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Tokyo Ghoul 75


+ posted by DarkLordOfKichiku as translation on Aug 21, 2013 16:22 | Go to Tokyo Ghoul

-> RTS Page for Tokyo Ghoul 75

Page 1
Ayato: My secret...?
Ayato: What the hell are you... I don't get you...
Text: Chapter 75: Secret
Kaneki: Say, for what reason did you join "Aogiri"?
Ayato: Huh...?
Ayato: For the sake of killing those shitty humans of course.
Kaneki: That's not it.
Kaneki: Not the core reason at least.
Ayato: Aah!?

Page 2
Ayato: There's no way a bastard like you could know something like that, you duuuumb... ass.
Kaneki: Since I fought you, I now know.
Kaneki: You're certainly strong...
Kaneki: But it seems like Yamori disliked you, and yet...
Kaneki: ... As he didn't make a move against you, I think that should mean he acknowledged your true strenght.
Ayato: ... Don't think I'll just stand and listen...

Page 3
Ayato: To that smart-ass mouth of yours sprouting dull stuff!!
Ayato: !
Ayato: Buh!
Ayato: Guaah!
Kaneki: Just stay there and listen
Kaneki: ... And let's talk.
Ayato: Don't.. Mock me...
Ayato: I couldn't stand you from the start...

Page 4
Ayato: Your expression, your attitude, your way of talking!!
Ayato: It's all making me remember my shitty father, making me feel like shit...!!
Ayato: Looking as if you understand as just now
Ayato: Sprouting those lengthy, shitty delusions
Ayato: What the hell are you!!
Ayato: Die!!
Ayato: Diedie
Ayato: Disappear!!!
Ayato: After all, blockheads should...!!

Page 5
Ayato: Just...
Kaneki: ... Yamori was strong
Ayato: Aah!?
Kaneki: Having fought him, I know that much.
Kaneki At "Anteiku", Touka-chan was
Kaneki: Sent flying by Yamori.
Kaneki: Had she kept fightning then, she'd have gotten killed.
Ayato: So what...!!
Kaneki: But you got in the way and knocked her out.
Ayato: Bah...
Ayato: Wish I'd beaten her up more...

Page 6-7
Kaneki: You were protecting her, weren't you?
Kaneki: You did it so that Touka-chan wouldn't get killed...

Page 8
Kaneki: When I arrived on the roof and saw that she was safe, the question came to me
Kaneki: "Why did you...."
Kaneki: "Not kill Touka-chan?"... Sorta.
Kaneki: ... Had you fought seriously, truly intending to kill her, then
Kaneki: It would already have happened.

Page 9:
Kaneki: .... Ayato-kun, since joining "Aogiri", you haven't accomplished
Kaneki: Anything, right?
Kaneki: If anything, YOU're the "blockhead" here.
Kaneki: That's your "Secret".
Ayato: ...............
Ayato: ... How deluded.... Incredible that you should take it that far....
Ayato: You must be funny in the head.
Ayato: Among the things you've said, not a single thing is....

Page 10-11 (double-spread page)

Page 12
Ayato: !!??
Kaneki: Well then...
Kaneki: Since we've done talking

Page 13
Ayato: Gah!!
Ayato: Bast... Ard...!!
Kaneki: As I promised...

Page 14-15
Text: I will kill you halfway.

Page 16

Page 17
Kaneki: ... What do you think I meant by specifically saying "Kill you halfway"?
Kaneki: Because it'd be as "killing about "half" of you.
Kaneki: I suppose you could say it's doing something that would be about the same as killing half of you...
Kaneki: If having your whole body crushed is dying once, then that's both your upper body and lower body.
Kaneki: But the damage those can take differs.
Kaneki: If you lost your lower body, you could suvive, but
Kaneki: If the upper body gets smashed, it's certain death.
Kaneki: "... Then, what about the internal organs?" ... I thought about it, but
Kaneki: Each of them has a different value, which I can't think too much about.
Kaneki: Plus, many organs are difficult to categorize.
Kanekli: For example, if it's the "Brain", should one count that as the whole of it
Kaneki: Or divide it into different subcategories such as the cerebrum, the cerebellum, the hippocampus...?
Kaneki: Therefore
Kaneki: I'll settle for the "Bones"

Page 18
Kaneki: An adult human has 206 bones in his body.
Kaneki: I don't know whether "Ghouls" are built the same, but
Kaneki: If all of them broke, you'd defintively die.
Kaneki: Bones are the same on both the right and left side so you can call that "half of it".
Kaneki: .... So in short, starting now I'll break
Kaneki: 103 of the bones in your body.
Ayato: !

Page 19:
Kaneki: Let's start with the arm.
Kaneki: Starting with the upper arm and forearm
Kaneki: In the upper arm there's the "humerus", which'll be the first.
Ayato: Guah...
Kaneki: Next up is the two bones in the forearm.
Kaneki: What just got broken was the "Ulna" near the little finger.
Text: 1
Kaneki: What'll get broken now is the "Radius" near the thumb.
Kaneki: Continuing with the hand, the bones are divided into three categories: the "Carpal bones", the "Metacarpus" and the "Finger bones".
Ayato: Gah
Text: 2
Kaneki: The "Carpal bones" are the "Scaphoid bone", the "Lunate bone", the "Triquetral bone", the "Pisiform bone", the "Trapezium bone", the "Trapezoid bone", the "Capitate bone" and the "Hamate bone", 8 in total.
Kaneki: These bones are crowded here, so let's crush all of them in one blow.
Text: 10
Ayato: Gah...
Ayato: Aah!!
Kaneki: The "Metacarpus" consist of five bones, so that's another five.
Text: 15
Text: 29
Kaneki: The "Finger bones" can be divided into three kinds: proximal, intermediate and distal phalanges. Of the fingers, the thumb only contains a proximal and distal phalanx.
Ayato: Uah!!
Kaneki: So with the finger bones, there's 14 of them on each hand.
Kaneki: We go upwards, crushing the "Upper arm bone" as we go.
Kaneki: This accounts for all the 30 bones in the arm.
Text: 30
Kaneki: Your leg is next.
Kaneki: Counting from the "thigh bone", there's 30 bones in the leg, just like the arm. If you count the "sesamoid bones" as well it's... 32 bones.

Page 20
Kaneki: ... Then after the "Shoulder blade" and the "Collarbone"...
Text: 62
Text: 74
Kaneki: The "Nasal bone" and the "Cheekbone". With the "Lacrimal bone" and the "Palatine bone" that's two more...
Kaneki: The "Ribs" makes for another 24 in total.
Kaneki: The "Upper jaw bone" and then the "Lower jaw bone" for two.
Kaneki: The "Ethmoid bone".......
Text: 98
Text: 102
Ayato: Gah
Kaneki: The "Sphenoid bone".
Ayato: I... Ah...
Kaneki: ... Does it hurt? I think... It was more painful for Touka-chan.
Text: ....... 103

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Areas to check:

All of it needs checking as usually, but I guess I'm the most worried about page 17-20. Complicated stuff, kinda, and finding all the right names for the bones took quite a while... Also, I suspect I may have gotten one of two of Ayato's lines on page 3-5 wrong...

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