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Gokukoku no Brynhildr 53

Before Dawn

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Nov 11, 2013 05:27 | Go to Gokukoku no Brynhildr

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Text: Moment of judgment...! How will it end for the magic users...!?
Ryouta: It's almost 2 now...
Text: A squad will attack the cottage at 2AM in order to capture Kotori-san.
Chapter 53: Before Dawn
Kazumi: ...

Page 2
Man: Squad A in position.
Man: Squad B in position.
Man: The operation...
Man: Will begin in 60 seconds, at 02:00.
Man: Squad B will break inside, followed by Squad A.
Radio: Understood.

Page 3
Kotori: The day went by at the blink of an eye...
Kotori: It will be 2 o'clock soon...
Kotori: I wonder if we will all be fine...
Neko: ...I'm sure we will.
Neko: Let's believe in Murakami-kun.
Kotori: ...
Kotori: You're right.
Kotori: ...Oh yeah.
Kotori: I need to check outside.
Kotori: You should come too, Neko-san.

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8
Ryouta: It's daybreak...
Kazumi: ...

Page 9
Ryouta: They're late...
Ryouta: Neko and Kotori...
Ryouta: Don't tell me...that the plan failed...
Kazumi: ...
Kazumi: I can't stand it anymore...
Kazumi: Murakami...
Kazumi: Can I tell you the truth?
Ryouta: The truth?

Page 10
Ryouta: Oh yeah.
Ryouta: That was some great acting, Kazumi.
Ryouta: Changing the contents of the letters was especially brilliant.
Kazumi: ...
Ryouta: This is the plan.
Ryouta: There is no doubt that the attack is tomorrow night.
Ryouta: So Mizuka will probably be able to foresee your actions until some time tomorrow night.
Ryouta: But...
Ryouta: We don't know exactly how far into the future she can see.

Page 11
Ryouta: And that's why we continue our act until tomorrow night.
Kazumi: Act?
Ryouta: With two people who can predict the future, the foresight must be pretty unstable.
Ryouta: Mizuka probably realizes that as well.
Ryouta: So she should be coming to "interfere" with one of us to ensure her foresight comes true.
Ryouta: Even when I say interfere, probably the only thing she can do is to have a conversation.
Ryouta: And the most likely target of the interference is Kazumi.
Kazumi: Huh?
Kazumi: Why me?
Ryouta: If you're looking for help from an enemy, of course you need to offer something in return.
And the strongest incentive would be "life".
Ryouta: The fact that Kana saw the foresight of interrogation means Kazumi is not the only target.
Ryouta: They are also after someone else, or maybe all of them... Either way, it doesn't end with her.
Kogorou: I see.
Kogorou: So in order to realize her goal, Mizuka could approach Kazumi and offer to save only her life as an exchange.

Page 12
Ryouta: Yeah.
Ryouta: Kazumi is the only one scheduled to die, so the other magic users have no reason to betray the others.
Ryouta: That's why Kazumi needs to trick Mizuka,
And make her believe that she's cooperating.
Kazumi: ...
Kazumi: Well, fine.
If that Mizuka really comes to me, I'll discuss it with Murakami again.
Ryouta: That's no good.
Kazumi: What?
Ryouta: Isn't it obvious?
She'll realize that you're not really going to cooperate if she happens to see you talking about it with me.
Ryouta: You need to act as if she's constantly watching you.
It's absurd to talk about Mizuka with me or any of the others.
Kazumi: No... Then what should I do?
Ryouta: Our plan is to write down hints that Mizuka won't be able to decipher, and hand them out to everyone.
Ryouta: Please follow those instructions.

Page 13
Ryouta: As for the remaining factors involving chance,
Ryouta: You need to think of what to do all by yourself.
Kazumi: ...That's ridiculous.
Ryouta: Kazumi.
Ryouta: I won't tell Kotori or Neko about this plan.
Even if I tell them to act, they'll for sure screw up somehow.
Ryouta: But...
Ryouta: I'm sure you can do it, Kazumi.
Ryouta: Don't worry.
Ryouta: I will back you up.

Page 14
Kazumi: Alright.
Kazumi: I'll end up dead at this rate if I don't do anything.
Kazumi: If there's something that even has possibility of saving everyone including myself...
Kazumi: I will do it.
Ryouta: ...Thanks.
Kazumi: Don't be stupid, there's no need for you to thank me.
My life is on the line here after all.
Kogorou: If you're worried, then you should decide on some simple secret code.
Ryouta: Secret code?
Kogorou: If you have encountered Mizuka, say "I don't feel well today because I may have a cold".
And if you can't handle it yourself, say "my stomach hurt and I don't know what to do".

Page 15
Kogorou: And if the attack is at tomorrow night...
The likelihood of us being watched will increase exponentially from now on.
Ryouta: ...You're right.
Ryouta: In that case, our plan will start from this very moment.
Kazumi: ...
I wonder if I managed to properly trick Mizuka...
Kazumi: Neko and Kotori... They're way too late.
Kazumi: It shouldn't take them this long to get here from the cottage...
Ryouta(thought): Don't tell me that Kotori...
Ryouta(thought): Didn't realize that she was supposed to have switched places with the dog tied outside the window?
Ryouta(thought): No... That can't be...
Ryouta(thought): I gave her so many hints the day before...
Kana: Ah!!

Page 16

Page 17
Kazumi: Everyone...
Kazumi: Is alive...
Kazumi: I was so scared...
Kazumi: I'm really, really glad...
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: Yeah...
Ryouta: We've won.

Page 18
Kazumi: Neko!!
Kazumi: Kotori!!
Kazumi: We did it!!
Everyone is alive!!
Kotori: Huh?
Ryouta: Welcome back.
Both: We're home.
Text: The long day is finally over, and a new day has come---

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