company, you'd start with answering phones anyway.
Man: Alright, I leave the rest to you.
Yuki: What...!?
Yuki: Please wait!
Just what is this "magic user" you're talking about?
Man: You're not in the right section.
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Geez...

Page 6
Kazumi: Going to die?
Kazumi: Me?
Neko: When and where will she be caught?
Kana: I don't know.
All I saw was when they kill her.
Kana: But it kind of feels like the day after tomorrow...

Page 7
Kazumi: I thought...
Kazumi: That I would be able to live a bit longer...
Kazumi: I don't want to die...
Kazumi: After interrogation...
Kazumi: What...
Kazumi: Should I do...
Ryouta: Study, obviously.
The test will be in only three days.

Page 8
There is no way I will let you die.
No matter what happens...
I will do whatever it takes to save you.

Page 9
Ryouta: Don't worry.
We have managed to change foresights before.
Kazumi: Murakami...
Ryouta: We still have two days.
Ryouta: That's enough to come up with a plan.
Ryouta: Alright, that's enough for the morning study session.
Ryouta: It's time for school.
Kazumi: ...
Kazumi: Ok.
Kana: ...

Page 10
Kana: You are back early. What's wrong?
It's only past noon.
Ryouta: I left school early.
I have something that I need to ask you.
Ryouta: Kana...
Ryouta: Aren't you hiding something?
Ryouta: You were acting strange.
And you were saying it in an unnecessarily cruel way...
Kana: ...

Page 11
Kana: You are pretty sharp.
Maybe I didn't choose my words well due to shock.
Kana: The foresight this time can't be changed.
Ryouta: What?
Kana: Our opponent is a rank AAA with 100% success rate.
Kana: And in order to make her foresight into reality, she can even interfere with the future.
Ryouta: ...
Interfere with the future?
Ryouta: No way...
Kana: That's why...
Kana: Kazumi's death cannot be prevented.

Page 12
Yuki: Hello.
Skadi: ...
Yuki: Hmph.
Yuki: Unfriendly kid.
Skadi: I'm sorry...
I can't hear very well...
Yuki: What!?
Skadi: So can you speak in a louder voice...?
Yuki: H...hello!!
Skadi: ...

Page 13
Skadi: Hello.
Yuki: Oh, you're pretty cute.
Skadi: Huh?
Yuki: You...can see the future, right?
Skadi: Ah,
Skadi: But...rather than to see...
It's more like I can go there.
The world in the future.
Yuki: Say what?

Page 14
Skadi: Of course, it's not that I really go there...
Skadi: I see the future in my dreams...
Yuki: ....
Yuki: So rather than foresight, it's more like foredream...
Skadi: In the real world, I can't move because of an illness...
Skadi: And even breathing is painful...
Skadi: But in the dreams, I can move freely.
Skadi: I can talk freely with other people...
Skadi: So it's really fun.

Page 15
Yuki: You're so dumb.
Skadi: What?
Yuki: That's not an illness.
Yuki: Your body is breaking down because of those dreams.
And you will die after one more use of your power.
Skadi: Um...I'm sorry...
I can't hear you very well...
Yuki: It's because you can't hear me that I'm saying it.
Yuki: Even so, they're making you see the future.
Yuki: They all care more about your power than your life.
Yuki: To think that you don't know, and you continue to do it...
Skadi: Um...I can't hear you well...

Page 16
Skadi: You must be saying why do I continue to see the future even when it breaks my body, right?
Yuki: !?
Skadi: Even I have realized that it's not an illness...
Skadi: But I...can't live on my own anymore...
Skadi: I can only continue to live by being useful to someone.
Skadi: Even if it means my body breaks...
Skadi: Still, everyone is nice to me because of that...
Skadi: So I'm quite happy.
Yuki: ...
Yuki: You don't get it after all.
Skadi: But of course I understand.

Page 17
Skadi: My power is more important to them than my life.
Skadi: Even so, I'm still happy.
Skadi: Many of my friends were killed because they weren't of use...
Skadi: I don't know how many more times I can use my power,
Skadi: But if I don't give it my all, they'll kill me too...
Yuki: ...You really don't get it.
Yuki: They'll kill you regardless.

Page 18
Skadi: Um...
Skadi: Um...
Skadi: Why are you crying?
Yuki: In the end...
Yuki: I'm no different from the others, by just letting her die...
Yuki: It's true...I...
Yuki: Really am not suited for this job...
Text: Her views of the world are breaking down...

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