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Gokukoku no Brynhildr 55

Everyone Together

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jan 27, 2014 04:06 | Go to Gokukoku no Brynhildr

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Kotori: Phew...
Kotori: I'm so glad...
Kotori: Many things happened...
Chapter 55: Everyone Together
Kotori: But we're all taking a bath together like this again...
Kazumi: I'm not the same as before.
Side text: After overcoming difficulties, the four of them are relaxing for the first time in a while!

Page 2
Kazumi: Neko.
Kazumi: Do you like Murakami?
Neko: ...What?
Kazumi: After what happened...
I now know for a fact,
Kazumi: That I like Murakami.

Page 3
Kazumi: If you're not going to tell him,
Kazumi: Then I won't be holding back.
Kazumi: I'm getting out.
Kotori: Did you hear that!?
Wow!! A declaration of war in the name of love!! This is so wonderful!!
Kotori: I have to write about this in my picture diary!!
Neko: ...

Page 4
Kazumi: What could I do? I was really prepared to die...
And gave up on many, many things.
Kazumi: But there was just one thing that I couldn't completely give up...
Kazumi: I want Murakami's child...
Kazumi: Proof that I existed in this world...
Kazumi: I already know...
As long as that dream comes true...
Kazumi: I wouldn't really mind dying...

Page 5
Kazumi: Hey, Murakami?
Ryouta: What is it?
Kazumi: Will you really do whatever I tell you for one time if I place second in class?

Page 6
Ryouta: ...I never said I'd do whatever.
Of course some things are impossible.
Kazumi: It won't be unreasonable.
There's one thing you have right now that I want, and you're going to end up losing it anyway.
Ryouta: That's fine I guess...
What is it that you want?
Paper: Virginity
Ryouta: What's this, a riddle!? Don't be ridiculous!!
Kazumi: How come!?
You're going to lose it anyway!! Don't make such a big deal out of it!!

Page 7
Kotori: Just what could it be...?
Neko: ...
Ryouta: Geez...
Box: But if I turn her down now, she'll lose motivation...
Box: And since the exams start tomorrow, she can't place second anyway...
Ryouta: Fine, I agree.
Kazumi: Awesome!!
Kazumi: Did you think that it was impossible for me because the exams start tomorrow?
Ryouta: Huh?
Kazumi: I've been properly listening in class all this time.
Kazumi: And my standard score is around 75 to begin with.
Ryouta: !?
TN: A standard score of 75 is around the top 2% of all students.
Kazumi: Let me show you my ability to pull all-nighters!
Ryouta: ...

Page 8

Page 9
Board: Modern Japanese II
50 min
TN: Rolling the pencil is a way to guess on tests, and that's what Kotori is doing.

Page 10
Kotori: Today they are announcing the test results.
Ryouta: Yeah.
Ryouta: It was a short amount of time, but you did your best, Kazumi.
Kazumi: You sound like you've won already.
Kazumi: Let me tell you this, Murakami.
Kazumi: I have confidence in my scores.
Kazumi: I will be taking your virginity.
Neko: ...
Kazumi: Well, well!?
Kazumi: Ah!!

Page 11
Kazumi: Ne...
Kazumi: Neko placed first...!?
Neko: ...
Ryouta: Wa...wait a second!!
Ryouta: I placed second!?
Kazumi: No way...
Kazumi: I tried so hard, and I placed third...
Guy: Hey...
Guy: Murakami lost the top spot...
Ryouta: ...
Kazumi: Neko...
Kazumi: I get it now...

Page 12
Kazumi: You were studying in order to interfere with my plan...
Kazumi: If it weren't for you...
I would have taken Murakami's virginity...
Kazumi: "Virginity"?
TN: Neko doesn't know the meaning of the word.
Kazumi: Unforgivable!!
Pretending to be all innocent!!
Neko: Stop it, Kazumi-chan!!
Ryouta: I'm second...
Ryouta: I'm second...
Box: Kuroha...
Box: Could it be...
Box: That if it weren't for her memory loss, she would actually be quite smart?
Box: Which reminds me, I think Kuroneko did well on her tests too...

Page 13
Kotori: Neko-san, what would you like from Murakami-san?
Neko: Huh?
Neko: ...
Neko: In that case, I'll take one virginity too...
Ryouta: You don't know what you're talking about, do you?
But it's better to keep it that way.
Kazumi: Oh well, I did lose, so that can't be helped.
Kazumi: But Murakami, you do remember about the other promise for finishing the exams, right?
Ryouta: ... Yeah...
Ryouta: I remember.

Page 14
Kizuka: What!?
Kizuka: Going to the beach!?
Kizuka: What do you mean!?
Ryouta: I made a promise to go to the ocean after exams are over.
Ryouta: That's why I'm going with the astronomy club tomorrow.
Ryouta: Astronomy club... Didn't you say that all of the members except for you are girls?
Ryouta: That's right.
Kizuka: ...
Kazumi: I can't believe it....
No way I would allow that...
Ryouta: Hm?

Page 15
The ocean!!

Page 16
It's the ocean! So big and wide!!
We are going to have fun today~

Page 17
Ryouta: Kotori, I wasn't planning to bring you here because your score was below average,
But only because you kneeled down on the ground and begged...
Kotori: I would have been so sad if I was the only one not coming!!
Kazumi: But coming to a beach...on the Sea of Japan. That's kind of sad....
The water looks kind of gray...
Ryouta: Don't be so rude!! This is the closest one to where we are.
Ryouta: Kuroha... Crying again at the sight of the ocean...
It's the second time now, so you should try to get used to it...
Neko: Ok...
Kazumi: See? Neko is sad too because she's looking at the Sea of Japan...
Ryouta: I'm sure she's not!!
Why do you hate it so much!?
Kizuka: Wow, what a coincidence, Ryouta.
Ryouta: Huh?

Page 18
Ryouta: Ki...Kizuka!?
Why are you here...?
Kizuka: By chance.
Ryouta: What!?
Kizuka: I had planned to come here a long time ago, and it just so happened to be on the same day.
Kizuka: Don't make false accusations, will you?
Ryouta: ...
Kazumi: Who's this?
Ryouta: Why did you come to the beach wearing school swimwear?
Kizuka: I-I couldn't help it!!
I was only told about coming here yesterday...!!
Ryouta: Didn't you say that you planned this a long time ago?
Kizuka: Sh-shut uuup!!
Side text: The beginning of trouble...!?

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