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Gokukoku no Brynhildr 50

Inside the Dream

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Aug 14, 2013 05:43 | Go to Gokukoku no Brynhildr

-> RTS Page for Gokukoku no Brynhildr 50

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Their future is filled with despair---
Chapter 50

Page 2
Mizuka: Huh!?
Chapter 50: Inside the Dream
Text: Mizuka witnesses Kazumi's "death" in her dream!?
Mizuka: The body...
Mizuka: Disappeared...
Mizuka: Don't tell me...
There's someone else who has the power to see the future?

Page 3
Kazumi: Achoo!!
Kazumi: ...
Kazumi: Time to head back.
Mizuka: Wahahahahaha!!
Kazumi: Huh?

Page 4
Mizuka: Wahahahahahaha!!
Kazumi: !?
Mizuka: Wahahahahahaha!!
Mizuki: Wahahahahahaha!!
Kazumi: ...
What's up with her!?
Mizuka: Ah!!
Kazumi: Hey...!

Page 5
Mizuka: Uwah!!
Kazumi: A-
Kazumi: Are you ok!?
Mizuka: I'm freedom!!
Kazumi: Uwah!!
Mizuka: Hyahyahyahyahyahya!!
Mizuka: Hyahyahyahyahyahya!!
Kazumi: ...
What is her problem...

Page 6
Mizuka: Thank you for your hankerchief.
Kazumi: Sure...
Mizuka: I was so happy to be able to move my body freely...
Mizuka: That I was a bit too excited.
Kazumi: What?
Kazumi: What are you doing at this hour all by yourself?
Aren't you still in middle school?
Mizuka: Umm I am indeed that age.
Kazumi: !?
Kazumi: Don't tell me...

Page 7
Mizuka: Nice to meet you, Kazumi-san.
Mizuka: My name is Mizuka.
Mizuka: Although they call me Skadi at the lab.
Kazumi: ...
Kazumi: Since you have a code name...
I assume you're rank AAA or above?
Mizuka: Yes, I'm AAA.
Kazumi: So that means you must be the magic user with the ability of foresight.
And being able to predict the future with 100% accuracy...
Mizuka: That's right.
But...this time I'm having some trouble.
Mizuka: You have someone with the same ability on your side as well, right?
Kazumi: !?

Page 8
Kazumi: ...
Mizuka: Staying silent won't help you.
I have done research before coming here.
Mizuka: It's very difficult to see the future for certain with another magic user with the same power.
That's why I need your help in order to make the future I want a reality.
Kazumi: Don't be stupid, who's going to help you?
Mizuka: Kazumi-san,
You make to make a child with that Murakami person right?
Kazumi: Wha...
Kazumi: What!?
How did you...
Mizuka: I told you, I did research before coming here.
Mizuka: But since I can't see the past, I can only gather information from the future.
Five minutes from now, you would mutter "I want Murakami's child" to yourself.
Kazumi: ...

Page 9
Mizuka: So let's make a deal.
Mizuka: If you help me, I can grant it.
Mizuka: Your dream, that is.
Kazumi: ...
Kazumi: ...And why is that?
Aren't you trying to kill me?
Mizuka: No.
Mizuka: The lab is after Number 1107...
Mizuka: They want to secure Takatori Kotori.
Kazumi: ...
Kazumi: Kotori?
Mizuka: Which means that you were simply in the way.
Kazumi: ...

Page 10
Man: Still not done!?
Man: Mizuka...
Man: Just how long are you planning to wander around in the future!?
Man: At this rate, your body will disappear before you get back!!
Mizuka: I just want to help you.
I saw the future in which you died needlessly.
Mizuka: Life is very valuable.
Mizuka: No one ever wants to die.

Page 11
Mizuka: And even I won't live for much longer...
Kazumi: ...What should I do then?
Mizuka: You have three choices.
Mizuka: In order to catch Kotori-san, troops will attack the cottage at 2 in the morning tomorrow.
Until then, make sure to convince her to never leave the cottage.
Mizuka: And then you should leave her and run away by yourself before the attack happens.
Mizuka: This is the deal that I was referring to.
Kazumi: ...
Mizuka: The second choice,
Mizuka: Is that you ignore my warning, and then run away with Kotori-san without going to the cottage.

Page 12
Mizuka: If so, the special squad will attack the observatory starting from now.
Mizuka: People beside Kotori-san will die as well.
Kazumi: Now!?
Kazumi: They're here already!?
Mizuka: Didn't I tell you just now that I can only see the future?
The me you see right now came from a bit in the past.
Mizuka: If you choose the second option, then I will go back to the past and report it.
Mizuka: The troops should be surrounding the observatory at this very moment.
Kazumi: ...
Mizuka: And your third option,
Is to make Kuroha Neko-san go to the cottage at midnight tomorrow.
Kazumi: ...Make Neko?
Why is that?

Page 13
Mizuka: Kuroha Neko-san will die at the cottage.
Mizuka: And then you can make children with Murakami-san.
Kazumi: Wha...
Kazumi: As if...I can do something like that...!!
Mizuka: That's right. I don't recommend it either.
Mizuka: But I'm just trying to say,
Mizuka: That you do have that option, if you want to grant your own wishes.
Mizuka: You are lucky in that I can predict your best future.
Mizuka: Even though I can't see my own...
Kazumi: Even if Neko dies, as if I can make children.
We don't even have the medicine.
Mizuka: Medicine?
Mizuka: As for that...
Mizuka: You all already have access to them you know?

Page 14
Kazumi: What!?
Mizuka: All that's left is whether or not you notice that fact.
Kazumi: What do you...
Kazumi: Ah!
Kazumi: Huh!? What?
She disappeared...
Mizuka: ...I see, Kazumi-san...
Mizuka: So that's the future you chose...
Mizuka: ...
Mizuka: I have to head back now...

Page 15
Mizuka: !?
Man: Mizuka!!
Man: So you're back!!
Man: Where will Number 1107 be at 2AM tomorrow!?
Mizuka: ...
Mizuka: Donbe...
Mizuka: Cottage...
Man: ...
Man: Well done.

Page 16
That's it?
I'm going to die now...?
No... No...
I don't want to...!! I don't want to die...!!
If I did what I was told... and tried my best...
I thought they would for sure make me live longer...
So they really didn't care for me at all...
My magic is all that mattered...

Page 17
Mizuka(thought): I want to go back...
Mizuka(thought): To the dream world one more time...
Yuki: You're an idiot...
Yuki: After all...
Yuki: Mii-chan...

Page 18
Kazumi: She disappeared...
Kazumi: So she really came from the past...
Kazumi: She can moniter the future...
Kazumi: I could really get everyone killed if I'm not careful...
Kazumi: But why Kotori...?
Kazumi: Now that I think about it, I know nothing about her...
Kazumi: The girl just now said she didn't want to kill anyone... And neither her nor Kana said Kotori will die...
Kazumi: If so, maybe it's better to have only Kotori caught, rather than having us all killed...
Text: Please open them from 6PM to 9PM tomorrow.
Kazumi: ...

Page 19
TN: The paper says: "I will be waiting in front of the train station at 1AM. Let's stay together until morning."
Kazumi: ...
Kazumi: Murakami...
Text: Swaying emotions...!
Kazumi: I...want...
Kazumi: Murakami's child after all...

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