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Gokukoku no Brynhildr 57

Trouble Maker

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Apr 2, 2014 00:08 | Go to Gokukoku no Brynhildr

-> RTS Page for Gokukoku no Brynhildr 57

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Takatori Kotori, still developing both on the inside and outside <3

Page 2
Chapter 57: Trouble Maker
Kitsuka: How come you can't move?
An accident? Disease?
Kana: ...
I guess you can say it was an accident.
Kitsuka: Your voice is so weird.
Kana: It's an artificial voice.
I can't speak on my own, so I have to use this keyboard to type out words.
Side text: Kana and Kitsuka are left on the beach...

Page 3
Kitsuka: What about school?
Kana: How can I go like this?
Kitsuka: ...
That's so lonely.
Kana: Not really.
I don't want any half-hearted pity.
Kitsuka: How old are you?
Kana: 14, almost 15.
Kitsuka: Huh? We're the same age!
Kitsuka: Then how come you're in a high school club?
Kana: Ah...
Kana: I'm not a member.
Just the club mascot.
Kitsuka: Huh?

Page 4
Kitsuka: Then I want to be a mascot too.
Kana: You won't do.
Kana: Your personality is probably all twisted, so you're not suitable.
Kitsuka: What are you talking about!?
You're pretty twisted yourself!!
Kana: I'm cute and innocent, so I'll make a good one.
You're the one who came here chasing after a guy.
Kana: Besides, just like a mascot, my body doesn't move.
Kitsuka: ...
Stop it, it's not funny.
Kitsuka: Lucky...
Kitsuka: If you don't have to be a high schooler... then I want to join too...
Kana: What should I do...
Kitsuka: About what?
Text: Listen up.
Text: Do not use magic in front of Kitsuka no matter what.

Page 5
Kana: Where is Murakami now?
Kitsuka: Ryouta?
Kitsuka: ...
Kitsuka: He's still swimming out in the ocean.
Kitsuka: ...Hey! What's with that slut!?
Kitsuka: Together with Ryouta... Unforgivable!!
Kana: ...No good.
Kana: We won't make it even if I call him here now...
Kitsuka: What are you talking about?
Kotori: Haaah~~!!
Kotori: I'm so hungry!!
Kana: Kotori!!
Kotori: Murakami-san said we can eat whatever we want!!
Kotori: I swam a lot, so I can eat a lot too!!
Kana: Kotori, now's not the time!!

Page 6
Kana: I saw it.
Kotori: What?
Kana: It's going to happen soon.
Kotori: ...
Kotori: Someone is going to...
Kana: Kitsuka,
I'm thirsty, so go buy a soda for me.
Kitsuka: Huh? How come?
There are some here already.
Kana: I'm going to talk about something complicated with Kotori, so I'd like you to leave us for a bit.
Kitsuka: ...
Kitsuka: You two have been whispering for a while...
Kitsuka: Why are you leaving me out of it?

Page 7
Kitsuka: It pisses me off.
Kitsuka: I'm not leaving.
Kana: Kotori,
A girl will be caught in a wave and drown in one minute.
Kotori: Huh!? One minute!?
Kana: The one with blond hair and ponytail.
Kana: She's too far in for the lifeguard to reach in time.
Kana: Murakami told me to not use it, but I can't just watch.
Kana: Just make sure no one sees when you switch.
Kana: You're the only one who can help now.
Kotori: ...

Page 8
Kotori: Alright.
Kitsuka: Going to drown in one minute...
Kitsuka: What are you talking about?
Kitsuka: It's not like you have superpowers.
Kana: ...
Kotori: I'm going then.
Kitsuka: Where to?
Kana: You stay here.
Kitsuka: I told you, no!
Kitsuka: Don't leave me out of things!!
Kitsuka: Ow!!
Kitsuka: Wh, what are you doing!?
Kotori: That's weird...
You were supposed to get knocked out...
Kitsuka: The heck!?

Page 9
Kitsuka: Now I'm pissed!!
Kitsuka: I'm staying with you no matter what!
Kitsuka: Wait!!
Kana: If Murakami was here,
Kana: What would he have done...?
Kotori: Hah...
Kotori: Hah...
Kotori: You...
Are too persistent...
Kitsuka: Told you that I'm sticking with you, didn't I?

Page 10
Kotori: You will be killed as well if you find out about our secret.
Kitsuka: What?
Kotori: Murakami-san is helping us even though he knows about it.
Kitsuka: Are you prepared to die over it?
Kitsuka: ...
Kitsuka: Getting killed from finding out about secrets...
Kitsuka: I don't believe in gossip like that.
Kotori: We're really in trouble right now.
I'm begging you, please don't follow me.
Kitsuka: No.
Kotori: ...

Page 11
Guy: Hey!
Someone's drowning!!
Both: What!?
Kitsuka: A girl with blond hair and ponytail...?
Kitsuka: Is this a coincidence?
Kotori: There's no time!
Please leave me and go somewhere else!
Kitsuka: Why should I?
Guy: Someone get the lifeguard!
Guy: No good, she sank!!
Kotori: ...
Kotori: Kitsuka-san, you can't swim, right?
Kitsuka: What?

Page 12
A bad child needs to be punished.

Page 13
Kotori: See!
Kotori: I told you to leave me alone! This happened because you wouldn't listen!
Kotori: Ah...!
Kotori: Oh no!
Girl: ...
Girl: Huh?

Page 14
Kitsuka: Nn...
Kitsuka: What!?
Ryouta: How do you feel? Better now?
Kitsuka: ...What's...
Going on?
Ryouta: About what?
Kitsuka: I...was on the beach...
Kitsuka: But suddenly was drowning in the water...
Ryouta: Huh?

Page 15
Ryouta: What are you talking about?
Ryouta: That's impossible.
Kitsuka: It's true, suddenly I was in the water...!
Ryouta: No way.
Kotori: Kitsuka-san...you suddenly collapsed on the beach.
Kitsuka: What?
Kotori: Perhaps you were in the sun for too long?
Kazumi: Oh yeah, I'm sure it's heatstroke.
You should rest some more.
Kitsuka: But...
Kitsuka: I'm wearing my swimsuit...
Ryouta: We splashed you with sea water to cool you down!
Anyway, just get some rest!
Kitsuka: But...

Page 16
Kitsuka: I don't want it to end like this... after coming all the way here...
Kitsuka: I want to swim too...
Kitsuka: Hey, Ryouta...
Using a life ring is fine, but take me to the waters too...
Ryouta: ...
Ryouta: Alright, fine.
Kitsuka: Really!?
Ryouta: I'm going swimming with Kitsuka for a bit.
Kana: Enjoy.
Kotori: Phew...
Kotori: We managed to fool her somehow...

Page 17
Neko: I wonder...
Neko: What is this fluffy feeling...?
Kotori: Right now...
Kotori: We're happy, right?
Kana: ...
Kana: No doubt we are.
Kana: But we agreed to not talk about anything gloomy today,
Kana: In order to not have Murakami worried...
Kazumi: Yeah, but...

Page 18
Kazumi: We all feel it.
Kazumi: There's so much happiness from just being alive...
Neko: I see.
So I'm...
Neko: Really happy right now...
Side text: Reflecting on "happiness", and yet...

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