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Sket Dance 263

Riding on the Winds of Time Pt. 2

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jun 6, 2014 00:27 | Go to Sket Dance

-> RTS Page for Sket Dance 263

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Panel 1:
Synopsis of Previous Chapter
Chapter 263

Panel 2:
Text: Half of July has gone by, and a goddess had brought a broken fan to the hot and humid club room.
Captain: It'll work once you fix it.

Panel 3:
Text: After Switch-kun fixed it and tried turning it on, the fan made some unnaturally loud noise.
Text: "Scary scary!"

Panel 4:
Text: What a shock! No one knows how, but it seems that turning on the fan will turn back time.
Text: "Th...this is a time machine!"

Panel 5:
Text: After some experimenting, they found out that LOW and MID turn back 11 and 19 minutes, respectively.
Text: Th...then, what about HIGH?
(The buttons say POWER, LOW, MID, HIGH)

Panel 6:
Text: Every time the time turns back, the fan goes back into a partially fixed state. After fixing it 3 times, they finally pressed HIGH! But oh? Switch-kun made a mistake with the wiring, and now the fan is turning in the opposite direction!
(It says Normal and Reverse in the diagram, from right to left)

Panel 7:
Text: "Oof!!"
Text: Bossun received a tremendous impact to his body, and his outer appearance has been transformed into something strange.
Text: "Bossuuuuuun!!"

Panel 8:
Text: It seems that having the fan running in reverse takes one to the future!
Text: Pushing HIGH took Bossun 37 minutes into the future. Just what happened to him in that period of time!?

Panel 9:
Old man: We shall do some investigation!
Himeko: Who're you!?

Page 2
Panel 1:
Switch: Naked upper body, swollen right eye, a bloody nose.
Switch: A figure on your head, and unknown markings on your face and body.

Panel 2:
Switch: What happened, Bossun!?
Bossun: Like I'd know!!!

Panel 3:
Bossun: I wanna know too! Why does something like this happen 37 minutes into the future!?
Bossun: I've suffered plenty till now, but this time I don't even know what happened, so this is scary as hell!!
Himeko: That's true... Poor Bossun.

Panel 4:
Himeko: You're injured...stripped naked, / and made into a mess.
Bossun: I'm scared like hell...

Panel 5:
Himeko: And what's that? Those symbol-like things are so scary!
Bossun: That's enough, can you stop talking about it?
Switch: Is it the work of aliens?
Bossun: I've had enough, what the heck is this!!!?

Panel 6:
Switch: Don't worry Bossun, we will for sure find out the reason for you.

Page 3
Panel 1:
Switch: This time machine,
Chapter 263: Riding on the Winds of Time Pt. 2

Panel 3:
Switch: Should be good now.

Panel 4:
Switch: I installed a switch for changing the direction of rotation, so now we can go to both the past and future.
Bossun: I'll say this again, but that's our Switch!!

Panel 5:
Switch: It's been 15 minutes since we came 37 minutes into the future.

Panel 6:
Switch: In that case, let's first press HIGH and return 37 minutes into the past and see what's going on with Bossun.
Bossun: I'm starting to lose sense of what's going on here.
Himeko: What's going on?

Page 4:
Panel 1:
Bossun: Time travel to the past with the HIGH button!
SFX: *Click*

Panel 4:
Himeko: Oooh!

Panel 5:
Himeko: Good for you, you're back to normal!!
Switch: The weird symbols are gone too.
Bossun: We're casually using it, but just what is this fan!?

Panel 6:
Switch: The time is 4:15.

Panel 7:
Switch: That means nothing happened between 4:00 and 4:15.
(Diagram says time travel)

Panel 8:
Bossun: Phew-- Everything is back to normal, and case closed.
Text: Good, good
Switch: But that also means----

Panel 9:
Switch: Something is bound to happen between now and 4:37.
(Diagram says something)
Bossun: Heeeeeeee!!

Page 5
Panel 1:
Bossun: I-I'm so scared! I already know that something's gonna happen, and that makes it extra scary!! / Tell me, what's gonna happen!?
Himeko: And that's why we're doing this! Don't get so flustered!
Switch: We can only sit and wait.

Panel 2:
Himeko: If we just wait, wouldn't something come into the room!?
Bossun: Gyaaaaah! Aliens are coming to mark meee!!!
Switch: Don't worry, we already know that something is going to happen on our end, / So if danger comes, we can deal with it calmly.

Panel 3:
Himeko: Alright, let's sit in positions where we can shield Bossun. / Are you good now?
Bossun: Thank you so much!
Switch: Let's close the window too.

Panel 4:
Himeko: Bring it on!
Switch: Whatever it is!!

Panel 6:
Text: And then at 4:37
Himeko: Nothing's happening!!
Switch: That's strange.

Page 6
Panel 1:
Bossun: Phew- Kind of anticlimactic, but oh well. I'm safe and sound, so case closed.
Switch: Perhaps the past has changed.
Bossun: Huh?

Panel 2:
Himeko: What do you mean, Switch?
Bossun: Uh... / It's ok.
Switch: The past can branch off even with the tiniest of changes.

Panel 3:
Switch: We would not have just sat around originally. Perhaps that's the reason why the past has branched off.
(Diagram says *Ba-bump*, Something, Came this way instead)
Bossun: I see.

Panel 4:
Switch: In other words, in order to not change the past, we would probably have to go to the point in time as close to the incident as possible, preferably within a minute's difference.
(Diagram says Right before the incident, Very close)
Himeko: That's it! / Let's try going to different times!
Bossun: Wait a sec!!

Panel 5:
Himeko: Huh?
Bossun: What do you mean "huh"!? I'm fine the way it is!

Panel 6:
Bossun: Look! I'm back to normal already, so who cares about the reason why!? I just want to live in peace!
Himeko: Don't be such an idiot, you cube of chicken stock!
Bossun: Whaat!?

Page 7
Panel 1:
Himeko: Don't you want to know the truth!? How can you just shrug it off when you looked like such an idiot!?
Switch: It's no longer just your own problem. You have to get a grip of yourself.
Bossun: Huh...? O, ok...

Panel 2:
Bossun: Hm...but...it feels unnecessary... / And I'm scared...
Switch: Don't worry, Bossun!
Himeko: We're with you!
Bossun: Okay...

Panel 3:
Switch: Let's aim for a time to go to!
Bossum: ...
Himeko: Hm, Bossun was already a mess at 4:37...

Panel 4:
Himeko: So how about 4:30?
Switch: That sounds good.
Bossun: Wait just a sec!

Panel 5:
Bossun: There are only three buttons, with 11, 19, and 37 minutes.
(Diagram shows the power levels and times)
Bossun: How can we pinpoint on a particular time?

Panel 6:
Switch: That's what combination travel is for.
Bossun: Combination travel?

Panel 7:
Switch: For example, you can travel for 30 minutes when you combine LOW and MID (11+19 minutes). / You can also use tricks such as creating the difference between two time segments by traveling to both the past and the future, or leaving a small time gap between time segments.
(I don't think I need to explicitly explain the diagram)
Bossun: What's with the Plarail-like train of thought!?
TN: Plarails are those Japanese toys where you can connect train track segments to create your own railtrack.

Page 8
Panel 1:
Bossun: Don't do time travel based on something that feels like a toy! Why are the numbers all prime in the first place!? It's really hard to think of different combinations!
Himeko: What time is it?
Switch: 4:41. / Let me calculate a bit.

Panel 2:
Switch: Alright, we'll start at 42 past the hour, go back twice using MID, once using LOW, and go forward once using HIGH. That will give 4:30 exactly.
(Diagram says MID, MID, LOW, HIGH)

Panel 3:
Switch: Traveling back using MID! / Let's go!

Panel 5:
Switch: Traveling back using MID!

Panel 7:
Switch: Traveling back using LOW!

Page 9
Panel 1:
Switch: We have arrived at 3:53.
Bossun: I'm kinda used to time traveling by now! / Are we allowed to just do this!?
Himeko: And I don't feel sick from the weird effect anymore!

Panel 2:
SFX: *Growl~*

Panel 3:
Bossun: I'm telling you, make your stomach stop growling!!
Switch: 3:53 is when Himeko's stomach growls.
Himeko: Stop it! It's just like an alarm!!

Panel 4:
Switch: and reversing the blades without a moment's delay!
Switch: Traveling to 4:30 in the future using HIGH!!

Pnael 8:
Himeko: Gyaaaaaaah!! Bossuuuuuuun!!!
Switch: Guess it was no good.

Page 10
Panel 1:
Switch: The incident has already happened at 4:30.

Panel 2:
Switch: Let's try one more time. Aiming for 4:27 now.
Bossun: Wait...that's enough...really.
Himeko: What combination should we use?

Panel 3:
Switch: We will start in 10 seconds, at 4:33. We first go forward once using LOW.
(Diagram text says Start)
Switch: After that, we go back once using HIGH, wait one minute, and then forward once using MID.
Bossun: Hey, this is starting to get really complex!!
Himeko: Ok, let's go!!

Panel 4:
Switch: To the future with LOW!

Panel 5:
Switch: To the past with HIGH!

Panel 6:
Switch: Wait one minute.

Panel 7:
Switch: To the future with MID!

Page 11
Panel 1:
Himeko: Bossuuuuuuuun!!!

Panel 2:
Bossun: Just what are you doing here!?
Himeko: Well...like I said, we want to find the exact moment of the incident...
Bossun: How many times do I have to get beaten up before you're satisfied!?

Panel 3:
Bossun: the damage dealt is pretty huge here! I have no idea what happened, but everything's coming to me all at once! Do you get that!?
Himeko: No, I don't really get it.
Bossun: Why're you so cold!? / I don't care about the cause anymore if it means I have to suffer like this!

Panel 4:
Himeko: Dumbass! We're doing it for your sake, you fried chicken!
Bossun: That's pretty mean!!

Panel 5:
Himeko: You can't be the one who gets discouraged!
Switch: Let's fight together!!!
Bossun(thought): Gr...they just want to know for themselves...!

Page 12
Panel 1:
Bossun: Stop messing with time!!!

Panel 2:
Himeko: !!!

Panel 3:
Bossun: What you guys are doing is a sacrilege of the past!

Panel 4:
Bossun: The passage of time should be more respected, am I right? / Not to be played around like this.
Bossun: What meaning is there to find out exactly what happened?
Bossun: All that's doing is repeating history.

Panel 5:
Bossun: I want to face the future.

Panel 6:
Himeko: Bossun...

Panel 7:
Bossun: Time only flows in one way. / There's no going back to redo things.
Bossun: No...it shouldn't be done.

Page 13
Panel 1:
Bossun: I have loads of regrets, but isn't that what growing up is all about!?

Panel 2:
Himeko: Bo...

Panel 3:
Bossun: We can't keep on looking back!
Bossun: We just leave our footprints and live through each moment!

Panel 4:
Himeko: Bossuuuuuuun!!

Panel 5:
Himeko: Waaaah! You're right! We were wrong!
Bossun: As long as you understand.
Switch: I'm back to my sense now.
Switch: Damn it! Now I'm filled with emotions!
Bossun: It's all good if you get it.

Panel 6:
Himeko: We can't do stuff like traveling to the past!
Switch: Yeah, yeah.
Switch: Yeah, yeah.
Himeko: We need to carve our own histories.
Bossun(thought): So glad they fell for it.

Page 14
Panel 1:
Himeko: Let's put an end to it.
Switch: Yes, let's seal away this fan.

Panel 2:
Bossun: Wait a moment.
Bossun: Just once.
Bossun: Won't you let me go back just one more time?

Panel 3:
Switch: Bossun... We shouldn't play around with time any more...
Himeko: That's what you just said yourself.
Bossun: Hey now,

Panel 4:
Bossun: Let me go back to normal.

Panel 5:
Himeko: Ahahahaha! / Oh yeah, I totally forgot!
Bossun: Gimme a break-
Switch: In that case, MID should be good. / Everyone, I shall be leading the way to the past.
Bossun: Geez.

Panel 6:
Bossun: Alright, to the past with MID,
Bossun: Last ever time travel!!

Page 15
Panel 1:
Bossun: Phew~~~~ And that's that...!
Himeko: Aaah, I feel so tired----

Panel 2:
It's 4:20.

Panel 3:
Bossun: Ok, let's start over! / Put away the fan and have the room go back to the way it was originally!
Himeko: Yeaaaaaaah!!

Panel 4:
Switch: I'll bring out the table.
Bossun: Hot!
Bossun: Why is the window closed?

Panel 7:
Himeko: I'll go make us some tea.
Himeko: Oof! / Oop, I just grunted in Kansai-ben.
TN: The Kansai version of the sound she made is slightly different from regular Japanese.
Bossun: Hahaha, now it feels just like usual.

Panel 10:
Box: The incident---

Page 16
Panel 1:
Box: Happened at 4:24.

Panel 4:
Himeko: Ow, what is this? / Ah...it's the soda that I had...
Bossun: Gyahahahaha!

Panel 5:
Bossun: Look at you, Himeko, your underwear is out in the open!
Himeko: !!

Panel 6:
Himeko: Wha...

Page 17
Panel 1:
Himeko: You, / Over there.
Bossun: Yes?

Panel 2:
Himeko: Diiiiiiiiiieee!!!
Bossun: Oh, / Crap, sor...

Panel 3:
Bossun: Nnngh!

Panel 6:
Bossun: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Panel 7:
Himeko: ?
Bossun: It got in my clothes!
Bossun: It got in my clothes!

Page 18:
Panel 1:
Bossun: A bee got in!
Himeko: !!

Panel 2:
Bossun: Ouch!!

Panel 3:
Bossun: I got stung!!

Panel 4:
Bossun: M... / Medicine!

Panel 5:
Tsubaki: Watch out.

Panel 6:
Tsubaki: The paint is still fresh.

Page 19
Panel 1:
Bossun: Help...
Guy: What a nice day.

Panel 2:
Guy: Oh no.
Text: Models Club

Panel 4:
SFX: *Plop*

Panel 5:
Bossun: I got punched by Himeko,
Bossun: Stung by a bee,
Bossun: I hit something... / And something fell on me...
Bossun: Can't see...
Bossun: Help...

Panel 6:
Bossun: I now know exaaactly what happened.

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#1. by lolman ()
Posted on Jun 6, 2014
OMG, I miss Sket Dance! Thank you very much :D
#2. by cookie_on_fire ()
Posted on Jun 6, 2014
It's a one-time thing though.
#3. by lolman ()
Posted on Jun 6, 2014
You just burn my hope, cookie T_T
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