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Tokyo Ghoul 19


+ posted by DarkLordOfKichiku as translation on Aug 20, 2013 21:33 | Go to Tokyo Ghoul

-> RTS Page for Tokyo Ghoul 19

Page 1
Kaneki: .... Sigh.
Kaneki: She's late...
Chapter 19: Basement

Mobile phone screen:
Subject: None
Text: Wait for me in front of the cafe.

Text: ... Touka-chan isn't here yet...
Text-box: I've been waiting 40 minutes already...
Kaneki (thinks): Why is it always a lot of waiting with her...
Touka: Hey.
Kaneki: !

Page 2
Touka: Yo.
Kaneki: Yeah...
Kaneki: ...... You're late...
Touka: Follow me.
Kaneki: ... Sure.
Text outside of the speech bubble: Bad feeling...

Page 3
Text: This is the first time I've come to "Anteiku" when it's closed.....
Kaneki: .....!
Kaneki: Hey... Is it okay to leave the light switched to "on" on the second floor?
Touka: .... Hinami's afraid of the dark.
Kaneki: !
Text: ... I see, Hinami's living here at "Anteiku".
Text: ... Hope she can get some sleep...

Page 4
Kaneki: .....!
Touka: Down here.
SFX-bubble: Clank
Text box: There was yet another basement...?

Page 5
Kaneki: !

Page 6
Kaneki: This is...?
Touka: Tunnels.
Touka: It's something that some Tokyo Ghouls built in the past.
Touka: To hide from the humans.
Touka: Don't wander off from this room, okay?
Kaneki: ...!
Touka: If you go alone, you'll not be able to find your way back.
Kaneki: O... Okay...
Kaneki: .... Hey, Touka-chan.
Kaneki: What are we going to do here...?

Page 7
Touka: Teach you how to use the Kagune.
Kaneki: ...!
Touka: ... I say "teach", but if I just explain it with words, you wouldn't get it, so...
Touka: I'll do it the same way I was taught...
Touka: Prepare yourself, or you may die.
Kaneki: ... Huh.

Page 8
Kaneki: !!
Kaneki: Eh...

Page 9
Kaneki: Guh...
Kaneki: Uh...
Kaneki: Ueeeeh
Kaneki: W... Wait...

Page 10
Kaneki: Uuh

Page 11
Kaneki: .....!
Touka: ... It would seem that you don't feel that you're in danger yet.
Kaneki: !!
Kaneki: To... Tou... Touka-chan...?
Touka: Break.

Page 12
Kaneki: ..........................Ua
Kaneki: .........
Kaneki: .........
Touka: It'll be mended by tomorrow.

Page 13
Touka: But...
Touka: THIS won't heal anytime soon.
Touka: If you stay like that, you'll die.
Kaneki: ........ Uh
Touka: Well, that happens when it happens.
Text window: She's serious.....
Touka: I'll deal with it then.
Text window: She seriously doesn't mind if I die...!!
Text window: Die

Page 14

Page 15
Touka: ... See, you can do it.
Kaneki: !
Touka: Well... The Kagune you used before was stronger, but still.
Touka: We're going back topside.
Kaneki: ........
Touka: ..... The shape's a bit different, but...
Touka: You are a 'Rinkaku'-type "Ghoul", just like Rize.
Touka: 'Rinkaku'-type "Ghouls" are tough and heal fast.
Touka: They're more tenacious than most others...
Touka: And if you combine that with Rize's monstrous strenght
Touka: You can not only fight offensively but also take a lot of punishment while fightning...

Page 16
Touka: Anyway, you've got to burn the feeling of bringing out the Kagune into your body
Touka: Until you can bring it out freely.
Touka: While you can't bring out the Kagune freely, we should drill you in close combat...
Touka: And do some work on your body...
Touka: So from now on, you should do 100 sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups and squats every day!
Text next to Kaneki: 100!?
Kaneki: Huh...
Touka: Ah?
Kaneki: Waaah
Touka:... What, you going to fight with this body?
Touka: Build some more muscle.
Kaneki: I.. I'll do it... I'll really do it...
Touka: Then it's fine.
Touka/Kaneki: !

Page 17
Uta: ....................
Touka: Oh, Uta-san.
Kaneki: U... Uta-san... Wh...
Uta: Sorry.
???: St... Wai... You're wrong, it's not like that.
???: Anyway, why have you come here...
Uta:... The mask's done so you should try it on.
Uta: ... In truth, I could just leave it and go, but...
Uta: I put a lot of effort into it so I'd like to see Kaneki-kun in it.
Kaneki: .....!

Page 18
Uta: .... Put your ear through here and then down here.
Uta: ... Well? I thought the eyepatch-look would fit Kaneki-kun.
Kaneki: ..............
Kaneki: .... An eyepatch... Though on the reverse side of how I usually have it...
Uta: Yep.
Uta: ... Since it looked like it's the eye that needs to be hidden.
Text: ... Feeling of the cold leather as
Text: I watched the world through the eye that was normally covered up
Text: It surprisingly felt as if my senses had become sharper.....

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Areas to check:

Well, all of it do need checking, but I don't get a particularly strong feeling that "I think I've got this part VERY wrong" anywhere here... Except, perhaps, the "bad feeling" on page 2 - the text to the left of Kaneki on this page...

DarkLordOfKichiku is a new translator! If you're familiar with how MH works then we'd appreciate you helping them around this place, so check out their latest translations and post your much appreciated feedback.

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