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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Hatsukoi Limited 21

Hatsukoi Limited 21

+ posted by d4v1d_su as translation on Mar 2, 2008 00:50 | Go to Hatsukoi Limited

-> RTS Page for Hatsukoi Limited 21

Page 1
A painting that hasn't finished yet
Like the sakura that start to blossom out there
your colour is so gentle, so clear
this is just my memory
Nao : uu........

Translator note :
The hint about sakura in page 1 says that the story in page 1 takes place in the beginning of spring (around middle of März - April ).
The main story itself occurs in February. Remeber the tragedy in Valentine from last chapter? this is the story right after that.
In short, the story in page 1 is telling us of what happen to Nao in the future. Don't ask me, i don't know, just guess it.

Page 2
Chikura Naos's 14th winter. At that time, there is a love story that didn't begin

Chapter 21
Konohana Sakuya 1/3 (one flower bud)

Page 3
Kei : you girls, do you realize what you have done to the person you like

Page 4
Kei : Koyoi, you hurt your oni-san's feeling
Koyoi : Kei-chan is angry

Ayumi : this is bad, she is serious
Kei : Ayumi, you hurt Zaitsu-kun's feeling

Kei : YOUUU, it seems that you girls really don't understand the circumtances at all

Kei : Imagine that you were in their shoes
Kei : let's take this as example, in order to make Ayumi-chan give up on Mamoru, Mamoru shows you the moment he give Yamamoto a present
Kei : Have you ever tried to see it from another point of view ? you never thought about it right ?
Kei : Think of what kind of shock and imagination could you get

Last Issue : The LoveBomb was actually a real bomb

Page 5

Kei : I know that you two feel bad about it ........

Ayumi : What should we do Kyoi-chan. I have hurt Zaitsu kun's feeling
Koyoi : Me too, i have done such horrible thing to onii-chan, I'm a bad girl

Ayumi : I will go ask for forgiveness to Zaitsu kun. At this time, he is perhaps in the Art room
Koyoi : I ... I'll go to Onii-chan

Rika : i assume they already got the point
Nao : Will Ayumi chan be fine, i wonder. I guess i'll also go to my club

Page 6
Nao : By the way, how was your valentine Kei-chan ?

Kei : Should i handed it to him, should i throw it at him, should i immidiately yell at him. I'm ........
Rika : I'll look after her from here, just go to your club

Page 7
Ayumi : I'm sorry, really really sorry
Mamoru : It's ok, i already forget about it. Don't cry anymore, Arihara-san

Ayumi : BUT.......
Mamoru : A ... Arihara-san

Mamoru : Chi.... Chikura-san, i'm sorry but i'm rather busy right now
Nao : don't worry, I already know.

Nao : By the way, where are the other members
Mamoru : Arihara-san cried so loud while she bragged into the Art room, everyone ran away

Page 8
Mamoru : Then, i will take Arihara back home. I'll give the key to you, is that fine with you
Nao : yup

Ayumi : After school, togheter with Zaitsu-kun, just the two of us
Nao : isn't that great Ayumi chan

Mamoru : Then Chikura-san, don't forget to lock the door
Ayumi : Bye bye Chikura-chan

Nao : sooo...

Page 9
Nao : Everytime i look at that painting, i can't breathe

Nao : Row of light pink Sakuras Tree painted with watercolor
Nao : Renjou Yukito .... san. In which year was he. He is so skillful, i'm sure he went to an art school

on painting (Renjou Yukito)

Nao : and me, i'm really hopeless

Page 10
Nao : Huh, what's wrong ? did you forget something ?

Page 11

??? : hmmmm ...., yes, perhaps it is something i left here

Nao : may i ask you who you are ?
??? : are you the only member of this club ?
Nao : ? oh no, it's only by chance today

Page 12
??? : I'm sorry, i'm not someone suspicios, i was in the art club before
??? : I was looking into the room and there is only one person ..... it kind'a made me sad

Nao : amazing, this person ....

That uniform belongs to a famous school, Kaitei High School
From what i heard, the number of students from our school that can enter Kaitei High School are very rare

??? : so, what are you drawing right now ?
Nao : I.... I'm still starting to draw

??? : that shape of tree, it's sakura right
Nao : ye ... yes

???: The motiv is natural, that's why i can tell it right away. There is also some strenght in the design.

Page 13
Nao : no, compared to that painting, my painting is still ....
??? : That painting of "Row of Sakuras Tree" right
Nao : yes

??? : I was the one who made that painting
??? : i never thought that it would be ornamented like this

Page 14
Nao : You must be jokin me
??? : huh ? something wrong ?

Nao : I'm ... I'm .....

Since i came to this school, how many times have i gazed to that painting
How many times have i run my brush in order to get close to your level

I never thought that you are Renjou Yukito

Page 15

Nao : I .... I
Nao : I really like that painting, i always come to see that painting

Nao : to be able to meet you in person ... makes me happy
Nao : Renjou senpai

Nao : but .....

Nao : It doesn't matter how many times i tried, i never get close to your painting

Nao : What should i do so i can draw a warm and gentle painting like that

Yukito : then, let's finish this painting together

Page 16
Nao : Re .... really, how about your school
Yukito : This year is my graduation. I already have decided what course to take. I'm free now, i really don't have anything special to do everyday

Yukito : Should we draw the sky ?
Yukito : Cobald blue and ultramarine ........ serurian blue will suits the sakura

Nao : OK
Yukito : The cloud would look good if we draw it when the paints still half dry

Yukito : let's draw the cloud together
Yukito : errrr.......

Page 17
Nao : Chikura ... Chikura Nao

The painting that day was painted with transparent blue
The cloud was skillfully made by senpai. And mine, just like before, distorted

Yukito : I'll come again tomorrow

I didn't really take that words seriously.

Page 18

But ....

Yukito : yoooo

Nao : I forgot to tell you that there is no club activities in our school every thursday

Yukito : I was thinking that maybe you don't come by some chance
Yukito : Thank you Chikura-san

Nao : umm ... How should i paint it in case like this

Yukito : Where ? i see, first make some dark brown colour .....

Page 19

Nao : like this ?
Yukito : yup, put the dark colour first then the bright colour

Yukito : yup, just like that. You are good Chikura-san
Nao : aa, really. To be told like that by senpai

Nao : makes me really happy

Into what colour does her heart change into ...?

Next :
Chikura-san get a presentiment of a faint love
"The Name of Colours"

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#1. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Mar 2, 2008
Thx n_n.
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Posted on Mar 2, 2008
woooo thanks man!

this trans is public use right?
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Posted on Mar 2, 2008
thanks :D
#4. by blitzx ()
Posted on Mar 2, 2008
d4v1d_su has posted that in here.....^_^
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Posted on Mar 2, 2008
Oh man, THANK YOU very much :wtf
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Posted on Mar 2, 2008
thank you!
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Posted on Mar 2, 2008
thankies :wtf
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Posted on Mar 4, 2008
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Posted on Mar 7, 2008

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