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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Hatsukoi Limited 22

Hatsukoi Limited 22 -

+ posted by d4v1d_su as translation on Mar 8, 2008 04:06 | Go to Hatsukoi Limited

-> RTS Page for Hatsukoi Limited 22

critics and advices are welcome, in fact i need some

Page 01
The feeling that start to blossom is being piled with colours, dreaming about the day when spring comes

Chapter 22
Konohana Sakuya 2/3 (opened seam and the change of colour)

Hatsukoi Limited Vol. 1 is being published.
You can find the till now never aired girl, Soako chan, in there

Kawashita Mizuki

Page 02
the sign on top right : Renjou Yukito

sfx : eeee
girl with glasses : so Renjou senpai is the one behind that painting// wow, he's already that skilfull back then
boy : could you also give a look to my painting too, pleaseee.

boy : senpai, What are going to do after you graduated ?
yukito : eeerrrr // for the time being, i'm planning to go abroad

sfx : kyaaaaa
girl : Overseas Study!!
girl : Renjou senpai is awesome, don't you think .....

??? : OK, The door is locked
??? : senpai, please come and visit us again

last issue : Chikura Nao (14 years old), the 1st love feeling hits her

Nao : uhmmm Renjou senpai

sfx : thump thump thump (heart beating)
Nao : if you don't mind, could you stay for a while and give me some guidance? // s...sorry for making such a selfish request ......

Nao : but my painting isn't progressing much today

Yukito : Chikura san
Yukito : please don't make a pity face like that

Yukito : the request should come from my side

Yukito : i was also thinking to stay and do some painting

Character Introductions :
Cikura Nao ......
2nd year junior high school. A normal girl with a gentle heart. She feels nervous when the senpai she adores give her a lesson. Perhaps, it is love.

Renjou Yukito ......
3rd year senior high school. The art club's OB (old boy), he's the one who made the painting that chikura adores. He's handsome and smart.

Page 04
"i'm sure he already has his hand full with the preparation to study abroad"
"could it be that he thinks i'm being unpleasant"

Yukito : Can i use that palette ?
Nao : aa, sure ...

sfx : fuwaa.....
"....... dear God"

"This one painting i always hope to be completed"
"let it stay unfinished for eternity"

Page 05
"please // let me always be on his side"
Yukito : i think you can do the rest by yourself

Nao : Eee....!?
Yukito : the final exam is coming near, isn't it ?

Yukito : starting from next week, the club activities will be canceled for awhile, that's what i heard ....
Nao : I'LL COME !!

Nao : Even though i have an exam
Nao : the time you give to teach me is more precious

Page 06
Yukito : but, even if you said that .....
Nao : Don't worry !! I was attending my class properly // I don't really need to learn much for the test

Yukito : is that really ok
Nao : yes !!

Yukito : then ..., see you on monday
Nao : ok ..!

Sogabe : .. say Kusuda // i'm actually an amazing guy, right ?

Page 07
Kusuda : Hah ?
Sogabe : I'll tell you this ...... // My magnificent part as a man are like ......

Sogabe : a well ordered face
Kusuda : Sogabe, have you ever tried to use your head ?
Sogabe : an excellent brain
Kusuda : Have i ever told you that you got nothing but 2 and 3 in this 2nd semester?
TN: (2 and 3 = 20% and 30%)
Sogabe : as a man, i have a great conversational skills
Kusuda : aaa noo, that one is your biggest problem

sfx: argghhh
Sogabe : It's just because i haven't got serious !!
sfx : roarrr
Kusuda : Then, why don't you become serious!!

Sogabe : by the way, Zaitsu is also in the art club
Kusuda : so what
Sogabe : Kusuda .... can you ask Zaitsu what Chikura-san is doing in the club ?
Kusuda : <changing the topic heh ...>

Page 08
Kusuda : I don't really like Zaitsu lately
Kusuda : but there no helping for it, geezzz .....
Sogabe : I'm counting on you Kusuda

sfx : dyooonnn
Kusuda : yo // yooo Zaitsu

Mamoru : aaa Kusuda-kun

sfx : zwaa
Mamoru : uuu

Ayumi : < Zaitsu-kun >
Mamoru : u hu hu hu hu hu
sfx: gloomy
Sogabe : w...what the heck .....
Kusuda : i heard that his feelings towards his onee-san for 14 years was rejected

Sogabe : the standard of good looking man is leaving japan, that's what i think // somehow, i think i can become a close friend with Zaitsu
TN : both Yuuji and Yukito are blonde, got the point ?
Kusuda : <youuuu>

Character Introductions :
Sogabe-kun ......
Reverse Boy, he thinks something that is not himself. He likes Chikura-san. Chikura-san also likes him, in his dream ......

Zaitsu Mamoru .....
He had to face that his love towards his Onee-san was one sided and suffer from heartbreak (fell sorry for him). Perhaps, he's in the state like there is no tomorrow for him.

that "fell sorry for him" is not a TN, it's really stated in the manga

Page 09
Nao : by the way, to which country are you planing to go for your overseas study?

Yukito : hmmm.... // perhaps you wouldn't know it even if i tell you, it's a small country
Nao : ?
Yukito : if you want to learn language, USA would be good. For painting, i think Europe is preferable ......

Yukito : to be exact, you can not call it an overseas study for my case

Nao : Ee ?

Yukito : at least in my mind, i still consider the poor countries as overseas
Yukito : in order to support them, i'm intending to go with the organisation in Japan

Page 10
Yukito : I'll become a member and support them the best i can
Yukito : in my lifetime, i want to make painting together with the kids from various countries. That's my dream

sfx : sshhhh

Yukito : Chikura-san
Yukito : why do you like to make painting?

Page 11

Yukito : everything that can't be captured in a picture // can be drawed in a painting, don't you think?
Yukito : the scenery that we now look, the smile of the person who we encountered in the past and hold dear // even the dream we draw in our heart

Yukito : and if that painting resounds in someone's heart, it'll make me happy
".....[in my lifetime]....."

Page 12
Yukito : besides, painting can be made by using primitive tools <with woods or stones>
"even when i was hearing his dream and the way he thinks about the painting // that was the only word that clings in my ears"

Yukito : Chikura-san?

Nao : ...senpai
Nao : you are really an amazing person

Nao : i'm touched ....
Yukito : waa!! // i don't think i have said something that great

"after that // i can't make a proper conversation"

Page 13
"I'm ...."
Sogabe : y.....yooo Chikura-san

Nao : Sogabe-kun

Sogabe : I ...I often see that high school boy in the art room lately
Nao : Renjou senpai ? // he's the art club's OB, he's really good at painting

Nao : You have seen his uniform, right !! it's from Kaitei High you know, he's also really good at studying

Nao : but instead of entering an university, he chooses the path as a volunteer ...... It seems that he can't do something normal
Nao : too bad

Page 14
Nao : He maybe will never come back to Japan
Nao : to go around the world is his dream .....

Sogabe: th.....
Sogabe : .............

Nao : I'm sorry // because of me you couldn't ride on your bike and always walked with me
Sogabe : no, it's nothing
Sogabe : My house is right after this corner afterall

Nao : thank you Sogabe-kun
Nao : then, see you tomorrow

Page 15
Sogabe : "He's tall and good looking // he's good at painting"
Sogabe : "He could get himself into Kaitei High"
Sogabe : "His dream for the future is to be a volunteer"
Sogabe : "........."

Sogabe : compared with me .... // is there something i can win from him

"[see you again tomorrow] ...."
"yup, that's right, the painting isn't finished yet"
"that's why there is still tomorrow"
"there is still tomorrow ....."

Yukito : The graduation ceremony of my school was being held today

Page 16
Nao : really !! // what should i say ... uhmmm ... congratulation ... ?
Yukito : ha ha ha .. thank you chikura-san

Yukito : i actually wanted to finish it until my graduation

Nao : after we paint that last part of the sakura flower from this morning, it will be completed // just a little bit more, right senpai

Yukito : aaa.....
Nao : aa.....

Nao : we perhaps didn't make it until the gradution ceremony // but we do manage it before the sakura bloom, great isn't it

Page 17

Nao : senpai // i really have respects on you .... to have such dreams
Nao : senpai !! give your best !!

Yukito : I'm beaten .... // no one ever supported that dream of mine

Yukito : not my parents // not my friends, not my teachers

Page 18
Yukito : Chikura-san
Yukito : I'm very thankful .....

Page 19
Nao : th..... then excuse me

"the art room at evening, what's actually in there ....? "
sfx : suuu..... (wind voice)

Next : Farewell with tears and smile
"that memories bloom to its fullest"

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#1. by AfterMath ()
Posted on Mar 8, 2008
woot!! thanks a lot!
#2. by janu_onliners ()
Posted on Mar 8, 2008
Thx alot!!
#3. by Rock-Bird ()
Posted on Mar 8, 2008
thanky you d4v1d_su, good work :)
#4. by juUnior ()
Posted on Mar 8, 2008
Big THX <3

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