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Gokukoku no Brynhildr 54

A Long Farewell

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Dec 25, 2013 05:35 | Go to Gokukoku no Brynhildr

-> RTS Page for Gokukoku no Brynhildr 54

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Ryouta: Welcome back.
Side text: Everyone welcomes the new morning together---
Chapter 54: A Long Farewell
Neko: We're back.

Page 2
Kazumi: Such a relief...
If Kotori and Neko were really killed...I wouldn't know what to do...
Ryouta: It's ok.
Ryouta: I wanted Neko and Kotori to notice the added-on text by using ink of slightly different color.
Ryouta: They found out because I purposely put two pens on the table.
Neko: ...
Kotori: What?
Ryouta(thought): Holy crap...
These two didn't notice...?
Ryouta: So then... Kotori, what did you end up doing?
Kotori: Oh, um...
Just like your said in the letter...I opened the curtains...
Kotori: There was a dog outside...So...
Kotori: I thought that means I should swap places with it when we are attacked.

Page 3
Kotori: The letter did say to not go outside...
Kotori: But the night before, Murakami-san wanted me to try swapping with something besides humans, so that must have had something to do with it.
Kotori: Because of that, when we were attacked.
Man: ...
Kotori: I switched places together with Neko-san,
Kotori: With the dog outside...
Neko: But because the dog had a leash on,
Neko: Kotori-chan was strangled...
Ryouta: Ah!!!
Ryouta: I-I'm sorry!! I didn't think that far!!
Kotori: It's fine...
It's better than dying...
Kotori: Neko-san, what did your letter say?
Neko: Huh?

Page 4
Neko: ...
Neko: Um...
Neko: It said to look under the bed...
Neko: And when I did...
Neko: There were cake and pudding...
Kotori: What--!?
Kotori: Why is that!?
Ryouta: It was supposed to interfere with the foresight, so it didn't have any meaning...
Kotori: That's so mean!!
Playing favorites!!
Kotori: Absolutely unforgivable!!
Ryouta: Alright, alright!!
I'll go buy a cake later!!
Ryouta(thought): She really changes when it comes to sweets...
Kazumi: ...
Kazumi: We managed to survive this time...

Page 5
Kazumi: But it's not over yet, is it?
Kazumi: If Mizuka uses her power again, it's all over.
Kazumi: Next time...
Kazumi: Things won't go this well...
Ryouta: No need to worry about that.
Ryouta: Mizuka is dead.
Kazumi: What?
Kana: I foresaw it.
Probably when she was talking with you.
Kazumi: ...
Kana: Perhaps Mizuka was surprisingly close to where we are physically, or there was a reaction from her appearing in front of Kazumi,
Kana: But I definitely saw her die yesterday.
Ryouta: That's why I felt so relived yesterday,
Ryouta: When Kazumi said the code words "I caught a cold" right after that foresight.

Page 6
Ryouta: Because if we can only escape the assault, we won't ever need to worry about attacks from foresights again...
Ryouta: And...
Ryouta: Everyone survived this time.
Ryouta: Just like Kazumi said, this isn't the end...
Ryouta: But let's all take a much-deserved rest.
Ryouta: And after that, it's back to studying for exams.
Everyones: What~~~~~~~!?

Page 7
Kotori: Neko-san, why don't we go take a bath.
Neko: Ah, sure.
Ryouta: Kazumi.
Kazumi: Hm?
Ryouta: One moment.
Ryouta: When Mizuka appeared in front of you...
Ryouta: Did she say anything?
Kazumi: ...
Kazumi: A little bit.
Kazumi: Just like you said, the lab's target was Kotori.
Ryouta: ...I knew it.
Ryouta: The initial foresight showed that you were killed after an interrogation...
But once you were grouped together with Kotori, you were killed right away without being captured.
Ryouta: That means Kotori is the enemy's target, and there is no longer the need to interrogate you.

Page 8
Kazumi: Mizuka came and tried to prevent my death from getting mixed up in all this.
Kazumi: And she even said that she'll keep quiet about the observatory if I help capture Kotori.
Kazumi: She was such a good kid...
But still, she died...
Ryouta: Can you keep quiet about the fact that Kotori was the target for now?
Kazumi: ...Alright.
Kazumi: Also, about the medicine,
She said that we already have it.
Ryouta: Huh?
Kazumi: A child...
I mean, she said that we already have enough to live for about a year or so...
TN: She was originally going to say that there is enough to time to birth a child.
Ryouta: ...
Box: What does it mean?
We have the materials needed to make it or something?
Box: Or maybe we already have the clues to obtain them...?

Page 9
Kazumi: I like you,
Kazumi: Murakami.
Box: I wonder...
Box: If that confession was serious...
Box: Or maybe...

Page 10
Kazumi: Let me clear up something up.
Ryouta: About what?
Kazumi: The other day on the way back, when I said that I like you, it was all an act.
Ryouta: !?
Kazumi: Don't forget, you were the one who said that we should all start acting back in Kogorou's room.
Kazumi: I thought it would be easier for Mizuka to believe us if I started out with a little drama.
What, did you take me seriously or something?
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: No.
Ryouta: Of course I knew it was an act.
Kazumi: You don't get it after all.
Ryouta: What?

Page 11
Ryouta: Wha...!?
Ryouta: What did you...
Kazumi: I'm going to take a bath too.
Ryouta: ...

Page 12
Man: The plan failed because the runaway magic user with the power of precognition is still alive.
Man: I can see no other reason why Mizuka's foresight was wrong.
Man: I had yet to verify the crash site before,
Man: But I believed that even with medicine, a magic user who can't even move would die right away.
Man: To think...
Man: There is someone who would give medicine to someone so useless... Giving away part of her own life...
Man: It's unfortunate.

Page 13
Thank you for all your guidance up to now.
Get out.

Page 14
Yuki: Is Mii-chan dead?
Man: She is.
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Mii-chan...
Man: I'm here to give my position, and say goodbye.
Man: I'm fired,
For failing my assignment.
Yuki: What?
Man: Skadi's foresight failed.
Yuki: ...

Page 15
Man: I let Skadi die in vain.
Yuki: ...
Man: Tsuchiya.
It's best to not show your emotions here.
Man: Humans are strange creatures...
Man: In the name of justice, we are capable of doing such cruel things.
Man: Getting used to that fact,
Man: Is the secret to surviving here for long.
Yuki: ...
Yuki: It's not like we'll be killed, right?
Man: ...Of course not.

Page 16
Man: I believe you already know this,
Man: But even after leaving the research lab, you will be greatly restricted in your actions.
Man: The GPS installed on your ankle will constantly trace your whereabouts.
Man: There are 23 items of restrictions for actions such as entering and leaving national facilities, going overseas, and interacting with people of mass media.
For details, please look over the file that was handed to you earlier.
Man: Understood.
Man: We have come to get you.
Man: ...

Page 17
It was...surprisingly not a big deal.
I thought that they wouldn't let me off this easily...

Page 18
Hah, I figured.
Side text: The end for one who stepped into the darkness---
(As a side note, I don't believe the man ever had a name lol.)

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