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Gokukoku no Brynhildr 52

The Fateful Day

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Oct 6, 2013 16:19 | Go to Gokukoku no Brynhildr

-> RTS Page for Gokukoku no Brynhildr 52

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Man: We have lost the precious Skadi in this operation.
There is no longer room for failure.
Man: Please do not worry.
Man: We have finished looking into the future, and made necessary preparations for the raid.
Man: There will be not be any issues.
Chapter 52: The Fateful Day
Man: But...
Those magic users have a human on their side.
Side text: The research lab starts to make its move from Skadi's foresight...!

Page 2
Man: Saori, Kikako, and Nanami, three high ranking users, have failed in their tasks so far.
Man: No matter how many Class B's gather together, they should not be able to stand up to them.
Man: I suspect the high schooler seen by the officers has been giving them directions.
Man: Have you found out who he is?
Man: Not yet.
Man: However, Skadi's predictions are 100% accurate.
Man: Even if there were some unstable factors,
Man: She would have already gone to the future and eliminated them.

Page 3
Man: This time, in order to seize the target in the predetermined location...
Man: I have called upon an elite special forces instead of using magic users.
Man: Our target is the girl from the briefing.
Make sure she is kept alive.
Man: Your order is to shoot anyone else on sight.

Page 4
Man: I will definitely capture Number 1107 alive.
Man: ...
I hope you understand.
Man: That if you fail, this will be the end of you as well.
Man: Of course.

Page 5
Man: For graphs of quadratic functions, as long as a, the coefficient of x^2, are the same, so will be the shapes of the parabolas...
Man: And they will overlap when shifted to the same point.
Kazumi: ...
Kazumi: Was it really...
Kazumi: The right thing to do...?

Page 6
Ryouta: Alright, the three of us will be heading to the abandoned village.
Ryouta: Kazumi and Kotori, you two head to the cottage.
Kotori: Ok.
Kazumi: ...
Ryouta: Is something wrong, Kazumi?
Kazumi: Ah, no.
I think it's just me catching a bit of a cold.
Ryouta: ...I see.
Ryouta: Well then...
Ryouta: Let's all gather here again tomorrow at dawn.

Page 7
Ryouta(thought): I wonder...
Ryouta(thought): Just how much everyone believes in it.
Ryouta(thought): That we'll all be back here again...
Ryouta: Let's go.

Page 8
Kotori: Coming here...
Kotori: Makes me think of Chie-chan after all...
Kotori: Ooh...
Kotori: It's getting dusty in here...
Kotori: Let me clean up a bit.
Kazumi: Huh?
Kotori: Since we'll be spending the night here, we may as well make it comfortable.
Kazumi: ...
Aren't you scared?
Kotori: Of course I am.
Kotori: But since we're still alive, there's no use in worrying about it all the time.
Kazumi: ...

Page 9
Kazumi: Let me help too.
Kotori: Thank you very much!!
Kotori: Oh, it's past 6 now.
Kotori: I have to look at Murakami-san's letter.
Kotori: Kazumi-san, what about yours?
Kazumi: ...
Kazumi: We have till 9, so I'll read it later.
Letter: Open up the curtain completely.
Don't leave the cottage no matter what.
Kotori: ...
Kotori: What is this?
Kotori: But time to open up the curtains!

Page 10
Kotori: Ah!
Kotori: Kazumi-san, please look at that!
Kazumi: ...
Kana: We haven't been here in a while.
Kana: I'm surprised that this place is still standing, with all the dam construction.

Page 11
Ryouta: Kuroha, did you bring the letter?
Neko: Yeah.
Ryouta: Take a look at it later.
Ryouta: I'm going to head out.
Ryouta: Alright...
Ryouta: Let's meet again at the observatory when dawn comes.
Neko: I will be there.

Page 12
Kana: Back when it was only the two of us living here,
Kana: I was happy just for that.
Neko: ...
Neko: I was thinking the same thing as you.
Neko: I don't want us to lose anyone...
Neko: I want to live with everyone at the observatory again...

Page 13
Kotori: Night is here already...
It's completely dark out...
Kazumi: I'm heading out now.
Kotori: Huh?
Kazumi: Murakami's letter said for me to wait for him at the station.
Kotori: Kazumi-san...when did you look at Murakami-san's letter?
Kazumi: Ah... Um...
Kazumi: When I went to the toilet outside just now...
Kotori: I see...
Kotori: So you won't be here...
Kazumi: ...
Kazumi: Kotori...

Page 14
Kotori: I understand!!
Kotori: Let's meet again at dawn tomorrow, at the observatory!!
Kazumi: !?
Kotori: Kazumi-san, make sure that you'll be there!!
Kazumi: ...
Kazumi: Well then, later.
Kazumi: ...It'll be fine!!
Kotori won't be killed or anything...!!

Page 15
Man: We begin our operation at 02:00.
Man: They could potentially be armed.
Man: If by any chance your weapons are destroyed, use grenades.
Kotori: Ah!
Kotori: Neko-san!!

Page 16
Kotori: Neko-san, what's going on!?
Neko: Wah! Kotori-chan!!
Calm down...!!
Neko: Murakami-kun's letter told me to.
It said for me to come here.
Kotori: I'm so happy!!
It was so lonely by myself!!
Kazumi: Murakami...!!
Kazumi: Murakami!!
Ryouta: !?
He-hey now...

Page 17
Ryouta: Don't worry.
Ryouta: If they have found out about our plan, we would be dead by now.
Ryouta: It'll be fine.
Kazumi: ...
Neko: ...
Kotori: I'm getting kind of hungry now...
Mizuka: ...I see, Kazumi-san...
Mizuka: So that is the future you chose...
Mizuka: I have to get back now...

Page 18
Man: We have confirmed the target by sight.
Man: There is one other female present.
Man: Understood.
Man: The operation will begin in 60 seconds.
Text: How will Murakami's plan be affected by Mizuka's intervention...!?

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